F******g transit van!

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  • Put temporary leak off pipes on today, the no1 injector had no fuel at at there, so bled the whole system and the bloody thing tried but nothing yet, bit I did get some smoke and it did try to fire.
    I'll run my lister up tomorrow and charge both the batteries the van killed

  • Do you have some one too assist ? Bleed the injector , slacken the fuel pipes off at the injectors , get someone to turn it over on the key , while you tighten the fuel pipes up as you see fuel coming out of each one ....or give it a good squirt of easy start , and repeat several times till it catches . If all that fails , its still sucking in air.

  • Nope there's no body else here, I started from the furthest away injector and there was fuel coming out and worked towards the front, I couldn't take the fuel filter off coz I don't have the tool so it's bleeding on its own.
    I'll have to run the lister tomorrow to charge the battery back up and see how it goes but I think I buggered on of the leak off bolts, my hand slipped covered in diesel and it went loose so possibly a new bloody injector too now :(

  • Woteva u do dont tow start it. The chain tensioner is hydrolic an wont pull the chain tite without it runnin but its ok on cranking. It will prob jump a tooth an stuff the engine.

    That's a new one on me vanman,I had Land Rovers with hydraulic chain tensioners for years and was always tow, hand or bump starting them with no ill effect that I could see. Don't see how the tensioner knows if it's being turned over on the starter or by some other means.

  • Erm ..... the 2 litre petrol fitted from 1952 - 58 ..... could be my information is a little out of date! Seriously though the Duratorque wasn't Ford's finest of Diesels so I wouldn't be surprised to hear of further problems besides the usual ones with the engine management system.

  • Er i am contractadickting myself here as i hate the stuff i am about to mention but yours is an extreeme emergancy, ok DO NOT GO Siily with it but buy a can of easy start, as this is how quite a few mechanics get some awkaward engines to fire up.

    1 bleed the system,
    2 if it has a lift pump bleed it with that but it probably wont as there all sodding electric jobbies now,
    3 if it is an electric pump thingy, it may run when ign on but most of the sodding things dont know all stupid relays electronic imobs etc,
    4 bleed system by turniing eng over if theres a bleed bolt on top of fuel filter housing start there,
    then shut then crack an shut each injector pipe off make sure you get fuel at end of each pipe , if not try to crack em off near pump to make fuel appear when cranking.

    5 youve faffed about got fuel to injectors, make sure there in (dont really need em out of eng)

    6 take air cover and filter out crank over giv eng a spray of easy fart dont go mad with it try to get eng to cough and splutter itl do this a bit have another go if it gets cranking over then itl help the bugger bleed and fire up a bit .

    Ive seen many a mechanic start awkward airlocked buggers like that

    OK sorry to break it but seals may have gone in injectors, this gets air in and results in airlocks, make sure the pipes arnt damaged in any way ie olives seating etc.

    any leaks anywhere will result in air getting back in so go around whith wrag make sure all pipes are dry whne youve got bleeding

  • ooh tricky hopefully some proper mechanic will advise you on here, but i once couldnt get an old mini digger bled, it was aleccy pump, so i got a syringe (without a needle on the end) a bit of tube/pipe and filled the system on the highest fuel pipe, and that worked,

    The trouble was the dam elec pump kept blasting fuel out and air locking.

  • yes i got probs with my Transit connect 1.8TDCi the tank fell off as the straps corroded, i got a new tank and straps, pipes, fitted it, filled tank, started it, it ran for like 2 mins n died. has refused all attempts including easystart and ststem bleed, and a jump start from a BMW......wouldnt even start for green flag mecjanic, he diagnosed fuel pressure valve, so i replaced that, bled system, esystart, jump leads........sod all.

    I re attack tomorrow......I understand your frustrations Cornwall :wall:

  • I'm waiting to hear from a guy on eBay about new plastic replacement leak off valves, I can't get the fuel filter off because it's a click collar and not enough room and it's solid

  • Bloody thing started twice today but only briefly but died again, it's either getting more air in somewhere or its still got alot in there. I went to the scrappy today and got the leak off pipes, fucking van!

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