Some Gentle Advice Needed

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  • So, it's been years since I last did the whole look for a van thing. I've had two go very wrong on me (one in the process of its being sold to someone else... I'm so so sorry Claire, I still feel bad now) and I'm hoping to become more in the position to purchase a new live-in by the end of the summer/ start of the next uni semester.

    I've just found this and am wondering why it looks too good to be true.

    Many of you are well-seasoned bus dwellers who always did and always will know more than I on this subject. It potentially needs to carry up to seven people, five of them children. I'm unsure of the laws regarding travelling in camping vehicles but I'm hoping the other half will learn to drive over the next year so if necessary we can use another vehicle for when the whole family camps together.

    If I am not back on to check for replies for a few days, please bear with me - I rarely use a laptop and have trouble using the app on my phone.

    Can't think what else exactly I was hoping to ask/ meaning to ask. But I'm very out of the loop.

  • well ... it says ' 3.5 to 7.5 ton' so with a 2 ltr petrol its gonna be under powered or very juicy (probably both) in my opinion. size wise it may suit you and a lil dog but nowhere near big enough to liveor travel in with a family ,but it is cute :)

  • CFs are thirsty fuckers.It'll be a 3.5 or has at least got the potential to become one. All my mates who had CFs kind of regretted that decision. They are prone to breaking down, they are thirsty, parts can be hard to get etc.. Do you want to camp or live in it?

  • i like cfs the 2 litre engine is not as thirsty as the cf1 2.3 litre infact early ones had a 1.6 litre but no electronics makes it easy to work on plus they didnt rust as bad as the mk2 transit does sound a bit small for your use.. there is another person on here twister i think has /did have one cf ambulance ..hope that helps a little..

  • You will struggle to sleep seven people in that CF. The side facing seats aren't subject to the MOT or seatbelt regulations. So, they could travel, but where are they going to sleep? I would say look for a large Dormobile type minibus and remove the seats. Make sure the DVLA know this, as you may need a PSV to drive over 10 seats. Not normally privately, but there's always some misguided police/VOSA type that will try to spoil your day. On the subject of license, your partner will only be able to drive up to 3.5 tons when she passes, and probably you too if you passed after 1997.

  • Cheers guys. I was considering the possibility of a caravan as my car is a 7 seater so we'd all be able to travel. Ideally I'd have a bell tent so it wouldn't matterr how many could sleep in the bus. But I have no bell tent too 😂

  • I think it is great that you are doing this with 7 people on board - 5 kids and 2 grown up kids ;) I think its areal inspiration to those out there who may like the idea of van travel but are dubious about it because of family etc.
    Show them how its done DJ
    I like your determination.

  • Heh, it's just for breaks etc. Would never do it fulltime again. Barely did it fulltime last time. I'll probably have to go back down the 'buy an empty transit and build' route. My DIY is awful and my fiance's is worse.