Why we need nuclear power stations.

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  • In 6 June 1944 aka D-Day Allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy.4414 of these soldiers were killed in the process. These men laid down their lives as did other Allied soldiers so you can enjoy the freedom you have today. So too nuclear powered submarines also defend your civil liberties like they did in the Falklands war. Nuclear power stations are necessary to reprocess the stuff that nuclear power submarines run on. Don't forget that the Germans largley lost WW2 because they ran out of oil.

  • Whilst oil certainly played a part in Germany's defeat they were excellent at making synthetic oil. The ultimate reason for their defeat was an unstable megalomaniac, they were fighting on too many fronts, man power shortages and the overwhelming size of allied resources.

  • I would be curious to know how you think anything to do with the nuclear industry defends my civil liberties. Perhaps it is only coincidence that as the nuclear industry has become more embedded in the UK, civil liberties have been eroded? In particular, there has been an increasing momentum in this direction by successive governments since the 1980s.

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  • Would you have liked to have lived in Argentina in the 1970s under the Junta?I certainly would not not liked to have done so. Many people disappeared during that time just like living in pre-war Nazi Germany.

  • Yes, yes I agree I'd like an answer on that too. Given that those Islamic regimes he is moaning about have or are developing nuclear power/weapons. Along with N. Korea, China and the old USSR. There isn't/wasn't a lot of freedom there.

  • While I think that in theory nuclear should provide clean and efficient energy, their doesn't seem to be (i could be wrong on this point ) a totatally satisfactory way with no negative effect on our world of disposing of the waste, as well as taking into account the likely risk of human error leading to some sort of disastor , it does seem a bit of a gamble.

    Perhaps some regimes that have nuclear weapons take the view that by having them, regimes that they consider as possible enemies, are totally theologically opposed to and don't trust , regimes they have tried their best to thwart and hinder any attempt at nuclear development and in addition to their traditional percieved nuclear armed threats might consider twice before considering any nuclear attack for fear of a retaliatory doomsday scenario.
    it is worrying that some of these regimes are truly unstable and devoutly believe in text and speeches from preachers and muftis that preach apocolyptic end game prophecies that end up in total armageddon and paradise for the chosen few.

  • the original OP was about nuclear power STATIONS, whilst this might be a source of clean power, the waste generated from same is not, and has a half life of several thousands of years, I don't believe there is anywhere safe to dispose of this despite what the authorities say.
    power stations themselves are not without risk, just look at Chernobyl or Five Mile Island.
    I prefer non fossil fuel means of power generation, wind, solar and tide, we have plenty of that around here.

  • i'm waiting to see what happens with Hinckley Point C, which was one of the main reasons we moved from Glastonbury-being 15 miles straight downwind of the site with no high ground between it and us.