Collapsing magnetic field..

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  • Hi, :waves:

    The free energy,..what to call it, "club"? They are always talking about harnessing a collapsing magnetic field and the closest I get is this one; it's made out of magnetic bars connected in a so-called "all space filling" way:

    Sometimes one of the bars "flip" inwards. I don't know why.:curse:

  • Any system in this case "the perpetual machine" can draw energy from some outside, so in that case perpetual motion is possible any brainiac (like me) knows that its as simple as we look at a simple windmill or watermill, etc.

    But making a has done that yet. I'm suggesting an arrangement of maybe capacitors with certain geodesic arrangement and so-called harmonic values, maybe but it's just a wild guess. Or something about self-osscilation but..the only place I've done that is in music synth though I think the concept is transferable.

    My point was anyway if my vector-magnetic-all-space-filling structure which is a sort of magnetic field was collapsing (and not related to free energy).

    Oh and if you just want to be naughty you harness electricity from cell and broadcast towers. I don't know if it's legal. And one can assimilate the ELF signals of Earth too.

  • There's a bar missing from the left hand side;-)

    So what are we talking about here. perpetual motion. zero energy machines. free energy?
    I know at the moment that such things are not possible but as more about the world is revealed to us greater things will become possible.
    We know - because of Einstein's famous equation- that everything contains much more energy than we know how to exploit and when we figure out how to harness even a small percentage of it our energy worries will be over.

    I don't know about these free energy machines you see on the internet but if they were viable, people like Elon Musk would be looking into them instead of solar and batteries. He wants to go to Mars so he needs all the free energy he can get.


  • Enstiens equation E = MC^2 does not account for gravity.
    If gravity is anti mass then E = 2MC ^2.
    Nuclear power is free energy, it emits 0 carbon and is reliable.

    Super batteries...

    Suppose you have a battery the size of a bus, it would hold a lot of charge.
    Now suppose you have a battery the size of an AA battery but the weight of the above bus sized battery, it would hold the same charge as the bus sized battery.
    This is the way forward with batteries.
    Of course you need nuclear reactions to create the super battery.
    More nuclear power stations now!

    Suppose you have a battery powered skate board, if you stand on it and go, you will only go a few miles Max. If you have the same board and don't stand on it it will go many more miles.
    If you put an orange on it it will go nearly as far.
    Now suppose you have a board with the above super battery, and stand on the board, as your body weight relative to the battery is negligible, as is the weight of the orange above, it will go many many miles.

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