The "I hate football" thread

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  • Yes i do. Never seen the point or the reasoning behind people getting worked up like they do, far to much money in it these days. People forget its a game.
    Worst thing is that despite all the sports channels bbc and itv feel the need to ruin other peoples viewing by showing it instead of proper programmes.
    Same as bloody Wimbledon.
    And the snooker.

    Think ill take the dog for a walk ☺

  • After watching the footage of my fellow countrymen brawling in the streets of Paris.....I must say that this morning, I am ashamed to be British!:(

  • I have never seen the attraction of football. All of my family is football mad and I had to watch it as a kid. FA cup final was like Christmas to them. I used to sit there thinking "Are we watching the same thing here because this is shit".

    I used to get annoyed by all thee coverage of football especially when it used to encroach into the news segment of the news. You have your own segment at the end of the news for sport. Football is not news, it is sport.

    I have now banished virtually all forms of news from my life it no longer bothers me and I am not aware of there large events. I couldn't tell you when wimbledon is on or the rugby and I even missed the tour de france last year.

    The only time it really annoys me is if I walk into my local pub which does not normally have a telly and there is a big screen and people who do not normally go in there shouting and being twatish.


  • I'm not sure that I hate football, I think it's more of a case what football has become. I imagine that being in a stadium watching and feeling the emotion of a game is a lot more exciting than seeing it on the TV, the problem on the tv is that they have the game build up for weeks on end, the discussion on who's playing and why, the so called experts analysing everything, the match, and the blow by blow, kick by kick repeats of where it all went wrong, and the manager should now be hung, drawn and quartered, or in the very least sacked, but allowed to keep his/her spectacular wages and bonuses .
    The players themselves now being treated as God's or in the very least Gladiators, coming into the arena , with arms aloft, saluting their supporters, the crowd roars back with cheers, boo's and hisses, no wonder some of the players nowadays think they are above reproach ( not all , I hasten to add ). Huge chunks of gold are heaved upon them, diamond encrusted chariots, now a sign of their social standing, wealth and superstar life style is there's for the taking, young women throwing themselves at their idol's, allowing themselves to be spit roasted, all in the name of fame, and getting their faces on the front page of every tabloid and complaining of how they were treated so badly by their hero's.
    The loyal crowd going on the rampage, at the humiliation of their idol's failing attempt at getting a ball in a net, smashing windows and people's faces, drinking, vomiting , pissing and shitting in the host's countries streets, showing the world how great they are, ( even though they lost ).
    I suppose you could say... I won't be watching

  • I can't stand it either. Why is it treated like news? Sorry, they seem to have confused me with somebody that cares....

    Ever thought that the EU Referendum was deliberately timed to coincide with the football? Keep the masses distracted with something unimportant.

    I'll admit that I do watch a bit of club football, I follow a team both in the UK and Sweden, (and they're not big top flight teams either, so they're not overpaid acrobats) but I'm not someone who goes to every game, buys the shirt etc.

    I really don't get international football though. Couldn't give a toss about what Engerlund are doing. I was quite happy they were playing last night, because Sainbury's was near deserted when I went food shopping :D

  • Yes, we don't do football either. Only learnt something was on last night by the bloke in the flat underneath screaming every now and then, with the telly turned up loud, and even his missus calling out shrilly.
    I figured at first she had him tied down and was stomping him, but it gradually dawned they must be watching a football match of some sort...:D

  • I used to love playing 5 a side and i played for a pub team years ago. i was just a big numb defender, loved (dropping) sorry tackling the (divas) strikers. loved euro 96 was beatiful shame england fans had to be dicks.
    Couldnt really care now what i hate most nowadays is dickhead pundits, and blathering on. id like to tune in and switch off.

    I also played rugby, i find that game far to eliteist and snobby, and a few rugby lads are just plain wankers sometimes.

    and parents who go on about how they love rugga when they dont even know the bloody rules there dicks as well.

    (my brother is a rugby fan but he hasnt played or has a clue what the rules are he just likes to say he likes rugby)

  • I can't stand it. My dad put me off as a kid when he'd turn off what I was watching so he could put the game on. I'm also too much of an introvert to go for the group thing.

  • I can't stand it. My dad put me off as a kid when he'd turn off what I was watching so he could put the game on. I'm also too much of an introvert to go for the group thing.

    And, remember having to sit through hours of the results coming in. First on the Teletype machine then the confirmed results with that hypnotic repetitive voice going through all the divisions and the Scottish leagues. It seemed to go on for ever.

    The match of the day theme tune has left me scared for life and I can't listen to it to this day.


  • I like Guy Martin MORE N MORE............proper grounded he is! When ya put it like that........which is what it is. 22 MILLIONAIRES running aboiut,,,,,,awesome!!

  • It's the fact that people know I'm not interested yet still insist on talking to me as if I give a shit that gets me.
    "Did you see the match this evening?"
    "well no. when have I ever shown any interest in sport whatsoever? you know this!"