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  • Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their life is one long continual bout of karma?

    Now for me Karma is a realization, not evil for evil as some people believe but it exists to teach us lessons.

    One instance, as I get older I look back over my life and the relationships I have had with say my mother. I look back and see what I did or said and find that as a mother now myself the same things are happening to me but it makes me think and sometimes I think "OMG". Is this just the circle of life? Perhaps it would be if we didnt question it, but if it makes us question it, does that make it karma?

    As my life progresses and moves along there are many things that occur that make me think, things I have said, I have done or didnt do and what makes me think about it is when its said, done or not done to/for me.

    So I guess its only a positive when you take a mental note and make changes based on what you learned. Admit and/or apologise if necessary because doing so frees up that space it can harbour if you dont.. and then your mind and conscience is free to move on.

    So if my life feels like one long bout of karma, then does that mean I have been naughty alot or does it mean that I was perhaps just not mature enough to think? Will I ever be mature enough to think............. ?

  • Agree with you totally there, i ve have said and done things in the past i arnt proud of and i ve tried to do good, hopefully things will sort out, somehow i feel karma is more than just me my personal world its bigger than that its the effect i have or still have on others life. almost like a ripple in a pond bad stuff from me or others makes a big bad wave, and good stuff also is simular, somehow i have learnt from lifes hardness that karma isnt all about me.

    I know a mate who used to be a buddist monk, he s since quit that but he made me aware of stuff, thats what karma is.

    It kind of didnt make sense but i went away when krap was happening, and had a good think.

    I was told it biols down to "being aware"

    You think your not good enough to hold your head up (depression) be aware.
    you think your mates are doing better in life than you, be aware,
    you think your better than someone else again be aware.

    Its basicly a sense of be aware of your world around you, you cant improve it radically but by just simply being aware of stuff it basicly makes you think of your actions and there effects.

    I wish i could wave a magic wand and sort everything but i cant.

    To me buddism is a really sensible religion.

    But really all religion is just trying to say deep down just be nice to each other.

  • It's an interesting subject, CT, and one which has profound philosophical and spiritual ramifications at several levels. I think you and Gee are correct in thinking that by looking back at events and things done and said in our own lifetimes, we can better evaluate how we got to where we are now. But this concerns good things as well as bad things.

    If we accept the traditional concept of karma, we have to accept that the good things which happen to us are as much karma as the bad things. Originating either earlier in this life, or in lives we may have lived before.

    Looking back at things we have done or said in the past does give us a chance to evaluate our behavior then, and see how things turned out as a result, so that we learn to modify our behaviour now and in the future. In a sense, by doing this we are seeing how karma works, within the confines of our own experience.

    It would be nice to know that karma really existed as a law of the universe, because people's behaviour generally would no doubt improve a great deal. It wouldn't solve everything of course, because people often make wrong decisions under stress or anger on the spur of the moment, without thinking about the consequences. Perhaps Lennon's idea of 'Instant Karma' would have a greater effect!

    There is either justice in the universe, or there is not. Not knowing either way, we should behave as if there is....

  • If you look at it deeper, it borders on einsteins theory of relativity, basicly our actions in the form of a force create opposite and equal reactions, (somehow i think) our infuences however small create a bigger force, than we realise.

  • There is a cumulative effect in many things, like when each person who comes to the fire brings a little wood, and the fire stays all night, and all are kept warm. Or when we sign a petition or attend a protest; we ourselves have done little, but the cumulative effect of many people doing so may be immense.

    Chaos theory is interesting, because here we are looking at small effects acting as a catalyst, and starting large events when a 'tipping point' is reached. Like when the warming of the atmosphere and the seas has gradually risen to a tipping point, after which nothing we can do will make any difference to the consequences. Or for a slightly different scenario tipping us into another glacial period; a few degrees cooler over a given period of time is all it takes, and we could not prevent it.

    I sometimes (in my more optimistic pondering!) wonder if we are here in this physical world to learn, in this life and perhaps others before and after, things which it might be difficult to learn elsewhere. Karma is bound up with learning, because a study of how things have worked out based on your own known past actions, can give rise to changes of your own behaviour in the future.

    We can even look at the karma of nations, perhaps, and see how past decisions by their leaders have led to the sort of situation they find themselves in today; and what decisions their leaders make today makes the karma for their tomorrows. But apart from analytical historians, nations rarely examine their past, and seem to make the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Karma as many of you on here will know is a huge acceptance in my life and is something that I work alongside everyday to help create a beautiful existence for my own reality. I am more than happy to take daily steps to make life better for those around me or even for many whom I shall never have any contact with,however with the knowledge (or at least the belief) that good fortune will follow me around because of doing so,it makes complete sense to be doing so.
    I base these comments upon how charmed my life is,though some may just say that it is just a good abiiity to create my own reality. I respect that viewpoint though hugely believe that it has much deeper ramifications than just my own creative ability.

    Basing my views on karma on my own experiences ( which is the only solid evidence that I have ), I personally find that what I would call a karmic reaction (based on the buddhist view of karma) is a fairly quickly served process and not something that happens twenty years later,as I guess it gives an allowance for us taking control and accepting responsibility for our actions.

    There are many different names or phrases for karma such as "what goes around comes around" and many others that sum up the same thing which come from many different beliefs and religions and the fact that they are repetitive from so many beliefs and religions around the globe does give the subject enough credit to give thought to. And to be honest,even if it does not exist,well its certainly a damn good and harmless concept and one worth giving consideration.

    Love and light to all

    Fly xx

  • To be fair I know little about karma, maybe what i do know is western based oooh if i do good then it will put right what i did wrong, but i dont think karma works like that, you have to have a kind of acceptance of your being in life s cycle, and where your at in the cycle, my mate (ex tibetan monk) has kind of helped me through tough times by just well being a calming influence, sometimes i used to find he had little time for me others he had time, he s kind of quiet, i used to be noisey, and help me, religion goes deeper than helping yourself its a kind of personal thing you have to intake and exhale, when i see the sea i get it now.

    The tide comes in the tide goes out, it can be destructive it can be scenic and beautiful. its power washes over you could kill you but it cannot be controlled, so my past couldnt be controlled i was an idiot at times i gave out negativety and that spread, now i am at a stage of survival but trying to work with the sea/life instead of against it, ie I found a customer shouting at me last week over nothing i rose a little then realised i would stir up an angry sea so i let his venting go over my head, i went quiet he felt happy that he could shout at me i kind of blanked it out. I now find its easier to let people do what they do, i just work advise if advise isnt wanted i shut up, i feel rage sometimes but i realise rage directed at someone creates more rage back, alomost like a bullet ricoshaying back at you,

    I cant truly say ill never get angry again but i find it a lot easier to just keep quiet nowadays.

    I aint perfect never will be but ill keep trying till im boxed up.

  • None of us are perfect, or we wouldn't be here:).
    Perhaps we all have a process of learning to go through, of one sort or another. This includes dealing with our emotions, which can be quite difficult.
    For example I find noisy and vexatious persons annoying if I have to put up with them for long. I can only take so much before my Irish side gets the better of me. (At least, that's my excuse:reddevil:)

    Meditation helps you to let things that would normally annoy or anger you just flow past instead. Up to a point.:)

    I don't think we are ever finished learning, in one form or another. Learning to help each other without over-reaching and destroying ourselves is a big lesson for some. Just learning to even think of helping others is a big lesson for many today, in a society which tends to have a materialistic focus. Karma is wrapped up with learning, because if you cannot learn from mistakes you will soon make the same mistakes again. If you learn to try to help where you can, you feel you are doing some good in the world, however small your efforts may seem to be. And the good will flow back too, as Fly points out above.

  • You are so right Oldkeith regarding meditation, it really does put your mind, body and soul in a good place, when I am bothered by something or someone I meditate to release it.

    In terms of Karma, we are not meant to be perfect, we are here to experience different things so we can learn and grow spiritually. Karma is about balancing our lives with the good and the bad. There are always consequences to our behaviour and our treatment of others, the saying 'you reap what you sow' is very true.

    If you feel you are experiencing 'bad karma' in your life, then you need to reflect, the same goes when you are experiencing beautiful things in your life.

    The wonderful thing about karma is that it can be changed sometimes with an attitude shift and just simply opening up your heart to the wonderful life that we have been given. The effect you have on another human being is the most powerful decider of karma there is.

  • Isnt Karma ultimately about reaching nothingness or nirvana.....to never again suffer through simply not being?

    The state of nothingness reached by absence of guilt and any need to rectify bad deeds?

    Maybe I'm mistaken?

    From what I remember, traditional Buddhism states much the same as you mention above. It has the view that we live here in the physical world in order for the higher part of ourselves to experience karma and thereby learn to be better beings, slightly more toward 'perfect', if you like, than we were before we came. And this process goes on, this view says, for untold numbers of lives, until we have perfected ourselves in this space-time continuum, and enter nirvana, a higher state of being, and come here to this physical world no more.
    Unless we then feel a special need to do so; hence the avatars, the higher beings who are reputed to come here and walk amongst us, and try to teach us and lead us to a better and more peaceful way of life.

    The state of nirvana, or nothingness as some interpret it, is open to discussion because apparently none here have attained it, and if any have, they do not speak of it. Some see the state of 'nothingness' as meaning the absence of the ego, the questing self-important 'me' that gets itself into lots of trouble here. It is hard to try to visualise such a state, so closely are we bound to what we think of as our own selves.

  • My understanding of it is that the word 'karma' originally means 'action'. It also has the sense of action and reaction. In Hinduism and Buddhism in general it's seen as the cause of our being here in these bodies. We acted in past existences, and come into this world with a bundle of karmic tendencies - these are called the 'samskaras'. The idea is, as far as I understand it, that this gives to our life certain tendencies. It isn't that everything is pre-ordained and inevitable fate.

    Both Hinduism and Buddhism teach that we can lessen our karma, change it through right actions, through becoming more conscious, and eventually transcend it. Things like meditation and various types of yoga are methods to become free of karma in one sense. Mulling over one's life is also probably a useful thing as it's part of self-knowledge.

  • A lot of us have read or talked about the origins of karma within certain faiths and how they tell it and teach it,and there are some positive lessons for us to look at there. In my humble opinion I think that it can be far more beneficial to keep an open mind to all teachings but draw our own karmic bounderies in what we see as morally good or morally bad. You are the gods of your own religion and belief system,worship yourself and respect your own thoughts and feelings and do not be afraid to make up your own rules with regards to what you think something is :thumbup:

    I love you all and wish you a great day

    Now where are those good karma points baby :whistle:

    Love and light

    fly xx

  • I've never really understood 'karma', to be honest, as it seems to mean different things to different people but I do strive to be the best I can (I don't always manage it!), not to cause other people problems unnecessarily and to learn and grow as a person. I hope I never get to a point where I don't want to see or experience anything new.

    Something I have been thinking about recently are times in my life when someone has done a relatively small thing for me and has had no idea at the time of the huge effect it had. For example, I was going through a really bad spell when my son was young and really felt that the whole world was against me and trying to pull me under. A complete stranger stopped me in the street and told me she saw me walking past her house every day to take my son to the park and she said how lovely it was to see a 'proper' mum out in all weathers with a well wrapped up child. She had no idea, of course, but she was like an angel that came down to me during a really dark phase and she saw something good in me that everyone else was insisting wasn't there. I've never forgotten that and as the years have rolled past the enormity of what that lady did still hits me every now and again and of course, to her, all she was doing was paying a compliment to someone she didn't know.

    Because of things like that I do try and do 'something' nice for strangers, even if it's just having a quick chat or stopping to give someone sleeping rough a couple of quid for a cup of tea. I think I'm just aware how even a small act of just noticing someone else might mean a lot to them. I don't know if that's karma? But I like to think it gives out some sort of good wave in some way :)

  • Karma does seem to mean different things to folks, I look at Karma as a kind of credit/debit account that reflects my personal measure of good/bad actions and feelings towards other lives. (human & animal). I believe that we are all spirit beings that are currently experiencing a physical life. We are here by choice, we are each truly ancient spirit beings and our time here is to experience a physical life, with it's hardships and challenges, the love and the hate, the pains and the ecstasies, we are here by our own choice and we have previously decided what we want to learn and what we want experience during our time on Mother Earth. We are also here to experience physical pleasures that may not be available to a non-physical being.
    The smells, the touches, the thrills and the let-downs are all part of the physical experience. The spirit-you is on a journey to absolute perfection and needs to experience EVERYTHING along that road.
    Over the centuries past, we may have decided to directly experience many periods on Earth and other places, each time we were attempting to meet our spirit objectives in terms of learning new things. So no matter how bad you feel, it was your spirit choice to feel these things that are only available in a physical world.
    How do you know good without also knowing bad? How do you know happy without knowing unhappy? I aim to balance my Karma by giving more than I take, I do bad sometimes but I try to do much more good, I am naturally generous and I enjoy giving (=good Karma) but I am imperfect and human and I do bad sometimes (=bad Karma).
    But I learn something every day and this helps my spirit self along its way to perfection, although I'll never be perfect in the human form.
    There is a brilliant series of documentaries called "Spirit Science" Created by Jordan Spiritpatch (Patch is the character in the animations )
    The videos are available here : http://thespiritscience.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Videos. I watch these over and over, each time learning and understanding more.
    Maaaan this is nice green. James