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  • I Thought that it might be fun to start some discussions about Hippydom in the 60's & 70's.
    I'm a child of the 50's and watched in awe as Rock & Roll was in it's early days and Hippydom was nascent.

    I see from my first few weeks here that there are some of us that were around back then and who would be sure to have memories, good, bad and everything in-between about those days.
    Back then so much change burst through my awareness and had real influences on how I viewed the world.

    The music, the bands, festivals, the rebellion, the clothes, the smells, the attitudes, flower-power, the emergence of a global sub-culture, cannabis, LSD, OZ magazine, HoneyBunch Kaminski, free love, empowerment, self expression, alternative lifestyles, learning the etiquette and techniques of making and sharing a joint, pass it to the left, hitching everywhere, cheesecloth, psychedelia, Tie-dye, Afgan coats, coloured beads, Chillums and sticky black Afghani, Joss sticks, pachouli, odd attitudes from the older generations, Pink Floyd, Mama Cass, Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, Stones and of course The Beatles, Bob Dylan...... and so many more.

    I lived it back then, slavishly for a while but then slowly getting absorbed into the mainstream, straight world, as I chased jobs to pay for the realities of life like rent, food, fuel, dope, then a mortgage and overdrafts, bills, bills, bills, becoming a slave to the system for many many years and I bet that there are some folks here who followed a similar path.

    How many of us have now escaped that world and reverted back to simpler lifestyles ?

    How many have managed to escape it altogether and stayed hippy throughout their life ?


  • I missed it! Born in 73 so it was all dealy boppers and ra ra skirts when I was a kid :)

    I have found that most of my friends from 'the old days' who were quite anti the system and what have you slowly transformed into middle aged, middle class people and now crave a new car every three years and a wine rack full of Chardonay :)

    I probably did things the other way round; I was quite materialistic when I was young and was the first of my friends to get a mortgage. Over the years I've got more and more anti everything, lol, and now I find the 'real' world quite difficult to cope with :)

  • gone the full circle, started out as a hippy biker, joined the military, marriage mortgages kids dog cat and goldfish and not enough hours in the day to a hippy biker living in a truck, got nowt and want for nothing but Happy

    That's the thing, isn't it, I think it can take a long time to work out what makes you happy? I've found life has often taken me in directions I didn't want to go, but ten years on you look back and realise it was the right way, although it didn't feel like that then.

  • I missed it! Born in 73 so it was all dealy boppers and ra ra skirts when I was a kid :)

    I have found that most of my friends from 'the old days' who were quite anti the system and what have you slowly transformed into middle aged, middle class people and now crave a new car every three years and a wine rack full of Chardonay :)

    I probably did things the other way round; I was quite materialistic when I was young and was the first of my friends to get a mortgage. Over the years I've got more and more anti everything, lol, and now I find the 'real' world quite difficult to cope with :)

    Yeah Rah-rah skirts, loon pants with rows of buttons up your belly., platform boots and friggin glitter.

    73 was a great year for me, after the mind opening 60's - my teen years, I went to live and work in Holland, the culture was so very different from the small villages and council estate mentality that I was used to. The people were so friendly, open and honest, so liberating for a still impressionable lad.
    But little did I know back then, it was my entry into the treadmill of chasing money to get stuff and joining the pattern that you have described.
    Well now I am all paid up and am free to, well be free.
    Happy Daze


  • gone the full circle, started out as a hippy biker, joined the military, marriage mortgages kids dog cat and goldfish and not enough hours in the day to a hippy biker living in a truck, got nowt and want for nothing but Happy

    Hippy biker ! yeah, I went wimp and bought a scooter, kept falling off but in those days I just bounced and got right back up.
    These days If I fall off something, stuff breaks and takes an age to heal.


  • I was born in '60 and my 'formative years' were exposed to/ emersed in the age of Aquarius, hippys,flower power,peace and love,drungs, race riots vietnam,bikes vw buses, etc etc and all the fun and mayhem that followed in the 70's all to the total disgust of my ultra conservative father...:rofl:

  • I had the pleasure of living in London area during the 60's n 70's up till 86 in fact, apart from a couple of glorious art school years in Bournemouth; that was a great place to be as was full of students out of season. So I enjoyed the exciting dropout life that London had to offer around that time. Eel Pie Island Hotel, Richmond, Marquee Club, where we were befriended by the late, great Rory Gallagher, always concerned whether Taste's performance was up to scratch (really). Pothead Pixies live in Kensington town hall, Stones in the park, too many festivals to mention though Hendrix and the Doors on the same bill was a standout highlight ! first lived in a van in 76, Austin J4 ! Loon pants, idiot dancers, Oz mag, International Times, Hawkwind, (still into them and a proud member of the Gong Global Family, Jefferson Airplane / Starship). Have you seen the stars tonite! Keep on truckin with Toby n Suzy Trux.

  • I was born in 61,so abit too young to really recall the late 60's.However it must of had some kind of impact on me,because by the mid 70's I was a full blown hippy chick!I think I hit my peak though mid 90's.Was living in my homeland then(Australia)with my then two small kids.I was quite way out dress wise,lived in a small country town,and would think nothing of walking down the main street looking like I had just walked out of Woodstock!lol
    These days,I feel like I'm not living my true self that much unfortunately.Life seems to have toned down abit too much.Feel like I am on the cusp of a life change though.Just gotta figure out what it is,and I'm outta here lol lol

  • Maybe we could have a "Remembered and Missed"thread?or something.Now im getting a bit more vintage myself I see more souls I remember on the path leaving.Not just the icons like Bowie but Richard who spent his whole adult life fearlessley devoted to animal liberation and anti cruelty,with a smile as wide as the sky.Or Johnnie who was going to be a lawyer with wild blue eyes and cheshire cat grin,lost to heroin.

    I get that, I was referring to those souls who died on route.

  • I have a beam running the length of my truck with names of folk i,ve lost on the way, tis not in a morbid way. tis to remind me that you only get one chance at life and to use it

    If I get down these days Harry, I remember a life long mate who died last year. He phoned me up from his hospital bed the night he died. All I could hear was a Asian females voice (nurse) in the background, telling my mate to be quiet, people are sleeping. He kept shouting at the nurse "fk off, I'm talking to my mate steve" I insisted he put the phone down and I would phone him in the morning. I didn't want him upsetting the staff and being treated badly for it. He passed away a few hours after I hung up on him. I can still feel that in my gut. Worse thing was, I was too ill to drive to his funeral and I had to get another mate to go and represent me. He could have lived longer, he could have lived like a King in Manila with many girlfriends. Instead he got ill here in the U.K. Ended up being admitted into hospital where I visited him (It was a shit hole of a hospital ward. Armed police on duty. Inmates from the prisons, old folk, sick folk.) I did a raring trade handing out nicotine replacement gum. He discharged himself after a few weeks and took the bug home. 4 weeks after first falling ill, the bacteria was eating him alive. It took one of his eyes before the doctor sent him back to hospital. He lasted a further week and a half. Nothing so sad as a chance not taken.

    I can only imagine the characters behind those names you have Harry & being a lifetime biker, your going to loose many mates before their time.

  • The thing I remember most clearly from that time was the optimism, the total belief that something ethereal was happening almost beyond our comprehension, but we were all somehow feeling the same thing at the same time in the same way. There was a unity of purpose, quite hard to even describe now.

    We were going to change the world

  • Yeah, Bernie, I can go with that. It was like we had woken up somehow, and remembered we were a whole new optimistic wave of people who had agreed to reincarnate here at the same period in time, and change the world. We even used to talk stuff like that, discuss it. Heady days.

  • I Was Raised In Large Family "10 Sisters And One Brother" And Me Being The Baby Of The Family ..I Was Teached Much And Saw Much And Was Raised In Beliefs Of Very Spiritual People Who Were All About Naturally Peace. Love..Happiness ..Nature...Protecting Earth And Nature Music ..Dancing Etc...Even There Be Such Darkness And Wars Etc In This World....And Not Know Of "Hippydom" At That Time....As It Was Just Our Ways Which Mirror "Hippy Spirit" ..

    It Was Only Later That My Older Family And Bigger Sisters Brought The "Hippydom" As They/We Came And Lived Around People Etc ...So Off Course We Fitted..Clicked ..Right Into The Classic Hippy Life And Lifestyle As Naturally Born Hippies...

    I Was Bathed And Soaked And Embraced And Fed Hippydom. The Colours.. The Vibes The Music The People And Flower Power And Its Freedom Of Free Choice...Free Love...Free Acceptance As All Was Welcomed Loved And Embraced ....As Hippy Is Like Being One Mahoosive Spiritual Family.
    There Was No Judgements Or Labels ..No Difference In Skin Colours Or Labels Or Judgements Because All Things And All People Were Accepted And Seen As Family And All Equals....No Rich ..No Poor...Just "ONE".

    Hippies Shared And Cared And Loved All Brothers And Sisters...And Welcomed Everyone Without Questions Or Needing Acceptance ...There Was Always Complete Trust And Openess And Truthfulness About All Things And All People .

    But As The Years Went On ...The "Hippydom" Seemed To Loose Its Way For Many ....As Did Its Freedom And Acceptance ...And Music And Love Etc ....Because As The Years Evolved And Moved On ..Hippydom And Its Spirit Did Not Change....But The People Did ..Because They Needed Acceptance To Fit In To Be Accepted...They Needed The Material Things That Went Along With Acceptance ....Sooo Many Rules Were Made That Was Expected To Fit In Or Not Be Accepted And "Hippydom" Was Not One Of Them.....
    Hippies Were Labelled "PotHeads..Stoners...Crazies...Tree Huggers Etc Etc And Were Seen As Just A Joke Or People To Laugh At And Label....So Then The Once Were Spiritual Brothers And Sisters Family Of Hippydom" Parted And Faded And Lost Each Other Along The Way.
    Because Many Had To Change Lifestyle To Fit In And Survive ..Getting Regular Jobs Needing Material Things Tvs..Cars..Latest Fashions...Wearing Acceptable Clothes .Listening To Acceptable Music Etc Etc Were More Important ...And So Many Lost Their Way And The Hippydom Spirit....But A Few Did Still Remain And Kept The Hippy Spirit And Vibes Of Love Peace Hapiness Alive...Which Many Brothers And Sisters Returned Back Too Later In Life And Who Now Have Their Freedom To Live Their Life Their Way ..With No Rules Needed Of Acceptance....They Go And Flow Once Again Reborn In Love Peace And Happiness Once More...

    Because I Believe You Cannot Kill A Spirit ..It Is A Forever ...Its Just That Sometimes People Loose That Spirit .Along The Way ....And Because A Spirit Like "Hippydom" Is A Forever That Needs And Feeds And Gives And Throws Out "Love Peace Happiness And Flower Power" To All And Everybody Freely...Unconditionally ...It Is Forever Eternal ...And It Just Waits For New Brothers And Sisters To Grow And To Be Born And Awaken And For Its Lost Brothers And Sisters To Return.....The True Meaning Of "Hippydom" And Its Family Will Forever Be And Be Forever More As You Cannot Kill Peoples Spirit...And You Cannot Kill "FREEDOM" ...Which Is "The Heart Of The Love And Peace" Because To Be "Hippy And Have Hippydom" Is Simple Meaning One Thing "FREEDOM" ...To Love And Live Freely And To Be Free Of Lifes Chains..Cages..Rules..Etc.

    So All That Is What I Remember From Them Days Before.....And What I Have Never Forgotten ....
    Because I Simply Live And Have Lived The Hippydom Ways From Then Till Now In Heart And Spirit Even When Much Darkness In My Life ....My Hippy Spirit Always Made Me See Light And Feel Love When There Was None Around Me ...So I Clung To That...Held It Tightly And Never Let It Go. :))) And Off Course I Kept Bounce Bouncing hehehe:))

  • Another child of the the 50s here and I loved 66/67 and onwards. I felt as though I was waking up to an amazing world of colour, creation and ideas. The best part was the optimism that has already been mentioned. Maybe that was my youth manifesting itself, but I definitely felt that we could change everything for the better.

    I was at those events too, pretty much all those free concerts in Hyde Park, including the Stones, Floyd, the same Isle of Wight where Jimi and The Doors played. That was the summer I went hitch-hiking through Belgium and Germany with a friend. I've slept in some odd places, but those early experiences under bushes in parks, on building sites, beaches and in shipyards by the Rhine were rather memorable.

    I'm not sure how much I changed my attitudes to the ideals I held then. I have managed to shake off some of the constraints, which I have droned on about in other posts. There were years when I had to hold down a job when I got caught up in the living to work game, but I don't think the real me died - only nearly, and that was physical death which doesn't count in this discussion. However, for the past nineteen years I have been self-employed in a number of musical endeavours. I've survived and I love my life. In those days I think I railed more against intangible things. These days I think I probably do more about them.

    Back in the 60s, it was the music that came before everything else for me. Not much has changed, even though the world seems a little colder and there are fewer people who trust each other. Maybe that's just the other end of life manifesting itself.

  • Born in the 50s was a bit to young in 60s but had time of my life in the 70 s was a care free hippy all them Fayres ,festivals , Etc such good times still go to fayres ,festivals but not the same vibe as in the 70s . As I get older seem to have lost my hippy way so much I should have done , but don't we all think that . Love & Peace

  • I was only eleven when 'Let's go to San Francisco came out, but I wanted to go. My hair grew quick. For a while I wore a black cloak my sister had given me. Must have looked ridiculous. I'd discovered the pleasure of having my own radio the year before, listening to the exciting music from the pirate ships under the bedclothes late at night. Two years on, a schoolmate taught me how to build a tranmitter, mainly from dumped tv and radio parts, stringing salvaged speaker wire between trees for an aerial. Soon a few friends would arrive each saturday with albums and some smoke, for us to pre-record the shows we'd transmit on Sunday.

    Yes the hippy movement had pointed the way to doing your own thing, rebelling against conformity and boredom. The music spoke and we felt it. Ironically by the time I got to Frisco, I'd cut my hair.

    Hippy? Not a word we used much. Freaks we were, as in 'the furry freak brothers' or 'she's one of us, she's a freak'.

    At 16 I could move out. My parents weren't opposed. No more music, no more arriving home to a row of motorbikes, and after four kids they could go their own ways. It was also the year of the 2nd Windsor free festival, a real eye opener for me. I squatted a house with three wonderful rebellious girls and then got married to one of them a year later. that's me with Clare.

    There was a large squatting community in Penge. We made agreements with the local Council in exchange for paying rates, had a wholefood shop open two days a week and pulled together a fair bit. I tried a couple of ordinary jobs but mostly worked as a roadie and soundman. And that's how I got GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars old lorry to convert, and it's also how I ended up getting my hair cut.

    I'd just spent a month with the Thompson Twins in my bus, sleeping on floors if need be, with nearly every gig organised by CND and anti-nuclear groups. The Beat had heard about it and asked me to join them as Tour manager. But I knew my mop of hair was distinctly un two-tone and this was the group who'd done the song 'Stand down Margeret', and I hated her and loved their songs. So fuck it, I wanted to do it and went for a drastic hair cut before turning up for work ;) .

    So yes, half the time maybe, I've looked a part for getting work, but never really lost being a freak or hippy at heart. Most travellers who bump into me can usually guess it at a glance somehow.

  • So jealous of you guys living out the hippy lifestyle back in the day! Great hearing your style along the years..I was definitely born in the wrong decade! I'm a little younger..but already I've gone from commune living hippy to moving back home and having to conform to the mainstream - tattooed covered, piercings out...I'm just trying a bit of a u-turn again, looking to find a work role where I can express more of who I am..I'm literally by the phone waiting for a yes/no from a job who's manager told me in the interview how alternative self expression isn't an issue - fingers cross!