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  • Hi, I'd like to show and tell what I've been up to :)

    Camp Colin is the result of several years of saving and about 18 months of looking for my 'perfect' van. I wanted something rough n ready that I could pull apart and do up to my own design, not too many miles on the clock, medium wheel base, wood burner, sound body, engine that would take veg oil or bio conversion, already classified a camper on the log book, looking like a van so stealth would be possible (or just not too obvious), etc etc. Anyway, I thought about it A LOT and eventually got almost everything I wanted at the right price with only 71,000 miles, short wheel base, wood burner, classified motorhome & rough n ready interior :D

    I'll just go and see if I can work out how to do pictures....

  • So this is the original bed. It was a single that pulled out into a double. There was storage underneath but it took up pretty much all of the floor space when it was out, it was awkward to get out and pack away and it really hurt my back as you had to move it from the end of the bed, not the side. It had to go and be replaced with a fixed bed. I can't be doing with putting my bed away every day (I know, lazy!) :)

  • This was opposite the bed. It had a sink with no tap, the pipe went through the floor and outside. I often park up at work so I didn't want waste water pouring over the car park so I decided to put in 2 jerry cans for clean & waste water. I have already taken out the work surface in this picture, pointing out the obvious :)

  • This is the bed which goes across the back (with my friends cat) and the walls pretty much done. Insulation was flashing on the metal, celotex blocks (my friend was working on a building site so all of it came out of the skip; saved me a bit of dosh and saved the landfill a little bit), hemp insulation left over from another friends house (I had to get someone to stuff it in the gaps for me cos it set off my hayfever something awful), double bubble silver foil stuff and the pine tongue&groove.

  • I used self tappers straight into the interior metal. I've since read lots of warnings against doing this because of condensation & rusting...but it's done and I'm not undoing it now.

    The bed is 4ft one end and 3ft the other. This means I can lay corner to corner but still maximise the living space. Its quite a high bed so I can put shelves underneath. I decided on fixed because I cannot bear to get the bed out and back every day. I want everything to be simple and be as it works so no nifty hide away slidey out things for me :)

  • The leisure battery

    It is charged by the alternator and goes to 3 led lights and a 600w inverter. That's fine for charging small electricals. I didn't bother with solar because I don't think I'll need it.

    There's still room to add extra electricals. I also stashed an accessible long wire in the bodywork so I can have an external light if I want to.

    Originally there were 2 sockets for external hookup. I'm going to put one of them back in so I can keep my options open :)

    It took me forever to get one of my lights to work. I didn't know you have to attach the wires the right way round for the circuit to work and I'd got the other two right by chance. I blew a few fuses taking the wires on and off until I asked someone who knows ;)

  • LED's are light emitting diodes , diode is the operative word here , its a component that only allows electrickery to go one way, that why polarity is important with them :beard:

    Inverters also lke to be connected correctly or they will pop the fuse every time .

  • Looking good,if you are not going for Solar,i would suggest keeping and eye open for a second hand cheap spare alternator and a couple of spare belts to keep on board.
    A small solar panel would help keep the leisure battery topped up whilst not running the engine though,so i would certainly keep an eye on Gumtree etc for a cheap small set up if you can find one locally.

    Solar/wind generation is a bit like magic :)