Open boaters

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  • My O/H is a keen open boater. Has..hmm...several canoes, a small rowing boat, a Gull, and a lateen-sailed Beachcomber. Not in N. Wales, alas, but way down here in the East Midlands, near Northampton. I'm a bit of a lily-livered landlubber myself, but because of the beard I get the sailors come up to me and start chatting learnedly about boats, which makes her a bit miffed sometimes...

  • Yes, there are plenty of ditchcr... plenty of people on here who live in narrowboats and the like, and sometimes even have a canoe on the roof, but it doesn't seem like many open-boaters.
    So we could perhaps have a boatey meet-up, but it would probably have to be in the fens or someplace with canals.

    One problem with the open boat is you either have to pay to leave it lying at a club, as we do, or need a pretty big lawn or drive to keep it on, and a road trailer. Even the canoes have to go somewhere, and her mother's garage is just about packed with them hanging in the roof. She even snuck another one in last year, and the old dear didn't notice it:whistle:

    It affects life, too. When we retired and eventually sold the van, we had a long search on for some car that wasn't too big, but would carry at least two canoes on the roof, like the van used to. These days even estate cars don't seem to have proper roof rails on, so it took time before we found an older astra estate that filled the bill.

  • Used to have a canoe up until a couple of years ago and I taught sailing for many years on cruising yachts but also spent a couple of years teaching on Drascombe Luggers which are fantastic boats.

    Done quite a bit of pilot gig rowing over the years as well


  • I've a fairly decent, inflatable kayak which I can easily carry in Iris. I also bought a couple of big, wooden, seagoing canoes last year; but they are too big for me to store so are at my brother's house in York, where I don't really have access to them. Love being on water though.