Nora the LDV; build thread...

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  • Looking good as usual..the electric stuff went over my stage on mine is to update the kitchen..the worktop would have been ideal..but im in dorset.

  • Lots done over the last couple of nights... Last night was mostly painting.. got the first coats on the log box, and on the kitchen:

    The worktop is on my coffee table... got it's second coat of varnish at lunchtime today... third and last one tomorrow...

    So this evening, my goal was to start using up the big pile of batten that's getting in my way... so the high level kitchen cupboards got their frame built:

    There'll be a few little bulkheads inside the cupboard to stop stuff sliding about too much, but I'll put them in place once its floor is on..... It's going to have a pair of sliding doors on the front, using standard vivarium plastic rail as the runners... It's designed for 6mm glass, so perfect for 5.5mm ply with a coat of paint on!

    The nice thing about this project is that I can switch jobs if I get bored with one... I broke out the caulk, and filled in a load of screw heads, and sealed a few panel gaps too... quick, easy, and soooo satisfying!!

    My panel cutting isn't mega accurate... knowing I can fill the gaps and make it look seamless makes it all so easy!!!

    Because I'm trying to keep the weight down, I've used 5.5mm ply for everything that's not weight bearing... Horizontal surfaces are in 12mm for strength... but the bulkheads are in 5.5, and because of my design, with the curvy "knees" in the panels, they're a bit wobbly.. The plan was always to stiffen these up with additional pieces of ply laminated onto them, on both sides... making them 16.5mm along the edges... So I thought I'd have a go... here's the first piece...

    Once there's a similar piece the other side, and they're extended all the way up and down, I'll be able to tidy up the curved edge, and laminate on some nice veneer, to provide a visual highlight against the stark white of the rest of the interior...

  • Busy weekend again.... Friday night I built the first of the overhead lockers over the bench seats at the back:

    And glued on another bit of bulkhead reinforcement:

    Yesterday was a lot of painting and fitting the kitchen worktop:

    Today I got some paint on the new locker, and in the log box, so they can both actually be used:

    It's nice to be able to dump offcuts somewhere tidy at last!!

    Then I plumbed in the water... I'm going to carry 3 25 litre containers on board.. with a submersible pump run off a foot switch to bring water up to the sink... It works!!!

    The "tap" is just a bit of 10mm copper tube left over from my solar water heater installation (on the house).... I got a bit clever at the base.. I drilled out a 15mm to 10mm reducer so the 10mm would pass right through... the reducer is clamped by a 15mm tank connector which is through the worktop... That was a palaver, as the tank fitting is designed for 3mm plastic tanks, not 38mm of wood! I had to counterbore a hole up from underneath with a 32mm spade bit until I only had about 10mm of thickness for it... but it worked out ok in the end...

    Finally I installed a couple of LED lights... One over the kitchen, and this one over the bench seat:

    Lots of other little things got done along the way.. bits of trim here and there, more filler and paint etc... The list of little jobs to do seems to be increasing exponentially as the list of big jobs shrinks!!

  • I've had one of those days today... Up at 6.. out the door at 7... 3 hours to drive to my job in East London... 4 hours on site and then 2.5 hours to get home... needless to say, I'm knackered! Went out to Nora to do some work, but was sorely lacking in enthusiasm.

    Thought I'd update this instead!

    So over the last few days I've plodded along, hampered somewhat by dwindling wood supplies... I managed to make the lid for the log box out of what I had left... would have preferred it to be in one piece, but nothing was big enough.. hence the fixed bit across the back, and even that is in two pieces!!

    I've spent a lot of time working on the reinforcing pieces for the edges of the bulkheads.... lots of gluing:

    Followed by lots of filing and sanding:

    And it's starting to look good! The panel isn't as stiff as it might be, but it takes a pretty hard knock with no problem... With a couple of layers of nice oak veneer down the edge I think it'll look great!

    That'll have to wait for a bit.. I've got to MOT my car by the end of the month which involves at least two new tyres, and it really could do with a good service too so spending on Nora is on hold for a bit...

  • Not much to report, really.... I've been busy, of course, but it's been a lot of little jobs... I got the last overhead locker built, and a first coat of paint on it:

    The white colour scheme doesn't make photography easy, sorry!

    Some paint on the log box:

    And a shelf in one of the cupboards:

    The kitchen cupboards will have sliding doors, but the overhead lockers, and this cupboard won't... I'm thinking of making some elastic cargo nets to go over the front of them to keep stuff in while travelling... I could buy motorcycle bungee nets, but they'll be the wrong shape and size. I'll have to look at one to see how it's made, then copy the principle.

    Two slightly exciting things have been done... I got the audio system properly fitted:

    The mixer lets me choose between the car stereo or a mobile phone feeding the big stereo, which will only get used for parties... watch out Dovedale! There will be small speakers in the van for daily use...

    Of course that all needs to come apart again, so I can paint that wooden panel, and tidy up the wiring behind it!

    The other bit of progress was getting the gas connected:

    I've now drawn water from the tank, and boiled it on the stove!! I can make tea!!!!

    There's now only one thing missing before I can re-register Nora as a motor caravan, and that's the table... I should have the standard leg assembly in a couple of days, so hopefully I can take the necessary pics at the weekend and get the logbook posted off to DVLA... Exciting!

  • Looking EXCELLENT!
    One thing worth considering,which caused a problem in mine..The faucet set up may cause water to splash outside the sink when washing hands or as the water"bounces" out of a cup etc.With mine its cos we tend to not keep stuff low enough in the sink area.Its a real pain! The answer was to lower the end of the delivery tube.Sorry to ramble!

  • I've got my Yaz back!!! :D

    So we got on with the sliding doors above the kitchen...

    They fit! time to glue the tracks in:

    It's just plastic track designed for vivariums, nothing clever... I like the look of the bare ply for the doors, so they're getting varnished, not painted.... The ply is 5.5mm stuff from Wickes, and is of surprisingly high quality, compared to the bulk of the stuff I have used so far... I'd recommend it for small purchases, as it's not the cheapest even with the bulk discount they offer....

  • Thanks, Pete... I daren't look back at the early days.. too scared to realise how much time I've invested in this!! Not to mention the money! I'm looking forward only, at the moment, and it still seems like a huge mountain to climb!!