Heating a van

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  • Hi all,
    I have a Talbot express and it is good for everything I need it for, except heating. The engine heater is fine, until you park up for the night. The van is a 2 litre petrol, so leaving the engine running all night is out of the question. I do have a small gas heater, running off aerosol type gas cannisters, which is fine in the warm weather, if you know what I mean. I am trying to fine the best sort of inside heater for the campervan, I would like to know what other people use.:rolleyes:

  • Ok Julian I am interested. I have been looking on Youtube to see what sort of heaters people are fitting. Now are we talking about the MK 2 gypsy stove?

  • I am one of many on here who can vouch for the efficacity of these and I have had one of Julians burners in both of my last two vans and it has realy transformed it from a camper into a home. Home is where the hearth is :)

    A little flat topped stove from Julian will be supplied with professional advice with regards to safety and you will not only have a burner for heating,but also one that you can cook upon and heat your water upon,giving you the chance to get rid of your cooker and water heater to free up more space.

    Will be the best thing you have ever put in a vehicle :thumbup:

    It was minus 20 for me in Burgundy a couple of years ago and I was parked up next to a frozen lake which was covered in snow and no one else was out at all due to the low temperatures. I was sat in my shorts in the van drinking wine and enjoying films on the computer. Happy days thanks to Julian.

    Love and light

    Fly xx

  • I've got a Julian stove and it doesn't just warm the van. It gets rid of paper and cardboard rubbish, turning it to heat. It's a clothes drier, a plate warmer, keeps the kettle hot and you go to bed with the light from the fire flickering around the van. A twenty minute walk along a beach gets you an armful of fuel, enough for a couple of nights. Recommended!

  • Hi I'm new here, just posted in the say hello forum. hopefully soon(ish) i will have a new van (x/lwb sprinter size) to start planning my next adventure. I don't want to rely on gas for cooking etc and would rather have a larger wood burner with oven to cook etc. Would the weight of this be too much for the van? also how tolerable is the heat in the van in the summer? i understand to leave doors and windows open but also don't want it to be a furnace. I've only ever heard good things from you Julian so expect my business in the future at some point! :)

  • The weight will be fine Sarwan, but realistically I would have a small gas hob as well for cooking in summer. You don't want to be lighting the burner in July just to boil a kettle, it's impractical and wasteful, as well as very hot! You'll find that there aren't many months when you don't want the stove going for a bit in the evening though, then you can simmer a big pot of something quite happily!

  • You can pick up those single cartridge gas cookers from boot sales cheap, I often buy them just to get the gas cartridges cheaper. 5 to 6 quid with 3. 5 full bottles is the going rate. Cos people often buy them for a single holiday or when the power goes out and never use them again.

    Better than having a wood burner on in August and can be put in the box out the way when not needed.

  • thank you great help!! yeah i have lots of little gas stoves from different outdoor adventures so if i need to serve up a quick brew or food i should be ok! :) and then i suppose if its really nice then theres always your little friend the portable bbq!!! :)