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  • Hello.

    So here I am 4:04 am.

    It's so quiet. Not a care in this world.

    I. I'm having some breakfast coffee from my "Yogi-Tea" jar.

    There's something about drinking coffee from it that appeals and so on, because what is there in this world for not having fun and really appreciating drinking coffee from such a jug..

    Many people around here claim it's just a game! Why, yes it is! I'm content with this jug I must see a psychologist emminently!

    II. I tried explaining any benefit of intravenous injection of Collodial Silver (apparently good for lymphs but should really not be done if not the serum is so-called isotonic which is no where around to be found) to no avail..

    ..Like Pink Floyd's lyrics "having to explain why your mad even if your not mad" (NB I finally gather this was mad as in angry :eek:)

    III. We had about 120 syrian refugees hosted in a hotell here. Last week about 30 of them ran away? Where have they gone? Vacation? Underground?..

    IV. Currently listening to Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness.

    V. "You know what?": I possibly calculated quantum infinity or turtles all the way down (as they say)..I'm still in denial copuled with "everyone" in my face all the time. EDIT: Calculated it mathematically that is (with math).

    Take Care! :waves:

  • You are not alone - apparently!

    Except for the electrypnose and the coffee and the mug.

    But in essence there are watchers. Wotcher! Roger that!

    I will read although I am running out of bestsellers from the charity shops and may go Aching - again!

    Embrace the dark parts. :D

  • I was there too,not with coffe jugs or books,just dark thoughts and tears...we all bring our own stories on long dark nights...some good,some not so,unsettled or snug and warm..does the morning bring change,relief,comfort or hope..........?????xx

  • Not really, Rainbomama, but it's always easier to find things in the daylight. Sometimes we really have to search for the good in a dark dark time. BUT there are friends on here who will listen. However, dark thoughts last night seem to have led to a white blanket up here. How about a hippy snowball fight?

  • Once named the graveyard shift - tho' I have no idea why. Unless it be the early one I hear about for all good philanthropists.

    I hope you find some inspiration Littlemissboho = is that intended to be a reverse hobo? Nosy - sorry! However, there are chocolate hills in a place called Bohol.

    Finally reading some adult CSLewis and thinking about the Peter Davidson TV series of a similar vein (Cosmic Triliogy). Its not a coincidence?

    Sorry, Angio. Work interupted our snowball fight and no one else wanted in anyway. :waves:

  • Graveyard shit, I hear many people complain about it, or take meltaonin medicine for it.

    But I also read some people switch brain-thinking during the night so one should suppose some people have better off with night-shift cause they switch from uh, left brain to right...during the night..:insane::clap:

  • But can you exchange hemispheres? Is it left twixt or right betwixt? Should we be concerned and give up the Maltesers?

    Good to have you back Acidwonderland.

    Apologies for the hijack.

    BUT, I do like the idea of right/left brain switching - being one who writes with both hands (please don't say the the word: it may be the curse of the even handed).

    What about those who use both halves of their faculties together?

  • It is funny really we have our best ideas in the middle of the night, just before Christmas I was
    getting some sign writing done on my van and for weeks before I couldn't quite get it together,
    I couldn't work out the words or how I wanted it on my van, then one night I went to bed, woke
    up about 3am the design was in my head all worked out so I got up quick and wrote it all down
    on a sketch pad, also why is it in the middle of the night you feel your most lonely .......

  • Dont worrry about hijack and i was buzzy other places too.

    They do say that the dominant (psychological) heimsphere should be the left one. But they say it controls the oppsite part of the body..so..nothing I dot think its relevant and maybe its just yet one of those pesudo-metaphorical-science explanations.

    But according to right (sic) sources the left brain is the logical and the ones which should be appreciated.; controls mental math..etc, while the right hemisphere make art but it should be under the logic of the left brain..not unlike aleister crowley love under will (as the right is also emotional contrary to left hemisphere logic)

    It may sound harsh but logic is a survival thing, isnt it?

    dolly: yeah they say the logical brain sometimes work better at night, but i wonder if its really about north / south pole.

  • It's only passed midnight. :D

    Magnets - now there is a rich field of contemplation. We sometimes heal better because of them and animals/insects may use magnetic fields to navigate by.

    Personally, when I tried those old man healing copper bracelets with built in magnets I got a huge pain and a numb arm. But I have a damaged spine in the neck area and am not typical. ANd I use satNav.

    But magnets from levitation to motors with metal and carbon what a magical thing "give a man food and he will live for a day but give him some magnets and he can travel around the world" - hahahaha.

  • Oromis: I wonder about the poles or pole in this context. A compass only point in one direction, you can get a certain metal to point towards the other pole than compass but that does not mean it is a property of the metal not the so-called TWO poles (or not two poles), OBVIOUSLY like fruit; they have stem, and a flower on the other end; which is what I think newton realized in that gravity story about him.

  • Another passed midnight. Magnetic Poles are always at opposite ends - they work best like that - they are always paired as north and south. Technicians have tried to create monopoles but it needs sci fi style technology.

  • I thought it if you went to the south-pole you fell down into a hole and got spit out of one of the volcanoes on Iceland?

    What about the Hollow Earth Theory? There is at least a trance-song about it (and its made with Westbam before the Berlin wall):

  • I don't go for the hollow earth theory. But there is a sci-fi story that involves an artificial world of enormous proportions that covers the whole area around a sun, presumably the size of the orbit of the earth.

  • I prefer the seventies/eighties Sci Fi - with the exception of William Gibson who makes you read and think. I am a Herbert/Heinlein/Poul reader by preference. Of course Sir Terry was the very best and what a legacy!

  • Oromis: Something else got me again into Gibson: Neuromancer; some person on mIRC called me Willis which I totally ignored of course and found/cooked up this page:

    http://www.shmoop.com/neuromancer/armitage-corto.html a sort of WIKI on the first book in the sprawl-trilogy which stuff I never thought of half a second while reading those books.:)

    Fried: Anyway what about my red-pill versus your "green", aint I color blind?

    Well I cooked up this page my self and it wont make you blind unless you actually interpret it so dont worry: http://unicephalon-40d.net/newsite/light-8.html (oops, the name is also from sci-fi, Philip K. Dick..)

    Its not finished yet though; apparently according to your Mr. Sheldrake people have to read it and it will evolve in the sub-conscious until it reach real punching-power, though one can still read between the lines at the moment..and become red/green/blue..:):waves: