Help! - Insurance for classic ex-military Bedford RL home

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  • Dear friends - we are just about to hit the road in our converted 1965 Bedford RL lorry home and travelling theatre... you may have come across us online - :)
    Will share photos soon.. we're in the last mad panic of preparing everything to leave,it's looking beautiful and we're excited, but also rather overwhelmed with tasks and have some questions about insurance.
    We need to insure this truck to cover us for travelling with it for "business" use as well as personal - it will be a travelling theatre with its fold down stage on the side. It has also been rather massively converted from its original state. What I'm wondering is - does anyone else have experience of how to go about getting a decent quote for insurance for a classic truck like this? Our occupations as artists and theatre practitioners go against us, as does the value, as does the fact we'll be using it for business.
    Does anyone have any recommendations of ways to go about it? Or recommendations of insurers?
    Many many thanks! xx Rima

  • For business use I have always gone with NFU Mutual and I have had some very obscure businesses. Including chainsaw woodcarving workshops/teaching the public inc children how to woodcarve, run from the back of a flat bed lorry and towing a mobile classroom/toilet/washroom block.

    Having taken advice from UKH members I've also tried Adria Flux who are prepared to insure most DIY vehicle conversions/modifications. So I would get a quote from them both for starters. Good luck with your travels and business.

  • I reckon Adrian Flux is a good shout too. In my experience they've always been able to tailor policies to suit your exact situation, and they're usually really helpful with questions etc. over the phone. That's another point actually: get them to call you back using the form on their website. Better prices over the phone :)

  • Hi classic commercial insurance with NFU is £ 95 a year fully comp any driver over 25 , for classic motorhome insurance peter best is £360 a year fully comp 3 named drivers I have insurances with both at those prices and would recommend them . Adrian flux , I have used but I find them expensive overly nosy

  • Many thanks everyone.. yes have got a quote from Adrian Flux - pretty pricey, but so far the only one who would insure us at all.. will try the other recommendations here :) Thank you. Yes, we were the crowdfunders :) It's been a long year and a half since then but it's looking beautiful!