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  • I think it is time for a thread where male members can talk about left handed ratchets and half bastard files and seriously hang out.

    This could be somewhere earth shelters can be constructed and considered for their Eco design aspects.
    Where the difference between hops and fruit constructed liquids can be relished and perhaps quaffed in simulacrum.
    Where quantum can be used as a get out of doing the dishes card or a means of describing the flux capacitor in application.
    Where jokes can be as smooth as buttery mead and tragic as a dark stout or faux Guinness and where Pale Ale does not amount to a latrine illness.
    Where astronomy can be studied well into the night.
    Where spirits can be assembled for their light refracting qualities in a shot glass
    Where particle physics can be weighed in its bits.
    Somewhere for Amber liquids and not those funny green ones

    I suggest a weekly table could be given to the most interesting and least interesting post and should be measured in farts. Obviously, the more putrid the post the more we will revile and anyone who achieves a follow through will be on toilet duty.

    Of course, the Fairer Sax will be allowed to enjoy our merriment and disposition but should refrain from critical posting as we would have difficulty farting them.

  • Actually this does sound more fun than the other shed. I do hope Ma and I can stay despite having two X chromosomes on the 23rd pair and a total absence of the SRY gene.

    I did wonder if the fellas would start up a thread. However, generally, do men feel that they lack the space to meet and chat without the invasion if female chatter (jeez are we that bad! I saw what the other thread didn't want to talk about and I would run screaming from it; however I also scrolled down....)

    Ma were we just compared to pretty musical instruments......:eek:

  • I was going to bring in a small flagon of Auntie Maggie's Cure for all that Ails Ya; the one with 5 skulls and crossed bones on the label. Heaven knows you could use it with the fart smell in here - I'll leave it in a corner for you, and head over to somewhere less - ah - fragrant. :flirt:

  • I bet if I borrowed the 'pole' from the village hall, and we put on some dancing displays , there would be no objections ! Alas it is not possible at the moment , as the vicars wife bent it, but the committee is looking into getting a new one made from scaffold pipe ,though its not looking good as funds are low .

    Would it be possible to have an inspection pit for DIY vehicle stuff too?

  • Many moons ago I used to enjoy a little tipple called a Green Meany, twas just a snakebite with a blue bols added but it was the same nice green colour that shroom has posted above. :D

  • aye nulfie nowadays that is what my husband refers to as 'the house'; god knows what I'll do at the end of in the old shed? :rolleyes:

  • For those interested in a bit of virtual shedding:

    Not yet established, but it might be in the pipeline.

    Many older men miss the workplace, and the chat about little projects that other folk are doing, even learning how to do new things yourself, or cope with changes of circumstance, or hear about how other folk are coping, as well as the usual sports and political discussions, go down well. And the gossip about what was suspected of going on it that other shed over there the other day, of course...:)

  • I might go and sit with the girls; I don't drink alcohol so none of you lot will ever be as attractive :p

    OI !!, I will have you know, I look bloody good in a Frock !.

    You see I try & Try, & am I appreciated, NO !.

  • My shed is in the house, no really, it is, I have a back bedroom which is my musical workshop....all you need is there, records, stereo, amps, guitars, bass even a mandolin....(I can play 3 chords so far)....and beer can be supplied.

  • My shed is my musical workshop....all you need is there, ....and beer can be supplied.

    I am liking your shed more than mine it sounds mature (oops) and I could bring my five octave Yamaha KB for which I know no bar chords..

    But alas, now I am torn: an inspection pit for the yellow peril would be a most excellent feature and somewhere for cold store refreshments when not in use.

    And, hanging on the original design, scaffold poles could be inserted in virtuous places for the edification of gathering membership - of course - but would have to be passed by some elf and safely for their gross loading. Perhaps A-frames would be a preferred optionality?

    However, all this multi featural requirement references something rather Rowling and perhaps belongs inside some other universality?

  • I was going to bring in a small flagon of Auntie Maggie's Cure for all that Ails Ya; the one with 5 skulls and crossed bones on the label.

    BE WARNED that stuff is VERY nice but should have 8 crossed skulls n daggers and a flyin BAT! it LETHAL!

    Take my word for it........OK?

  • I'm about to give up my shed, and it's giving me the heebee-jeebees[panic]

    I built that shed with my bare hands (and power tools, natch), all 35' x 12' of it, with lights, power, running water, heating and carpets. Yes carpets. How the missus expects me to cope with an 8ft square shed that I have to share with her sons I don't know. SHARE? I DON'T SHARE!

    So I've hatched a plan, I'm gonna rent a garage off the council! Gotta have somewhere to park my beloved motorbike, so I may as well make it comfy. I need a calor gas heater to keep warm, but I'm working on a portable solar power pack to provide lights and power.

    I'm serious about my man caves, dontchanow...

  • Hi Gang,
    Now I'm sure I didn't make this up, but somewhere in the Vast Empty Void that was once my Memory I can recall an Advert on tv that showed Men in the Pub pulling bits of string that led back to their respective Sheds, to give the impression they was hard at work !, I think it might have been Double Dimond, or some such Beer, Anyone else remember it ?.

  • i remember it and have spent the last two hours trying to find it on youtube n interwebs.........sod all happening.......unless someone can remember exactly the product??

  • Lol phew !, I thought I was going mad, Glad someone else can remember it,,
    I'm sure it was for an Alcoholic drink of some sort, OH COME ON GANG,,,HELP US OUT !

  • Been thinking about some way of moving the shed between wilding locations and wondered what everyone's thinking would be on this? Personally consider this would require some application of quantum which of course this will be neither here nor there.

  • This shed needs a refurbishment to be achieved from selling by auction to the highest bidder who will be woefully underfunded but over utilised by many many admirers and swamped in demands for bling kit to dress up the lacklustre state of our homebrew emporium. Sealed bids only, please.