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  • What's it like to travel around Ireland?
    It's been many, many, years since I was there, and I fancy starting out again by going over and spending some time there again.

    Anyone out there already, and any tips and any places to stay?

  • I know of at least one member who Lives in Ireland, and Frequently Travels from her base there to the UK main land, So would possibly be a good person to ask, I've nudged this thread in the hope she sees it, Good Luck, & Have Fun.

  • The east and north coast of Northern Ireland are beautiful and not overly difficult to find parkups. I can give you more details of specific places if you decide to go as it`s my home turf. Fermanagh and the lakes are lovely too. Pretty much the whole of the West coast from Donegal down is stunning but it gets very touristy so is best to avoid during peak months.

    I haven`t been down the west coast in a campervan for years so i`m not sure what it`s like for finding parkups now..

  • Ireland s wonderful in a campervan, I am on the west coast, at the moment the weather is beautiful, I have been out all day in my van with the dog just travelling around the scenery is just breath taking, plenty of places to park up and get water, often if you are going to a pub for a drink/meal they will let you park up for the night in their car park and let you fill your water bottles.

    At the minute diesel is 1.09(euro) which makes it very cheap, cheaper that the uk, the other week I got it for 1.02(euro).

    Just go for it I am sure you will have a great time, people are so friendly and they love the vans.