Sick of the lot of 'em

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  • I've just walked out of my job of 10 years. A trusted colleague just hauled me over the coals for something I didn't do. I sorted the problem out with HR. everyone expected me to go crawling back and say sorry for something I haven't done! This narcissistic ba£!@rd was trying to humiliate me and he lost ha ha! I can't get my head round it. It was fine before- we had such a good laugh all the time and got the job done until a new boss arrived who wanted everything their own way and wasted time re- inventing the wheel. My colleague disappeared up New Boss's arse. They find my knowledge and patience a threat and prefer their battlefield thinking. Well good luck to them - when they have a problem to solve I won't be there. I feel like a medicine woman who's been burned at the stake by ignorant villagers. Fortunately I have savings and hubby can afford for me to stay at home for a while but the whole thing ruined my birthday and 10 year anniversary there, not to mention leave a huge black cloud.My colleague has always listened to my advice which has saved his marriage! He can't cope with not being constantly admired. Mind you I could have wasted years working my ass off for these narrow minded twats and still get no recognition anyway. Still rather in shock and grieving for the good old times I can't believe he did this to me. Could do with a hug I feel trampled.

  • Work is for paying bills, not dealing with people who are toss pots.

    Move on, breathe the air, decide what you'd like to do with your time before you need to work again.

    And Smile! You are out of that kack!

  • Unless its a dream job that you always wsnted to do and the money is secondary,you go to wotk to get money to pay for how you live.You dont go to work to be part of other peoples power struggles and petty mind games.Take time out and enjoy the freedom of the routine and take stock of your life.What to do next will come in its own time.Ive never seen these end of employment events as more than an opportunity to change direction.Sorry youre stressed and upset,it will pass.Your ex employer have the problem of replacing you,their stupidity will cost them..their loss not yours.

  • The Peter principle states that people are promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. I guess this is why I've been self-employed for 40 odd years. Well I guess I'm retired now, but that's probably the same thing.

    The local McDonalds is crap at the moment. The new manager doesn't seem to have got a grip of things, and a lot of the good staff have left. Remember, when things go bad, the best staff leave first.

  • Thanks guys, you're right. I'm keeping myself busy and been able to spend more time with my older friends who have far better faith in me. Lots of time with my daughter too. There's an apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine at an apothecary not far away from me that I've enquired after so hope to sign up to that for next year. It's my other love so fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone who's struggling with the everlasting hamster wheel. Hugs and light to you all.