Buddhafield: Green Earth Awakening Camp 2016

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  • There are still tickets for this beautiful camp on the blackdown hills in just under two weeks time.

    HERE is the programme

    This year's theme is Courageous Compassion
    From the website:
    "It takes courage to open up to suffering, whether our own or that of others. Our habitual responses towards suffering tend to be to ignore it, to withdraw, to react with anxiety, or to engage in compulsive activity. Within the Buddhist tradition, the archetypal figure of Tara exemplifies opening up to suffering with courageous compassion. She has one leg folded up in the posture of profound meditation, and the other leg firmly in the world ready for compassionate action. Her sublime meditation informs and motivates her compassionate response. Only a heart that is tranquil and liberated through compassion can see things as they truly are, and take action accordingly.

    Tara exemplifies the genuine compassion, born of wisdom, that, although often obscured, is natural to every one of us. This year we will explore how to cultivate the courage to open up to the suffering we see in the world in this moment, as well as to the suffering of future beings who are affected by our actions now, and to respond with wisdom and compassionate action."

    You can find me in the healing garden offering Reiki and Intuitive therapeutic touch, debriefing and new for this year's camp is a nightly fire in the healing garden space for those who wish to sit around the fire and meditate and be peaceful away from the more lively communal fire.

    We will have the glastonbury red-tent in the healing garden again this year offering various workshops and a relaxing space to come and take a siesta or get out of the midday sun :)

    Come and say hi :) :hippy:


  • do they move the Buddafield festival around the country? I seem to remember one year it was on the edge of Dartmoor.

  • Hey Steve... Yep buddhafield the micro version :) held on the old Buddha field site which is a few miles along the ridge from the big festi site....top field is parking and live-ins and everything else on lower field surrounded by ancient trees :)
    Tis lush you guys would love it xxx

  • Hey hagrid...yes they use a variety of locations around the west country as far as I know :)

    thought that was the case!:cry: we used to go to The Big Green Gathering every year when it was held in Somerset but it got closed down due to over licencing and security concerns making it financially unviable, I see Priddy Fair has gone the same way too.

  • I don't get the charge. .....as with most festivals......It disgusts me somewhat......and ID like to see a transparent publication of how the fee is derived.

    I suppose it's the structure of this organisation. They are all for profit and inclusion, running a tight ship. Also they are actively raising money to buy and extend the organisations land ownership as a business (with a means to an end) independence, potential self sustainability.