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  • Yes that's it!

    AIW: Are you saying like Willis you don't technically exist? You're two personalities in one body? Or that at some stage you're going to go nuts & destroy a nice space yacht orbiting spce-zion?

    No, of course not, not. NOT. KNOT. DOT!!:insane: On a side-note though, around here we are required to learn language equal to learning like both English and Scottish sort of (to speak and write) as we have at least two official languages in the country (guess which..)....and I am pretty certain in practice it acts either like bipolar stuff, or like heterochromia/iridum, etc..because I do speak both my self, and I know there is like you point aut almost like two personalities in it..so in a sense you are right but it is the norm here (though).

    You did not check my site? Man thats not cred/groovy Fried! I am listed along with you in the viking directory! [panic]:curse::wall:

    Uncle: Dyson sphere? You mean a Fuller Dome, or? EDIT: Wippikediaed it and see.

    Though I think Fuller domes are more practical to accomplish in the near future around say a block with environmental systems etc..people are always talking bout decentralizing gov but I think environmental structures (of course) have to be decentralized..but I bet: hey there is no money for it..

  • Norwegian & Serbo-Croation?

    I had a good nose around your site a couple of weeks ago, I'll have another look when I get time. I found a lot of it too high brow for me. Wait till I get my thinking head back from the dry cleaners.

  • Thanks for the link AIW on Neuromancer - proper back story on Corto - had forgotten Linda Lee et al. Got a copy of Peripheral to dine on - very meaty.

  • Thanks for the link AIW on Neuromancer - proper back story on Corto - had forgotten Linda Lee et al. Got a copy of Peripheral to dine on - very meaty.

    I have started the peripheral but not much gotten into the story yet, and i got idoru here too..

    and "false memory" by Kontz, and Lukyanenko`s 4th Watch book (fantasy not sci-fi though but nice if you ask me)

    but with a new gf as room mate theyre all gathering dust..most of the time right now..

  • Thanks for the link AIW on Neuromancer - proper back story on Corto - had forgotten Linda Lee et al. Got a copy of Peripheral to dine on - very meaty.

    Well it is funny. It is all there in the book, I have read it several times now..though second reading lots of new stuff occurred to me..

    Peripheral is it a lot or similar to srawl/neuromance? :)

  • Not got too far with peripheral. I started it and realised I was missing some nuances and story line because it was a long night. I will take a run at it this weekend.

    I have a copy of Neuromancer so will look at that again: villa stray light and the dub mon gotta be great..

  • I dot know. If you read these Lukayenenko boooks about the Watches: Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight Watch (first trilogy) and then The New Watch and The Last Watch (in arbitrary order) you could find the books have a bit of silliness in them..childlike perhaps is a good word but, ..but when one ignore this and read the books they can really make ones hair stand on end. Or maybe thas just me..

    And I mean the protagonist loves vodka, even though he is a high-magician.

    Oi! And again the books can seem silly written, certainly they are more mature than Harry Potter or the Twilight Saga and their covers do boast "This is the Potter/Twilight Saga you SHOULD be reading" and if it erh, was not imperative these books are of course translated from Russian if that was not evident from the author being Lukayenenko..

    But alas now my post is going awry: I put in a search string of some magic stuff from these books into Google few years ago and gotcha Nicolai Levashov. "Russian History. Viewed through Distorted Mirrors." (which is banned for being such anti-semitic in Russia) and which way the fiction goes I dot know, of course, could be either direction..

    Though the books are certainly enchanting in some way.

  • Another series of books are those by Ben Aaronovitch also billed as grown up Harry Potter. They can be dark. Will look out for the watch - thanks.