Are you true to your horoscope?

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  • I decided a long time ago that it was all a load of baloney, but as I age I become less opinionated.

    Is there a respected online source for this info? is the best imo.

    I'm cancer sun, libra rising, pisces moon. And I'm very true to type.

  • Taurus through and through for the most part. given what is written for the traits of Taurean's, it suits me perfectly well. I thrive on the aspects of the earthy side which Taureans are reknowned for.

  • I'm a atomic bomb in a nursey book & a none believer, I'm said to fall in the scorpio. Load of bollocks and we all know it!

    Typical Scoprio, you would say that!
    (I made that up, I know nothing about Horoscopes).

    I find it hard to accept that 1/12th of the population are the same, perhaps it needs the extra stuff mentioned above, or perhaps I'm jaded by TV or newspaper forecasts but it does seem daft to think that so many people may have a lucky day when a distant stranger re-enters their life...

  • I used to be true to my star sign & was very much a typical Scorpio.

    I've mellowed with age though :( life has battered the living daylights out of me & I'm nothing at all like a Scorpio now :D
    I shouldn't say that really, I've been very lucky & I don't have anything to grumble about. I sometimes think I've got the luck of the devil & I in no way shape or form deserve it over anybody else but that's how it is so ... im grateful.

    I can grumble about getting old though! Jeez it's like a phobia with me :( ageing completely & utterly sucks. I might do a thread about it [panic]

  • Just resuscitating this thread, as Chinese New Year will be the next jamboree, and I'm finally going to be entering the year of my own sign, the Dog.

    Out of nosiness, what Chinese sign are you all born under?

  • I don't really know, there are a list of predictions for the various signs here. I was more interested in knowing what animal signs people are.

    What are you looking for Shamanic, Chinese or Native American they all differ.

    I was born in year of the rat in Chinese animals and Otter in North American native folklore.

    Look at totem animals such as this site

  • I know, Nomad. There are as many different astrology traditions as there are cultures. In the link you put up, I'm a Falcon, which is not unlike Aries, my Western sun sign, and shares the same time frame. I'm a little suspicious of it being Native American, as their were so many different cultures, spread over a wide area. For this reason I'm looking at folks' Chinese signs.

    When I was younger I put a lot of store by peoples' astrological signs and would actually draw up horoscopes for folk. It's all so much easier now that computers do the calculations for you. Nowadays I'm resigned to knowing that there are signs I will nearly always get on with like a house on fire. (Hello Gemini, lol).

    However there were also signs which never seemed to be in my circle of friends, not because I ignored them, but because we never seemed to gell sufficiently to keep in touch in the first place.

    Now, I find I get on with everyone, regardless of sign, though some folk I still don't really understand the way they think, or why they arrange their lives the way they do. It's not important though, vive la difference.

    My ex, who I loved more than anyone else I have known, is a Gemini - Western- and a Dragon, Chinese. We were together for about eight years, which is a record for me, but I was always aware of being on borrowed time with him. Dragons and Dogs are very much a no - no, but I'm not convinced that was why we split up. Mind you, we are still friends, astrology notwithstanding.

    It's easy, when reading about your sign to agree with the things you like, and to ignore the rest, though I can have a vague insight into how a person functions if I know their date of birth.

  • Needless to say i take zero notice of astrology generally.Ive seen the odd couple of summaries based on my exact birth date time and year that have been pretty close but as for all the daily horoscope crap ..well its erm crap AFAIC.(apologies to beliebers )

    I dont do all the birth sign and compatibility stuff either.

    Ive only found the native american totems really of much use and had a guest over here years back who was Shoshone and what he said was accurate.

    Unfortunately theres also a lot of charlatan garbage on the internetz relating to totems,folklore and astrology of one origin or another so I take as much notice of it as I would a party political broadcast.

  • Well, parrotandcrow, interesting to hear you are under the Chinese sign of the Dog, like what I am. Because my O/H is a Dragon too, and we've got on fine for almost 40 years, despite the traditional no-no between these signs.

    So I'm afraid I consider all this astrology stuff a load of rowlocks....^^

  • What are you looking for Shamanic, Chinese or Native American they all differ.

    I was born in year of the rat in Chinese animals and Otter in North American native folklore.

    Look at totem animals such as this site

    Well I Soooo Was Giggling Just Now After I Clicked Your Link ...Cos Turns Out I Was The Rabbit And What Made Me Giggle Most Was That It Said "We Have Inner Cat Inside" hahahahahaha.......Ohhh Yep.....Defo A Big Cat Inside Me hahaha ....Not The Bitchy Catty Kind But More The Big Panthress Elusive And Evasive Sprawled Across The Big Tree Arms And Hidden Looking Out At The World Below hahahaha ....And Even In My How Rather Than Sit On Things I Like To Sprawl Across Things Like Sofa and Lounger Etc hahahaha:)

    And Of Be Off Course My Animal Totem Is A "Panther" "A Black Panther hahahaha." BUT also "The White Panther" ....But Only Very Few Elders Would Know What That Means As They Told Me Of It ...And Thats A Secret hahahaha.

  • So I Think As In All Star Signs And Mystical Symbols Signs ....Etc Etc You Will Also Find Bits Of You ...So Some Will Fit And Some Will Not.

    But When It Comes To Totems As You Call Them In English Words ...It Comes Down To If You Have Truly Taken That Spirirual Journey Or Awakening Etc Etc .....

    A Walk A Journey Out Of Time Of Times And This Place We Walk Upon.

    For There Is The Only Place Where You Will Truly See What You See Beyond You And Out Of The Eyes Mind Body Spirit Of Something Else .

    Then You Truly Know .... And Not By What Has Been Written That You Have Just Clicked On Over The Airwaves/Internet. HAHAHAHA..

  • Just been reading about the raven. This is what it says...... Other Native North American tribes saw the raven as the bringer of light!

    Lucy means bringer of light!

    My mum wouldn't know any of this, but what an amazing coincidence!