So.. I have an incredibly intelligent collie on my hands

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  • Well.. it seems my Nellie Noodles is HIGHLY intelligent. She does loads of "tricks" .. even managed to get her to do the point finger like gun trick where you say bang and she plays dead among many others.. she is very vocal and soon lets me know stuff and rats on the cats with her constant quiet type woofs until I get up to look.. the latest realisation is that when I say.. right, its tidy up time... she gets up and jumps up at the tv and surround sound.. she is telling me to put music on to tidy up too as I play cd's from surround sound system..she is just so damn quick to learn..

    am feeling alittle out of my depth with her at moment as my long term health problem and winter combined means am not as active or as healthy as I am in summer and I worry am just not enough for her..

    I am trying to come up with games around the house to mentally tire her out and use the stairs to give her a physical work out at least once a day..

    I think her intelligence is far more than fly ball or even agility and that would suffice briefly.. just not sure how to put her talent to good use..

    I thought about therapy dog.. she just loves people and often gets excited with the kids playing outside but at the moment she has to learn not to jump up and get too excited when someone speaks to her, so until we curb that, therapy or visiting residential homes etc is out..

    Hoping to get her spayed this month, which may calm her down a little.. and that may help.. time will tell..

    Any input or suggestions???

    Thanks :)

  • First up, you will never be active enough to wear out a Collie, take her on a 50 mile hike over a mountain where she runs double that sniffing everything, and she would be ready for another the second you get back. but the upside is Collies are pretty accepting of their situation and are happy to sleep too.

    I have yet to meet an unintelligent Collie, mine has more brains than me, so did the previous one, just treat her like an adult human, do what you can with her, don't forget she needs to know where her place is in the pack and reads your body language like a pro, so try and be consistent with that so she knows what is expected of her.

    I take mine on lots of smell walks, where she goes at her pace and direction sniff and invesigating whatever pleases her and i just lazily tag along behind daydreaming. it feeds her intelligence while not wearing you out if you are less active.

    I take it she is young, the jumping up is just youthful exuberance and does need to be curbed, spaying wont help that, training will.

    but do still get he her spayed though.

  • Thanks LV.. my last dog was a collie x and we had such an affinity.. Nellie is full collie.. and I appreciate it took years to build that relationship with my other dog and she is not yet 2.. just around 20 months.. she is a lot better out on walks, come to call and goes on lead much easier than before .. I take her up town more these days too now she is easier to handle so she meets lots of people and I am trying to curb the want to jump up at folk, some, most dont mind it, but its the ones who do who dont realise she is being super friendly .. today its a walk to the vets I think.. she needs weighing as she been a bit off her food lately but i think that is to do with the change in the house with my daughter moving out..

    Currently she is sprawled on my bed as she has to learn that I have a cuppa in bed before I do anything in morning lol

    I know she will come good and I know everything at the moment is an age thing and as she grows older she will be more focused.. it was same with my other dog.. I just want her to live with her full potential and I dont want to let her down in anyway .. :)

  • There are a few toys that can keep dogs entertained for hours, I got one for my mum's collie a few years back that is like a giant hard kong that has treats inside, the idea being that the dog chases it around & the treats drop out. He worked out after a few days that he could empty it by holding it in a certain way but continued to be entertained for a few months.

  • My collie, actually a collie mum and a german shephard dad, is a rescue dog, she never ever plays with toys, I tried and tried, just not her nature, but if you start them with toys young they seem to like it all their lives.

    she is super obedient too, as long as you don't make a point of asking her to do anything she doesn't want to do. :rolleyes:

  • Well we have walked up town this morning to the vets.. weighed her and her weight is fine.. I have also booked in for her spey at the end of Jan..

    Kongs are expensive things F'Onion .. if I could find a bloke who was good with his wood (oi oi).. perhaps I can get a simple one made out of plastic bottles :)

  • Maybe it is the other way around.

    YOU are intelligent (or similar).

    I say this because I had the same experience with an animal I was safe-keeping friend was in Greece on Hollidays, ..

    We met a fence while out walking and I simply told the dog in a kind voice that he could do the jump over the fence..

  • A plastic bottle wouldn't last a second with my beastie, she's a real chewer.

    Yes they are expensive, our first one was a gift, she stopped chewing furniture & only chewed the kong, after that it was a forgone conclusion that she would always have a kong. They're cheaper than new furniture.

    I get the biggest & hardest & they last a while but she still ruins them eventually. When they start to shrink they become throw toys. A tennis ball bursts on the first throw. My daughter bought her a kong bone, we tend to use that more as a tug but the last one ripped in half, new one for christmas. :)

  • I find you have to tell Daisy firmly not to go sailing over the bl**dy fences.

    BTW with Daisy and in the past Bill and Lobo the collie who we fostered for my step son, I dread to think if the archaeologists dug up our garden what they would make of it.

    Rather too many cat graves and burried dog toys for comfort.....lord knows how many kongs are down there.

  • I've often wondered what would happen if one of our dog toys flew over a cliff, I'm sure she'd go after it!

    The bloke we got our woodburner off had a large dog that they admitted themselves did make you wonder when it came to all these things about clever dogs - this one could be very thick.
    It was bugging them (the guy and his partner) to play one morning and it was still just a bit too early, so toy is picked up and hurled to entertain dog. All goes well till toy goes out of the upstairs window, direction of dogs flight is witnessed and couple hastily descend on dog to prevent catastrophic dog 'flight'.

    I've witnessed Daisy's mad swimming antics and can see how people drown trying to rescue their dogs. Thankfully the same tactics work on dogs that work on kids that appear to be overstretching their abilities slightly, so I've never had to reach or throw anything for the mutt.

  • Read up on collies and it says this. Good points: Highly intelligent active dogs. Bad points: Highly intelligent, active dogs! You won't wear her out, as LV says, they were bred to keep going and going until they've rounded up every last one of those bloody duracell sheep. If you can find a few other people to join you when you take her for a walk you can wear her out quicker. We used to do this with ours, sometimes, we'd go off across Dartmoor and end up spread out as various people chatted to each other along the way, and the collie goes mental. The key word here is "spread out". Collies do not understand "spread out", it doesn't compute. Collie therefore spends the entire time trying to round up all the idiots who have got themselves "spread out" and return them to a sensible state of being "in a tightly knit group", which it understands and approves of. Its great fun!

  • I have a Collie x Lab she will be 2 in March, smart little madam she is too, doesn't miss a trick,
    if I try to sneak something out of the cupboard to eat when she is fast asleep, I turn around and
    the bugger is behind me :rolleyes:, she has there big beautiful eyes too that speak to you:)

  • I read some place "Animal Spirituality" is liable to be..not so popular among people because half we eat and half we keep as pets.

    But yeah I had that dog as a favor for a friend of mine traveling to Greece. Also my mother had "cat-flip"; she had expensive race called abyssintians (abyssintia old name for Etiopia) I had watched Disneys (actually disneay yeah) but ..the Lion King..:

    SO my mothers cat Hero/Happy wanted outside late in the evening, and I say it and mean it that it was like telepathy, I kindly took my arm and led him away from the door and he was like "ok boss" and lied down on his "place"

    Mom she had many abyssintians during the last 10 of them..hmm what was its name "bella" she used to jump up on my keyboard and put her paws on me chest and nibble my nose..she was killed by what Fat-Cat Freddie..Fat Freddies cat I mean..2-dimentionalisers (ie Cars/Automobiles)..

    So I was on friendly terms with her animals..the nibbling on my nose was a bit painful of course but it I felt affection like HEALING FROM AN ANIMAL.

    Now my to-be wife is like that cat so its alright I guess..she`s a bit red head like that cat above...

    Dogs are nice of course but cats are usually allowed in the free. So at the street once an old kitten; I sat a bit down on my knees and it jumped kindly up on my shoulders up on the top of my head and sort of ruffled me and jumped down and something.

    A point is how many or not people/humans/ETs are as "natural" as that?

  • Well we have walked up town this morning to the vets.. weighed her and her weight is fine.. I have also booked in for her spey at the end of Jan..

    Kongs are expensive things F'Onion .. if I could find a bloke who was good with his wood (oi oi).. perhaps I can get a simple one made out of plastic bottles :)

    when your out walking keep hold of any old tennis balls you find or buy cheap ones, take a sharp knife and put half/3 quarter inch slit in the tennis ball then push 2/3 of your dogs fav treats through slit into ball should keep dog busy for fair while.It does mine.