Long term motorhome pitch West Sussex

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  • Hello, hopefully this is posted in the right place. My girlfriend and I want to try and escape the clutches of spending all our money on rent. We are contemplating buying a converted 7.5 ton removal truck to live in but are wondering where we would start looking for somewhere to park it.

    We would be happy to pay for a site (would be way less than rent), farm, yard whatever really. We need to be Brighton, Hove, Shoreham or surrounding countryside.

    Any advice appreciated before we spend money on the truck!

    Many thanks,

  • Thanks for the advice...I was wondering whether small campsites, cs sites etc are generally ok with large converted commercial vehicles? Any views or experience with this also welcomed. :-)

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  • Hi Jammin. I'm currently short staying on campsites (in a caravan). It's my experience that none of those I've been to on this or previous expeditions allow commercial type large vehicles. While this not may be the case everywhere of course but I think it's because they take up too much room & don't 'blend in' with the other campers. I hope this has been of use & I hope you find what you're looking for.

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  • Paint it one colour and consider some cheap ebay graphics to make it look more campervan cool than ex courier lorry.

    Just knock on doors and ask as if you don't ask you dknt get!!

  • Look at small commercial yards, talk to the landlord, see what you can work out. Bit of cash in his pocket once a month and on site presence can often clinch a deal.
    That is exactly what I have done, in North Sussex, in a converted removal truck. I pay £50 a month for a space in a locked yard with flushing toilets and running water available. How did I find it? I talked to a lot of people and had a lot of negatives, but found one in the end.
    Good luck!

  • I used to move from CL to CL for 8 year's solid only choosing the relay cheap ones in the middle of nowhere always on farms from memory the reason the cc club doesn't or didn't allow commercial vehicles was to minimise the chance of gipsy's on site, but once you get to know these farmers they don't really give a toss what you drive as long as you pay promptly and are no trouble.

  • Thanks for the comments....I'm getting more and more tempted to go for it. We have a few months before we're moving so I could put the truck in storage for a bit while we look for a site.

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  • I'd strongly suggest that you find a site before you purchase.

    Parking up a removal lorry isn't easy, and storage can be expensive.

    I'd also check that wherever you keep it they are cool with you working on it.

    There are quite a few part converted large wagons that come up on E-bay because people have lost their storage; can you imagine how p***ed off you will be if you put a lot of time and money into a conversion and then end up having to sell it because you have nowhere to keep it. Remember, it can cost a lot more to convert a vehicle than you can sell it for, and that's without taking your time and effort into account!

    That said, I bought Mavis and had no pitch, she was a week in the yard of a transport company I deal with and then I was lucky enough to find my pitch. But believe me, that week I was looking was hell on earth and I thought that I had made a very big mistake!

  • That's sound advice I reckon,a sensible firt step might be to use a more conventional looking beast or trailer at first stay on a few sites get friendly with some owners and then find out how to they feel about a bigger beast.

    Another thing that I always found to be needed was a good back story say "me and my girlfriend are trying to save up to buy a house/land"it makes you sound a bit more bonafide and may help you with future negotiations on pich fee's:)