F******g transit van!

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  • I bought a mwb semi high top transit in September to convert to a camper and I knew it had blown it's oil cooler, but now because of the oil in the coolant the pipes have gone soft, at the beginning of the year I started the van up but it conked out, presumably from an empty tank, but I put a gallon of diesel in but it won't start, it'll turn over but nothing :(
    And the power steering fluid has all leaked out :(
    Any ideas how to sort this mess out?
    I'm not the most mechanically able but I can fix things.
    Any help would be hugely appreciated

  • Sounds like it has a lot of issues. For an opening gambit , if it conked out due to no fuel , did you bleed the fuel through to the pump? If it is diesel you will need to do this when you try to start it after putting fuel in .
    As to the power steering loosing its oil , do you have any idea were it came out . Did it actually have any in to start with ?

  • Hi frame, I'm outside Camborne, what pics do you need?
    Popup, I killed the battery twice trying to start it, but tomorrow I'll loosen the injector pipes and see if there's fuel there,
    I'm arranging driving lessons at the moment so I can't go anywhere anyway lol but I'd rather the bloody thing behaved

  • Nope I totally forgot to bleed it back up so I'll attempt to do it tomorrow if the rain calms a bit.
    The steering fluid reservoir looked like it had some in but it could have been empty all along. My dad drove it to mine but didn't say anything about the steering being heavy.

  • Has a hose burst on power steering or is oil dripping from one of the seals behind a gator? If you have no engine power you won't have any power steering. If it had no oil in when your dad drove it. He would have complained believe me. You can get a scrappy secondhand PS rack for about £50. Easy enough to swap.

  • Thanks :) I've registered and posted on that forum today :)
    I can't get underneath the van at the minute it's just too muddy.
    The power steering has been fine. Even me who has never in my life driven managed to turn it around in a space just bigger than the van lol
    Thanks again

  • I once had an ldv convoy i left it standing for a while had the aa homestart out put a gallon of diesel in turned over untill battery died again, aa advise diesel pump pick up etc .. i sold it for peanuts the guy i sold it to put another gallon in, it started and has been running ever since... my advice put another gallon in.

  • Bloody rats had chewed through the injector return pipes, so no matter how much I bled the system it was just sucking more air straight back to the filter.
    I'll have to find some pipe, any ideas why there is a loop in the return pipe? Between each injector?
    Probably something glaringly obvious

  • Well old scholl injs , used to have a feedback loop back to diesel tank as injectors were set up to have "bleed back" to tank it was just a simple way of making sure injectors were set to crack off at right pressure and any excess fuel went back on the loop back to tank, i had an old mixer injector was a bit buggered so i could screw down the injector (dont touch this on your van) till it stopped smoking and made a better spray.

    Any back on topic its an important pipe loop connecting all the injectors together and the fuel line either goes to tank or back to pump or filter, older engines used to be ok if pipe came off (ie single cylinder mixers lol) but i think the pipe should be in good nick as not to draw air in.

    Sometimes theres a wire on the loop also this makes the glow pugs work and needs have no breaks etc

  • To get a quick fire up to see if yer tranny works get a bolt of the correct thread wrap a bit of ptfe tape round it bung it in end of pipe that goes to filter off return pipe and and see if the bugger fires up after bleeding
    youl get a bit o diesel about off injectors though.

    but best really to do proprerly with a nice new bit of pipe and proper crimp on clamps or jubalee clips.

    Hope they didnt get in wiring loom:S

  • Doesn't look like anything else has been chewed so far, I've got some fuel pipe today so I'll try putting new lines back on tomorrow if my mood picks up a bit.
    It's doing my bloody head in, one thing after another lately :(

  • harder to get motivated when weathers crap, it l get there, aint you got a mechanic mate you can bother, offer him or her a brew or something or a few quid sometimes its easier to get someone to help, if you get fed up. or just ring up somewhere.

    Ps i think pipe needs to be heat resistant dont bung on plastic or owt or it l melt.

    i think its like canvassey looking black stuff thats heat resistant, explain whats its for at your parts spot or garage.

    it used to be metal but its cheaper in theory lasts longer as old metal stuff sometimes used to corode or get metal fatigue with eng vib

    ooh also when you put pipe back on dont overtighten nuts as youl strip thread very easy, its easier to tighten a bit then if it leaks tighten a bit more, and you may need new fibre washers (there usually quite cheap (thats another place for air to get in)

    Take care if you have to undo bolts on top of injectors that hold the pipe on

  • Thanks mate :) I'm only 3 miles from town but getting any help out here is rarer than rocking horse shi*.
    I'll give it a go tomorrow when I can use the generator for battery charging, thanks

  • hi cornwall87,

    if your having starter issues you need to rule out a few major things b4 you spend money repairing things you thing it could be.

    remove the air filter cover plate and take air filter out, once done spray some WD40 into the air filter housing while someone else turns the van over. if it trys to fire then your fuel pump or injector block maybe up the creek. you can also do the bleeding of injectors to see f fuel is getting from the tank.

    it could also be the fuel timing solenoid which is located on the bottom of the fuel pump, this can be replaced but is expencive and very very hard to get at without removing lots of the engine. if its really bad it could be the cam shaft carrier causing all the issues, I had a MWB transit and a week after I got it this is what went wrong and apparently a common fault on the transit 2.4

    really hope its none of the above and a simple fix but just a bit of a heads up hope its of some help

  • Thanks :) I think it's all caused by it running out of diesel while it was on tick over, I opened the bonnet to show a mate the oil in the coolant bottle and there was a rats nest on the top of the block, but I bled the injectors up, and nothing so I had a better look and the return pipes from the injectors had been chewed so it didn't matter how many times I bled it, it was just sucking air back in.
    My dad has a code reader so I'm going to see if it'll read anything off of the van.
    Thanks man

  • has to be a fairly new van to have the codes read with a generic reader unless you have the specific ford software, mine was a 2005 and an OBDII device wouldn't connect, commercial vehicles were not required to conform to the standard until well after cars were.

  • Standard transit lol sills are rusted theres a hole under the side door and something I have no clue what it is inside the engine bay, could be part of the chassis or wheel arch....Sorry I'll take a couple of pictures....thank you