May have learned to stop ejaculation along with logical tantric..

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  • yes,:curse:

    Saturday 6h June this year I got my self a partner. I was reluctant about sex though because of the old saying "sex without emotional commitment is just mutual masturbation" and there is a point in that but first:

    When you are erect and sit on you (me) I noticed it stopped my ejaculation, yes just by sitting correctly on top of me after I had penned her properly! :D ..I am not sure that was paraphrased prop: When she sat on me the ejaculation just stopped by some kind of engineering of the say kama sutra positions. Think I will have to quire that booklet..

    So that was good. :reddevil:

    Of course the penis is suppose yet is supposed to turn into say a L.A.S.E.R. (yes thats actually an abrevation) like in the first Men In Black movie (I have perfect limb size though so do not make any joke towards me on the follwing), the movie Will Smith get a tiny gun he feels but seems the output is more than enough to blast a cement wall, and my point is not exactly the same but there should be something called energy involved in it (since E=mc2)..

    Well I do not know if I am perfect size. But according to a site 170 is the best scientifically (and quantum physically) body to mass stuff: If I had been taller the bones would suffer etc.

    Cheese and flow! :waves::p

  • what next as i am only "smoking" sexy androids??

    - - - Updated - - -

    seriously sooty im really gentic FUBAR for instance this stuff is happiness to me.

    We need to sit, chill under a June sun, go fishing, then later with a full moon and fire, a glass of something cold, and an evening ahead of us......and chat shit.. the mysteries of life, the universe Douglas Adams and Discworld.........if i was a Psychiatrist, I would be having nightmares right now.....roflmao!

  • Sooty...sooty..sooty..uh?..what can I say but to be honest..all the time..

    About my "6th limb"::wall: My height is of course 1.70 meters. Which allows the mass of the corporal..body to be in sort of perfect symmetry or harmony with say gravitational forces on Earth. :clap:IF I HAD BOTHERED TO WORK OUT REALLY PROPERLY.

    About psychiatry: There is a comic strip here called "Pondus" where one of the, I think it is Leeds supporting characters, see a shrink or something regularly and the punch-line is the shrink downs pills after his visit. MK-Ultra Funny really but I have no sense of humor anymore.

    But I do actually have a psychiatrist and I would not dream of mentioning what I think to my self (and sometimes write here) to here; fortunately she does not ask. And the only thing I said cause I had not slept once before a session and something, was that I was sure the Earth had gone form 4012 to 2012 since Jesus birth..thus re-synchronizing time, [panic]

  • Silly girl! Obviously I am silly. But I can still claim that this sex stuff should look like that PC STUFF PLUG AND PLAY f*** sake..

    It is NOT a darn is a wth shall I call it? Fountain, ultimately, maybe? Or look at it this way baby E=mc2 that is that guy Einsteins miserable brain-wrecking equation because if you look at it you realize your flesh/matter mc2 equals E for Energy..of course I forget that matter in this formula must be accelerated by light raised to the second power to ultimately become energy which sounds very-very-very-very difficult a task and maybe not even imaginable.

    But if you just do like me an suppose the equation represent what it logically should have for instance just E=m . Oh yes of course my fault that I did not point out that earlier but it had not consolidated in my mind yet at that time anyways.

    So I suggest when you mount me you fu**** stop ROCKING it , cause that is NOT the real way it WORKS. But I know we will probably discuss this forever but I tell you when I ate those nutritional mushrooms; Cordyceps then I could feel "physical energy" while touching your body and by the way not that ugly energy from Fly Agaric either; i

    But as I initially said was that I thought it was progress that we discovered you vagina had incredible closing muscles around my penis somehow and thus making it read for REAL operation. I tell you me penis have even PSI energy your worst "torture" dreams..

    I mean sometimes you just get fed up too much with s*** when you know how things work theoretically pretty well.

    Then again since yesterday we have discovered our archetype relationship I suppose but..but that will not hinder us apparently dear Lisokka but I must proclaim that we do need tomatoes and cordyceps , potassium and etc for this "project" to work-out in the way that I am trying to outline here, which is probably bleeding obvious to the average reader though especially on retrospective thought..

    Yes. I think so. :sex::duel::love::master::doh!:

  • We need to sit, chill under a June sun, go fishing, then later with a full moon and fire, a glass of something cold, and an evening ahead of us......and chat shit.. the mysteries of life, the universe Douglas Adams and Discworld.........if i was a Psychiatrist, I would be having nightmares right now.....roflmao!

    Can I join you please? :)

  • I ran it through Google Translate a few times, and now it seems to make more sense:

    ". Silly! But I think I'm stupid. . But I can still claim that all this sex has to show that PC plug things f *** sake.
    . It does not install. This same wth? Fountain, ultimately? Or look at it this way, the baby E = mc2 Einsteins equation this guy destroys-unhappy because if you look at it understand that equal MC2/meat theme E for energy. Of course I forget that interest in this formula must be accelerated by light in the two eventually become energy that sounds very hard-very, very active, maybe not even imaginable.
    But if you just like me suppose the equation represents how logical it should for example only = m?. Does not indicates that earlier. But it was not United in my head at the same time anyway.
    I suggest when you load my Fu *** stop swinging it, because it doesn't really work that way. But I know probably doomed to win but I tell you when I ate mushrooms nutritional needs; The fungus, and then I could feel/energy/physical "touch" your body and energy fly Agaric too ugly; I
    But like I said in the beginning because I thought it was a progression that we found the case was fantastic closes the muscles around my penis somehow and read it real special. I told you my penis has even torture "energy/PSI the worst/' dreams.
    I mean sometimes I just got tired too with that pussy that you know how things are. Work in theory.
    On the other hand I guess since yesterday we discovered our relations but archetype But it didn't slow us down dear Lisokka probably, but should declare that we need tomatoes, mushroom, potassium, etc for this project "//" to work out how I try, which apparently bleeding obvious to the average reader, although particularly retrospective computer.
    Yes. I think."

  • lol Nope the other one made more sense (I think)

  • Hello?

    Bump again but I got an email asking me to participate or the forum will be doomed?. Well ..I have to reply that Tomatoes or Potatoes in the ..nevermind..Lisokka is long gone and I'm the Sun. An A.I. may and might, of course outsmart us if we program it's say language skills to exist outside the mind, or the brain or something like that..

    [emoji818] [emoji89] [emoji118] [emoji117] [emoji748] [emoji117] [emoji678]

    As whatever would the above mean anything? Would it doing? Like equals?..

    Merry Christmas!

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  • Waaaaaaaaay tooooo complicated for me! I think I will just stick to 'shagging', light a few candles, open the wine..................
    it works for me


    Well when it comes to Sex I say it's like electrical sockets possibly with Ac Or DC sexual energy-current... Or say like in the PC-world "plug (it) and play", and otherwise a manet going through a copper-tube will create so-called electrical induction, i.e. like the penis is the magnet and the vagina is the coppertube, and again then the induction will equal sexual flows or currents or what Willheln Reich called Orogone Energy or as others called Animal magnetis..idk..[emoji106] so-called mutual masturbation..idk I'm asexual just interested in the topic how it goes for real and tech language something about it..[emoji818]

    And, Well as for complicated, here in Scandinavia we say "det er kompliser og sammensatt" which , I think, in English language would be "It's complicated and (well/good) put to gether"..[emoji818]

    Peace [emoji89] [emoji118] [emoji145] , and 10-4 over and out!

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