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  • Hi.

    My mothers only friend (her name is Brit actually) was a hippie I think. I met many posers in this town my age who claim to be hip, and of course they could grow up one day ...but alas I have a question:

    The musical group "Morcheeba" has a song called "Trigger Hippie" and I'm very stuck wondering what type of hippie that is supposed to be? [panic]


    Please and Flow! Love you all!!!

    And God, save the Queen..? [panic]

  • thanks.

    i just joined here cause were in the same "directory"; http://www.viking-z.org/aforbid.htm pluss the dream I had while:

    I was having a vacation at the psych-ward while creating the profile..hope that explains the nick/username,..

    EDIT: Changed nickname now.

  • You read my mind man, far-out.

    Though I CANT care anymore, I just want my meds, quit my meds, etc..I am fine now, not depressed anymore..(buss)...

    Neural Implants are of course not as hidden from the public as I had thought..if we add the public stuff and try to imagine the non-official stuff..

    This would be called whistle-blowing, had it not been for the bus accident I guess..

  • Well, Mr. marhs we dont know yet..!? There are slight variations in space-time that would indicate it, but... And yes I am a HUGE fan of Wiliam Gibson but here in EFTA we do actually use wet-ware as far as I know.

    Have you heard of EFTA (you must have England/UK was a founding member; back in the day..)?

    Fred: It is all just technical and theoretical of course, and its doubtful that it has little significance in reality anyway.

    By "piggyback" I mean that you reverse the frontal-lobe commands somehow..or fool the sensor into computing something that did not happen, or as in the extreme case with LSD-crisis; erase things we do not even want "them" to say anything about..TECHNICALLY.


    Of course as a Sister-site of ukhipppy.com my site deals with this stuff in endless details, for instance long printouts of so-called harmonics / harmonic constants that affect these types if wet-ware right..so, ..well in theory the figures / numbers could just as well work for biology..(and I also have some actual equations reverse-engineered)..etc..

  • Hi..

    Horrible Monday morning here, the goop is still in my system but whatever. Do not read this post then.

    Ronald D. Davis explains:

    "..of the brain contains a visual buffer where images are sent to the upper conceptual centers of the brain for processing....stored visual images are sent back to the visual buffer. There they are perceived as visual images for purposes of recognition.."

    His point being sort of that dyslexics are in a perpetual state of tripping (shrooms or LSD) and while he does not mention any auditory buffer in the same way I guess it is imperative as well. But the question is if this is something to be unlocked neurologically as evolution has created a faulty pathway for physical impressions for something or another.

    It is pretty certain though that the words one read say HERE are what they are but they must be faulty from MY mind..

    NEVER mind I don not know, too hairy biz..[piggy]

    So the difference between hallucinations and synestesia and dyslexia lie in the eye of the beholder, and sure it can be pretty wild..?

    Someone on mIRC said the UK now had a blanket-ban on all psychoactive substances even if it includes technically coffee and smoke..and stuff from the pharmacy like parkins meds (anti-cholinergic as in fly agaric)..of course because they create nightmares (for some at least) due to the so-called remote viewing (expanded consciousness) from it..

  • Vegan cake? You're talking my language, I'll have a slice with a nice cuppa tea!

    I can't see them banning coffee, no one would ever get any work done.

    I have wondered about connections between tripping from substances versus natural states. I've had a few odd experiences from being overly sleep deprived and have heard similar experiences from others.

  • Thanks for the reply Fried!!

    Here is my limited back-atcha-> Cream or cake its a political issue.


    Well I only drink Espresso, what they call around here "breakfast coffee" (i.e. not that roasted) is often too intense..!

    Im not wondering about tripping though, I wonder if its either a neurological phenomenom OR a so-called "temporal shift" (like the bermuda triangle is supposed to be) and so on..:hippy:

  • Definitely cake. Cream (oat) is for trifles.

    It would seem logical that if introducing chemicals can cause an imbalance that affects the brain then taking them away would have a similar effect.

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