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  • I've always used the backyard for growing veg but with getting hold of an allotment I'm thinking of using the backyard for flowers, apart from lavender and the flowers on the veg I'm pretty much a novice as far as flowers go so looking for some ideas. What I'm after, looking for colour from spring through summer, prefer scent over colour, not keen on shrubs specially just the leafy ones. Got loads of pots small, medium and couple larger ones about 2 1/2 feet across. So any ideas? Oh also have some containers on the wall face which in the past I've used for strawberries so anything that trails would go well in them.

  • I've thought about edible flowers before but with a small space and filling it with veg they were never worth the space they took up, but that's a thought now. Wildflowers I did a couple of years back in a big pot, bees loved it so may do the same with that this year, also gave plenty of colour for a longtime I even get some poppies popping up all over the place now and again from the seeds they scattered.

  • do you still have a greenhouse ? , if so chili plants are pretty when in flower , love pots and you get to use the chilies or pickle em and make gifts :) ,i got my plants going on a window sill right now , soon to live in the front of the bus from seeds i took out of a dried chili in my parrots seed mix (got some sunflowers germed from there as well)
    Then theres ya 'erbs , bit of mint , thyme , sage , chives are pretty ,all to hand ,aromatic andsaving a visit to the allotment

  • Runner beans are a nice climber with bright red flowers and of course the beans to eat.

    Summer bedding is great for colour, and longevity until Autumn, not sure off hand which are the best for scent, get yourself down the road to Bents and ask a few questions I'm sure they'd be happy to help. :) :hippy:

  • All food stuff is going to the alltment, going to have some herbs still at home but beans, tomatoes etc will be on the allotment. It was mainly flowers I was aiming for kind of an oasis of where I just needed to deadhead now and again, good thinking about Bents but i'll get something cheap and then ask them cause have you seen the prices there :eek: although not usually bad on seeds and onion sets, seed potatoes. They do have a nice book section, not the norm books and usually on offer.

  • Yes 'tis an expensive one isn't it, I delivered to them a couple of times when I worked for a garden centre/nursery, but it is usually the big places like that that will offer a few trays of bedding plants for the price of one less, type of thing, ya know !!

    It does do my head in though at how much you could end up spending when you only want a few bizzie lizzies :D

  • When were you last there Wurzel? They've done it up, built a new building which houses an outdoor clothing range, pet shop, food hall and a toy shop and even built a roundabout to get onto they also have some allotments across the road but they'd all gone when I heard about them

  • The peppery nasturtiums sound right up my street as I always have a few rockets on the go for there peppery leaves, also had a look at borage and by all accounts a good companion for strawberry plants. Although most of my strawberry plants will be at the allotment I have over stocked so some will be at home, damn those seed companies and their free plants and just pay the postage offers :D

  • ahh Nasturtiums ,I meant to mention them,, very pretty , long lasting , plenty of peppery flowers and Earl adores them , also with the borage you can make real pretty icecubes with a lil blue flower in them , goes very well with the Pimms :)

  • Edible flowers is one of those I've been meaning to get round to but never have done, all been down to space but that isn't a problem now, thank goodness.

  • I have always liked to grow off beat things , a few i would go for would be pineberrys, sort of albino strawberrys that taste of pineapple and although you say no veg there are some real odd head turners like

    Romanesco broccoli....

  • I'm going to try Fuchsia Berry plants, they were recommended in a newsletter from one of the seed companies. Heavy cropping and by all accounts a cross between a fig and kiwi taste. I've never had the space before to go for off beat stuff but that changes this year, trying okra this year for the first time as it's something I love but hard to get round here, where I live it's like 99.9% white English so not much in the way of exotic stuff, nearest place would be Bolton around 7 miles away not too far but I want to cut my footprint down as much as I can.

  • I don't get it...

    Buddleia - also known as the butterfly bush (because they like it so much) is a very invasive garden plant. British rail spend a lot of time and money cutting it back on the railway embankments.

    The theory is that you dont need to spend money at the garden centre buying plants, they will just turn up on their own.

  • Buddleia is that bush you see on waste ground and generally everywhere. It's called 'the butterfly bush' cos it attracts butterflies and bees with it's scent and purple flowers. It grows really fast and seemingly from nowhere. I never understood why they sell it at garden centres.