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  • I thought I would start this thread, as it is supplementary to the one on blog monetisation. That thread seemed to focus solely on the income aspect, but there is also a capital aspect. Often it is possible to sell a name for more than the price justified by the income you have built. Also if the buyer has a different use for the name, you may be able to preserve part of the income. If there is any interest, then I will run this thread with - the name I registered during part of the discussion in the blog income thread. The name has cost $8.49 so far, and that is for a year's registration. The target is to sell it for around £150 at some time in the next couple of years. In the mean time, I'll sort out some hosting to cover the costs and make a few dollars extra. It will take me a few days to sort the hosting, as I want to use the multi-site feature in WordPress to manage these names.

    You will not that it is a .com, and if you are looking for capital gain, then .com is the only extension worth considering imho.

  • I get requests to sell names fairly frequently, and some agents send me wants lists. Here is a copy of a recent one.


    [h=3]This Week's Domains Wanted Listings[/h]

    One Word English DICTIONARY words $200,000 Details
    Adult Domains with high traffic OPEN Details
    Music name like "" $10,000 Details
    Brandable for a Chatbot company $5,000 Details
    Pronounceable and brandable LLLL.coms OPEN Details
    Start with SA and two numbers OPEN Details
    Election 2016 Names $600 Details
    Cyber Security Firm $500 Details
  • Well that was fun - I've got multi-site working, and the name is now re-directing to a sub-directory. I'm using cloaked mode as well, so it looks as if it is the real domain. I've gone back to using the corporate theme as I feel more comfortable with it. I haven't added much content, or messed with the setup too much. I'll do that after breakfast. :)

    This is the new link
    Adapt cars for disabled drivers and driverless operation

  • Well I seem to have got myself into a mess. I installed Wordpress multi-site, and that caused problems because it has got a fairly complex htaccess file. I was going to do a bit of editing on it, but decided not to. It's fairly carefully thought out to try to prevent conflicts between sites. So I thought it was better to behave and work with the system. Also. I switched to the Corporate theme, as it seems to contain most of what I want to use. but I had to upgrade to the freemium version, as the basic version is a bit limited. That isn't as easy as it seems as the upgrade has to be network wide, ie. available for all sites in the collection. I still haven't found out how to import the previous settings. Fortunately I'm right at the beginning of the site building, so I just redid the customising.

    I've got another problem, I'm using cloaked forwarding for , and this uses frames. This seems to prevent the loading of the customisation pages. Probably the easiest thing is to stop using cloaking if it affects anything else. I'd be grateful if forum members could let me know if they have any problems with page accesses. I can access the site by entering via the primary domain, or you can link to the sub-directory via the primary domain -

  • OK English, you have me interested - is there any alternative to GoDaddy in the same price range? Do you hide your name, address, etc - (!) which is a service provided by GoDaddy?

    ** Update - GoDaddy have excellent waiting music.

  • Similar question. Do you use websites like GoDaddy and 123-reg to buy the domain names or is there a better way? I will need a domain name at some point, was working out around £100 for 10 years with 123-reg does that sound about right?

  • I use a wholesale registrar, and I have to run a pre-pay account with them, you really need over 50 names to get the best pricing there. Also they only accept payment in dollars, and I've got a dollar debit account.

    I've used 123 for names, and they seem pretty cheap, but it's a few years since I used

    The best thing to do is to use Google to search for problems with any registrar you are thinking of using. Here is one report about Godaddy…0-websites-offline/15496/

    To be fair, every service seems to have a few problems these days, it's the way they handle them that matters.

    ps. Don't ever register your domain name with the same company that hosts your site(s)

  • If you look at a website (domain) as the real estate (like a car) and the registration (via a registrant) as the DVLA.

    Once you have paid the registrant you are free to look for somewhere to park it (your domain).


  • Once you register your domain name, how do you prevent the ton of spam emails and phone calls from India* offering to set up your website for you?

    You can use a proxy service, some vendors operate them and you can buy them alongside your domain name. I wish I had done this with the domain name which I recently registered!

  • use it to list some of the names I own, and to see if I can drive some traffic to them. Please ignore the prices, some of them are a bit creative. :)

    This is the site
    It only took a couple of minutes to set up the site, but it's taken quite a while to go through the options, and to decide on the best settings. Populating the site is a completely different matter.

    It would be easier to set up the software as a general auction site, rather than one just for Internet domain names.