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  • Got my blood test results back 2 weeks ago and i think its only just sinking in.

    My results confirm level 3 allergy to my friend companion Yuri.
    Im crying as i write this because hes the best dog ever.

    Ive tried denial, steroids, pain killers, antihistamines.
    The rash over my body which i thought was psoriasis is indeed allergy to Yuris dander.
    I dont understand it. ive had him over a year why has it only developed since September?

    I am going to organise someone to look after him for a week, gut and clean the house and see for sure if there is any change in my condition.


  • That's sad news indeed, treestump.

    But a good plan to check it out for a week. If anything, go two weeks if you can manage it, just to let anything get out of your own system. Reactions like rashes can take a few days to subside sometimes, even after the causative factors are removed.

    Allergies can suddenly happen. My O/H, who has spent a lifetime happily gardening, now finds herself very badly allergic to gnat or midge bites in the warmer weather, and has to stop gardening and come inside as soon as evening falls. For most of her life these bites were only a minor irritation, like anyone else suffers. Now, her lips and eyes and face swell up, and sometimes medical help is required. All out of nowhere!

  • All I can think of is regular bathing for Yuri - and I am sure you have tried that.

    Some allergies do build up over time - but make sure it is NOT linked to a Vitamin deficiency in yourself? Maybe you have thought of this or already have a sensible diet?

  • I think thats what its been Emma - just a build up over time. :(

    Thanks Oromis- yes hes getting washed a lot more and it reduces the itch slightly but not enough.

    Fried Onion - i was told it was his dander, and yes there are some different types of dogs that set me off with sneezing or itcy hands. Husky's, german Shepherds and Alsations

    Hes such a good dog, we are trying to find ways around it but realistically i cant stay on steroids long term.

  • Have you tried petal cleanse dog allergy reducer? You can get it from pets at home. I used it on my dog when my son was allergic, it's worth a try xx also worth trying an ioniser or air purifier to reduce allergens

  • That's sad news indeed, treestump.

    Now, her lips and eyes and face swell up, and sometimes medical help is required. All out of nowhere!

    Yes my son has this with several food items and latex.
    Sounds like your wife may have developed an extreme reaction anaphylaxis. I would keep an eye on that kind of reaction as in some cases the swelling can interupt the breathing... epipen job perhaps.

    Ive noticed the midges dont tend to bother you if you are covered in vaseline or if you smoke like a trooper. Also if your wife has not alreay tried it get her to purchase Skin so Soft by Avon - hill walkers swear by it in Scotland.

  • Re the midge bites a relative of mine who lives in Scotland swears by vitamin b patches. My husband used them last year when he was up there cycling and he didn't get bitten so maybe these would help?

  • Ive noticed the midges dont tend to bother you if you are covered in vaseline or if you smoke like a trooper. Also if your wife has not alreay tried it get her to purchase Skin so Soft by Avon - hill walkers swear by it in Scotland.

    Smoking doesn't deter midges for very long - not in Scotland. English midges are afraid of smoke :D

    As for Avon product - those are the stories running around - but never tried it.

    Last time up by Inverness - 2010 ish - it was raining quite heavy while putting the tent away and still I got very badly bitten by the blighters - despite midge masks and such. Five bites on one hand and four on the other in lass than five minutes. My wife said there was a cloud of them around me!

    I now stick to the coast and beaches to avoid them.

  • Thanks for the advice about midges - as you can imagine, she's tried quite a few things.

    Anti-mosquito repellent creams, tropical strength, are one of the few things that work, to some degree. But wash your hands or arms and they have to be reapplied.

    Also sweating - real women sweat - breaks up the surface layers and weakens protection.
    Limonene is probably the active ingredient against midges in Avon's Skin So Soft creams, and does offer some protection, but works better combined with other protectants.

    Thanks Willowstars for the advice about Vitamin B patches - something we haven't tried yet, so may give these a go.
    Marian generally carries anti-histamine creams for bites, and also anti-histamine tablets to take if the bites begin to swell up, but like everything else they're easy to forget if you're going somewhere.
    Midges in England are worst at sundown, but in Scotland they seem to be about all day!

  • I have severe reaction to insect bites of all kinds. One bite on the face and I am the elephant man for a week (I kid you not). Solution for me was and is until I run out, a mixture made up by a local chemist in Alicante in Spain. Stinks but truly does work. Dreading having none left. Back to totally covered clotheswise I suppose.

    Because you are alive, everything is posible - Thich Nhat Hanh

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  • Well today floods of tears again Lol
    I put an advert on the internet to rehome Yuri.

    I got a reply in less than 12 hours of its being posted. I wasnt expecting response so quickly.
    Ive scrutinized the email and without even meeting the people ive decided hes not going to be rehomed by them ( probably silly to judge people based on one email)
    But id rather be in pain and itchyness than rehome him to a (potentially) stroppy teenage boy who will get bored with him once he reaches puberty and the idea of Girls.
    If i cant find the right home for Yuri then he stays with me
    I will just have to up the dose of pain killers and anti -hestamines.
    I actually dont think i can part with him. :cry:

  • I have severe reaction to insect bites of all kinds. One bite on the face and I am the elephant man for a week (I kid you not). Solution for me was and is until I run out, a mixture made up by a local chemist in Alicante in Spain. Stinks but truly does work. Dreading having none left. Back to totally covered clotheswise I suppose.

    Hey if you can get a sample bottle id be happy to purchase some of this but i would need to have a fair idea whats in it as i have other allergies too ( gawd) Falling to bits.

  • Have things improved while you've been apart?

    Don't just put an advert on the internet, you can get all kinds of nasty buggers.

    In the past when ive been in hotels and Yuri stayed with sitters then yes skin and painful rash fades within 12 hours.

    My allergy to him has been fairly conclusive for months since October. I have just been doing "the head in the sand thing"

    I will be vetting owners very carefully i might even suggest they make him a facebook page so i can see updates of him throughout the years.
    To anyone who doesnt have pets that may sound silly but he really is a very special little dog. A clever little soul.

    Just want to say thanks to those folk who have posted advice on this thread.
    I am looking forward to times where i can get back some consistently happy days and share all that with you guys. Rather than come one here with one good day followed by three bad days.

    Everyone has enough shit in their own life without hearing about mine - so my apologies if ive come across with the poor me's. Im just funding the Yuri situation a little overwhelming to say the least.

  • I can feel the pain in your message. Could you find a home for him close by you the. Maybe you could still take him for walks? That way you'd still have a relationship but you would reduce your allergen exposure massively?

  • What's the rest of your lifestyle and diet like?

    The reason I ask is that I used to be allergic to cats and I used to get really bad hayfever and dust allergies, but when I changed my diet and cut out ALL the processed foods for 6 months my allergies stopped being a problem (along with my asthma).

    Even now I'm less rigorous with my food I still get far fewer allergic reactions than before ... yes it happens, and yes I have to be careful after stroking some animals, but for the large part I'm fine.

  • Awww Treestump, so sorry to hear about your pup, hope you manage to find a solution. Any prospective owner, being dog people, would surely let you keep in touch and give you updates/photos, as they understand the love you have for your furry family. Good luck with it hun xx

  • Sorry treestump but what I have now is the last. I can't see me making the trip just to buy insect repellent I'm afraid. I am going to research on the internet though and see if there is a supplier online. I doubt it though because it was a wee old pharmacist who just sold locally. maybe I can get a link to something similar though. Need to start searching soon before the weather changes though. Allotment beckons!

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  • No worries about the repellent Etherea. Good luck with finding alternatives.

    Ive had a few numptys respond to the advert in gumtree for rehoming and have decided to take the advert down as these people are not fit to rehome a cuddly toy never mind a living breathing dog pmsl.
    So yuri stays.:)

    Paul: Lifestyle changes are on the menu.
    Yesterday i went to a posh spa to check out membership for the sauna and steam room ( IT ALSO HAS A SNOW CAVE) First of its kind in UK. Its a room with ice and twinkly lights. As soon as the girl opened the door to show us i felt my skin calm down.
    So i reckon we will join this health club .
    Its actually not as snobby as i thought it would be. The people were nice, the atmosphere was calm. Membership will work out about £2 a day but if i spend an hour or two in the pool steam room sauna and snow cave as many days a week as i can then this should kill the allergy.
    Im gonna join.
    Get fit
    minimise the allergy,
    keep my dog
    and maybe even beat this depression too.
    Its all worth a try.
    Thanks for the kind words though guys. means a lot xx

  • The depression is understandable, nothing worse than losing a pet.

    If you're going to try keeping him there are a number of things you can do, some easier than others, especially if you rent. Don't allow him on bedding or furniture, get rid of carpets, sweep & mop hard floors daily, hoover anything soft.

  • For those of you suffering from allergies brought on by insect bites, I looked a bit further into the Avon 'Skin so soft' range, to see if it was just rumours, or based on something more substantial. The item in the Skin so soft range which is used for it's anti-midge or mosquito properties is the Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray, reputed to be used by the RMC up in Scotland. To quote:

    "Neil Smith, a Royal Navy spokesman at HMS Clyde, near Helensburgh, said: "It's not official kit but nothing works better and the Marines are buying it themselves because the midges are so bad up there." The wonder cure is a 5 bottle of dry oil body spray from Avon's Skin So Soft range. The midge problem at the base where Trident missiles and Vanguard submarines are stationed is so bad it recently installed a Midge Eater machine at the front gate. Workers at the camp can often be seen wearing midge nets on their heads."

    So on the strength of this I ordered a couple of bottles for Marian, for the summer, about £8 post paid, from ebay. When they arrived I was pleased to see they had given me a bonus free bottle, so three bottles is good. Just hope it works okay!

    There's lots of ads for it as an anti-insect repellent on ebay, so check through the prices first, or just buy one to see if it is as good as they say. I'm just buying it on the hope it will help, so can't give a report on how good it is yet.


    Even though I now have my allergy results in black and white im still convinced that its too early in the day to rehome Yuri.
    My gut instincts are telling me that yes I am slightly allergic to Yuri however this rash does not have the characteristics of simply a dog dander rash.

    Its a level 8-9 pain ( most of the day.)
    It isnt on my hands
    its very hot
    skin is just flaking off
    and it gets worse when im at my laptop.

    EARLY DAYS YET but im now thinking it might be radiation/ wifi burns from laptop.

    Putting it simply - child birth was less excruciating than this rash i have.

    Ive taken pictures of my skin for future medical investigations and i intend to do a "before and after" which i may attach to a blog or website in near future.
    Im going to do some experiments and lifestyle changes - greatly reduce me computer time. ( which is excessive) :(

    Id like to leave some advice here too for others:
    Please do not have laptop on your bare legs.
    Limit your wifi technology ie wireless keyboards/ mouse etc.
    Try where possible to hook internet hardwire rather than wifi.
    If you have choice - use Desk top PC rather than laptop.
    Dont sit at computer all day if you can help it.
    Most of all : PLEASE dont buy a laptop second hand no matter how cheap " you just dont know if equipment could be lacking important sheilding that may prevent you from frying.

    Im going to limit my laptop use and see how it goes. I will keep you updated.