So, how much did your wagon cost you? Really!

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  • I spent around 4000 euro (A bit over £3000) in total. I paid around 1000 euro for the van, 300 for the caravan for conversion bits, with the balance on parts for putting the van in order - I bought a pup I'm afraid - and items like the stove, ply sheeting and odds and ends. I doubt if a 2001 LDV Convoy home conversion is worth anything like 4000 euro though, so I won't see the money back in cash terms. Lived in it for 3 sunny months last year though and may do the same if the snow and hail ever stops this year.

  • Ambulance cost £950...kitting it out cost me another £500.. £600,so around £1500 altogether. Not bothered with a burner because I don't do all year round living in it. The burner is in my gypsy caravan which I spend winter in.

  • Hmmmm....te he.....or ha ha.....qualify the meaning of cost and there may be a quantifiable sum.

    Really.......a....fortune....but relatively less than shitty neighbours were costing me in emotional resources.

    O M G ... sincerest empathy zendave .... Ive have years of hell from my neighbours, they're polish, and they are so disrespectful and nasty, polish people have stopped me in the street and apologised for their behavour asking me to accept that polish people do not usually behave as they have done .... and yes, the emotional cost cannot be measured ... sounds like you may have escaped now ....

  • I bought my '97 transit lwb with 75K on the clock and all documentation from new three years ago, half decently converted, with bed, overhead cupboards, a nice Smeff hob, speakers, various lights and both 12v and 240v switches everywhere, + a whole load of camping gear the guy threw in cost me £1300, but add to that £320 for welding, and a coupla hundred for a solar panel and the magic boxes they need .... the floor and ceiling are insulated, I insulated the rear doors and made mdf panels for them ...the walls are only felt lined, there's no air vents in the roof, I updated the original transit radio and speakers for something modern, and, in the rear there was a strange, but amazing, stereo radio, mp3 player, tv, cd and dvd player, and some sort of scanner, which the owner had said he hadnt ever been able to get anything out of ... but I figured out the menu-lead system and its brilliant, ... I've wired it up so I can easily remove it from the van but when I want to I plug in an mp3 player and have a 50w sound system wired into all four speakers .... must have cost a fortune when new and I wouldnt buy another if it was stolen so this is why I remove it when at home .... the paintwork is poor and the front wheel arches are rusty, but when I turn the key and it starts I dont care about those bits ...