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  • actually being me is pretty darn wonderful!!:angel: cant say the same for people around me though!!:whistle:

  • Hypo....Bounce Bouncie ...Hippydome ...Colourful . And Dancing ..Wild And ..Free Body Paints And Bubbles And Lots Of Childlike Giggling Fun With A Native Tribal Twist ...hahaha...
    Well That Was Just A Few Of Whats It Like To Be Me hahahaha ....:))

  • Right now I quite like being me. It has been a massively long road to get to this level of acceptance though, a hard slog through depression and self loathing to get to a place where I finally have a bit of peace mentally.

    I sometimes struggle to place myself in certain situations. I don't fit in with the people I work with, the other mums at school, people in the street. They think I'm strange because I don't always have to have the newest this or the biggest that, and that I don't wear the latest fashions or have perfectly straight hair. And there was a time that would really bother me but right now I don't care. I like dressing like I fell out of Woodstock. I like having fluffy purple hair. I love my battered old Skoda, my veggie plot, walking barefoot and sitting around an open fire. Life is good!

    Although I would really like to lose a bit of weight and get a new tattoo.....

  • I try to stay positive as much as I can and try my best to stay away from negativity, however this is not always possible. As a giggler myself, I find enjoyment from seeing others smile and making them laugh. I feel very blessed with what I have in my life but I hardly ever meet like minded people in my area and often when I voice my opinions on life, food choices, animals etc my comments get dismissed or made a joke out of. Is this why I sometimes feel loney despite being surrounded by others? I also find myself craving being outdoors alot but with no one else I personally know being outdoorsy types, I find it hard to get others to embrace outdoor adventures.

  • Being me isn't simple, I worry too much,trust too much, do not sleep much, care too much and have been hurt too much, must attract the wrong people sometimes. Have some lovely friends in my life that I am truly blessed. Want to be happy with someone special in my life who I can totally trust and care for another hard thing to find. I think that life is too short for regrets grab what you can when you can and always look forward not back.

  • Oh dear, know that feeling, especially on a Monday. Hope something good happens for you, me I would eat loads of Chocolate.
    "Like the signature"

  • Oh dear, hope you are not still screwed up, have you have plenty of friends to talk to? It is so hard to lose someone so dear to you, just take each day as it comes.
    Sixties was great, just been to a sixties night last Friday, great to hear the good music with a fab group playing.

  • I'm comfortable being who I am now.I was'nt always though.I dont like drama's in my life,but can't seem to escape other peoples! I enjoy being at peace,meditation being my only high,being fit and healthy in mind,body and spirit.

  • That's good to be comfortable with yourself a lot of people aren't its s pity, but things affect people in different ways. Like you I am happy to be me I'm different but that's my choice why try to fit in only makes you unhappy. Meditation, a walk in the woods being with nature , relaxing in a bath and music

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  • Difficult being me for a lot of the time but I can't imagine being anyone else,spend a lot of time feeling trapped in a life I don't want or belive in (depression is a bad thing) That said the ocassional good times are great !!

  • Same! I've just learnt that shit happens and to keep on smiling :) I could let the crap I've been through bring me down but I won't! :)