Anyone doing carved wooden house/farm signs?

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  • Hi All,

    I wondered if anyone here was able to produce a wooden sign for our new smallholding. Just the farm name itself as a basic option, or something more creative if that's your thing... Something that will last well, so hardwood and carved preferably, not painted.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Adam,

    I don't carve but do make signs using pyrography, if that's any help.

    ahhh I think I've seen that at shows before - the scorched writing? Does it weather off pretty quick though? Do you use hardwoods or softwood for it?

    It's going to be attached to the farm gate outside, so needs to weather well.

  • It is indeed the scorched wood, i use hardwoods mainly. I do make plaques for a natural burial ground which sit outside- they weather in 1- 2 years as they sit flat on the ground, but a hanging sign would last much longer.

  • Ah ok, well it's a nice bit of ukhippy local trade... can you direct me (pm if you like) to some pics of your work? Even if it only lasted a few years, it could be a good start



  • What name would you want carving? Any images carved or themes/logo to work on? What size letters? What font? Are you thinking one sided fixed sign or doubled sided sign that suspended/hung? I've carved commemorative plaques, benches, signs, seats, totem poles etc. I used to teach woodcarving. Only thing I'm more than busy for the coming months. But if I can contact one of my old student friends for you? I've got one in mind. I've even commissioned work from him before. He is a artist who can turn his mind to the unimaginable. He lives in Nottinghamshire and I'm not sure how busy he is these days or if I have his contact details up to date. I know he had a website some years ago, but found out his trading name was used by a hells angle chapter in the US for their tattoo enterprise and he was encouraged to stop using the name.

  • Oh wow. Erm... well it'll be screwed to a gate, so one sided only. Just the name is fine, but if it could be the name and then a nice bit of tree-of-life type graphic that would be amazing. Font... no idea, but something that's readable from the road, for deliveries.

    The text itself, I'll pm you. :)

  • If you are ever in Spain, up in the Alpujarras, go to Orgiva.
    There you will find an Amigo called Jorge. He was involved in The Dragon Festivals, also a drummer in a band called Just Pantz.
    He's a barber too, with a nice sideline of woodworking. He has skilful fingers and would make you a splendid sign.
    He was building his new salon when I last was there in 2012, (I was looking out for the ascension from the top of the Sierras.)
    I think Manik the tattoo artiste is going to be working from there too,
    I wanted a haircut he decided that I would look good if I had his "swirly hamster head" style...
    I didn't notice for a couple of days, was busy enjoying a tub of White Russian fresh from the grower.
    happy days.
    If you do, tell him wobblyjim will probably be up his way sometime this coming winter.


  • My friend Chris (female) is a good wood carver and lives in the Forest of Dean. PM me and I will arrange for you guys to swap numbers. She's done some wonderful carvings of people's dogs and horses, Green Men of the Forest etc. in different woods and they've lasted ages. Hope this is useful.