Insurance issue.

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  • Hey.
    Ok so I'm 30 and only just about to pass my test. I know I know but never required a vehicle before. Always been happy to cycle or train etc.
    Here's the catch though. I have a left hand drive 3.7L Mercedes 508d. Oh and a drink drive conviction on my motorbike (of which I did a drink drive course).
    I don't even drink or party now but that doesn't mean anything to the insurance folk.

    I rang around last week and even Adrian flux said nothing come back and passed me onto another company who said only one company come back but they could t give me a quote there n then for some reason.

    I am hoping this is because I don't have my license yet, which is understandable they won't want to give me a quote.

    Here's my question. What are people's thoughts on this. Will I get more joy when I have passed, as I did tell them that I was yet to pass my test.

    Thanks in advance.

  • When my missus was learning to drive, i got her a car and there were loads of quotes coming back on the compare the market site so i dont think its a question of being a provisional licence holder. After five years the conviction is spent, so you should at least get some quotes - how long agi were you convicted?

    If you google drink drive insurance there are a number of companies who come up (with obviously inflated prices) - the problem you might have is finding one of them who does commercials/conversions.

  • The conviction was 2014 September. Yes I need to speak with more dedicated insurance people in classic vehicle and drink drive. Adrian flux said because the van is over 25 years old that isn't a good thing.

  • OP if ya did the DDE course, you should get a certificate, My insurance was £100 less after my drink drive conviction when i declared the Drink Drive and the fact I had the certificate...

  • Hey guys. I called Heritage classic insurance (clever name) and they said because I've not had my license 2 years they can't insure me. Also said because it's my main vehicle (I mentioned I have a motorbike but no luck) they said that was also a contributing factor.

    What about a broker? Is it worth seeing one of them? I'm not getting rid of this van either way. Just means my hopes of travel and living will be quashed otherwise.

  • I wouldn't then build up my own no claims would I? And even if I did no insurance company would take it?
    Not sure I know anyone who would do that? Because if something happened and I needed to claim wouldn't that in effect ruin their no claims?

  • Could you not insure a low group banger to start building up some no claims, then buy a second vehicle (ie your van) and get that insured as a second vehicle for occasional use, limit mileage to a couple of thousand a year (woops speedo cable fell out..)

  • It's your policy. You can have named drivers that you nominate. Technically they are insured to drive, but the insurance company won't camp outside your house to check that they will.
    The insurance company sees it as having more than one driver, one of which is experienced. In theory that means the less experienced policy holder will be at the wheel less time, as the van now has two drivers.
    Does that make sense?

  • Sort of yeah. So how would this change things. Would it mean people would open up to quotes. Would it be cheap. How do I propose this to an insurance company.
    It sounds a bit good to be true?

  • I just thought I'd check with the lowest engine I could. I pretended I had a Fiat 126 (which I believe is a 600cc engine!). Adrian Flux who are becoming a bit of a joke now quoted me £5000!
    I'm 31 and yes deposits my DR1 there's no other reason. I pretended I also had my license for 2 months just to see what the quote would be (as they might not have quoted me otherwise).

    Even a 17 year old doesn't pay £3000 on a 1.2l car.

    What the hell is going on!?

  • fiat 126 might not be the lowest group. Google insurance groups, and choose a car in a low group with a relatively low value. Micra or something common might help. Also, your voluntary excess is what you pay if you claim for your car. As you will never claim for it, make it ridiculously high (one or two thousand) that should bring the price down a little. Also limited mileage and your postcode will bring the price down. Also being inventive with your job title will help.
    The best thing is to use compare the market or similar - get a quote in a made up name and a disposable email address (if you keep using yours itll all start going on a database) Use the same car edit the quote but vary the mileage till you get the best price. Try different job titles and get the best price. Try different locations and get the best price. Different excesses etc. Keep doing this with all the variables until you have a list of the answers that you should be giving.
    I am not advocating that you lie to obtain insurance, rather stretch the truth....

  • I'm not sure if this is relevant, but my insurance went down a bit when I declared that I have a long term partner living with me. She has never driven or insured a vehicle, but it seems they consider me to be more stable because of the relationship, and therefore a better risk. :)