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  • I have decided to give aero modeling a try, I have ordered a balsa wood kit to make a rubber powered plane. It was quite cheap £19 , and I am quite excited , I used to do a bit of this kind of thing when I was a youngster, and the planes I built then had engines , but nearly always crashed and got destroyed on their maiden voyage. I thing a more gentle approach to start with might be more rewarding !
    This is what I have ordered ....…-topaz-balsa-aircraft-kit

    Any hippy aero modelers out there ?

  • My missus has been strangely attracted to these drones that seem to capturing so much attention of late. I have kept herself on solid ground by checking the flight time on each model: I seem to be winning - so far. Personally, I got left behind at the paper aeroplane stage. However, I did enjoy a brief fall with homemade parachutes.

  • My Dad used to build some epic flying ones years ago. Mostly Ww2 fighters and bombers. I did loads of the plastic ones and got quite good. Looking at making my own steampunk airships now by marrying up airships and galleons.

  • Were they R/C Grendel , there seems to have been a massive leap forward in the world of radio control in terms of weight,cost etc , since I dabbled 40 years ago .I built a R/C car , that had an IC engine , and it went like the clappers , but the clutch was for ever burning out .

  • Yeah, lifelong hippy area modeller here.

    I started with free flight back when I was wee child, nowadays I fly RC fixed wing competition aerobatics with 3 meter wing span composite models with 150 to 200 cc engines.

    That model looks nice, Bungo, i think i had the most fun when i made CO2 powered free flight balsa planes. it is a theraputic hobby.

  • That sounds fantastic LV , I certainly aspire to RC planes, but will start off gently as going out of my depth could prove expensive . I had quite a few control line models when I was young , but spent more time rebuilding them after crashing than flying them.
    The model I chose looks pretty sedate , and I think I will have a lot of fun building it and flying it with my grandson :)

  • Built a 3m wingspan powered glider many years ago believe it was a Precedent electrifly never really got to fly (hadn't learnt) it as the fellow who was meant to be test flying it for me crashed it, I rebuilt and then sold it, last year I decided to teach myself to fly and started with a cheap foam model a hobbyzone duet that lead on to a 3 channel Ares Gamma, now flying a 4 channel Ares Gamma Pro pretty well and have a new model sitting in the van ready to put together a Ripmax Chris Foss Wot 4 foam E Mk2+ looking forward to some better weather to give it it's maiden Flight

  • How easy did you find self teaching your self FT flying RC ? Were they electric powered ? I am thinking an electric trainer would be a better choice than jumping straight in with IC .

    On a side , my balsa model has arrived and I am really enjoying biulding it , though there have been a few comments from Ma about how flimsy it looks . Only built the fusalge so far, hopefully start the wings today. :)

  • i learned the old fahioned way, build a balsa kit, crash it, fix it until it is so heavy and bent it wont fly anymore, then build another.

    it took 2 years and 15 models before i could fly RC . the equipment is many times better nowadays.

    electric all the way, Bungo. you have to get quite big models before IC is interesting, and glow (methanol based) fuels are very expensive, smelly and messy, so for me it i elelctric up to largish size and then petrol engines take over. Clubs are also awesome places if you wish to learn, they have buddy box systems where an expeienced pilot flies the plane, and then by holding a button down can pass control to a second pilot on a second transmitter, so if you cock up, they can save the plane. have a look at the BMFA club finder for a club near you.

    I don't know your financial situation, but if you have the funds, buy a flight simulator like the Pheonix one that comes with a transmitter. or you can get a cheap second hand transmitter and just the software if you are broke. you need a PC tough. an old slow one will do.

    then you can fly and crash for free in the comfort of your own home.

    oh, Full Timer, those free flight models are flimsy until the covering goes on. are you tissue ( or japanese silk) and dope (the legal kind) covering it?

  • It wasn't too bad a few crashes involved but most are easy to repair, all models have been electric ,the hobbyzone duet was ok for a start but not much more than a toy really and no good at all in the slightest of breezes but I found both the Ares pretty easy to get to grips with, also used a cheap simulator to begin with . getting all the control surfaces throws right and aircraft trimmed and balanced correctly is also very important. I think LV has the edge on me here and far more experience , I have never been a club type of person but I can see the advantage of joining one as you can learn using a club model and buddy box set up at most and gain from others experience

  • I think LV has the edge on me here and far more experience , I have never been a club type of person but I can see the advantage of joining one as you can learn using a club model and buddy box set up at most and gain from others experience

    My expeience of learning is too out of date, the hobby was radically different then, your experience is much more relevent than mine is now.

    I am no club person either, more often than not the other people and rules are annoying, but until people can fly solo they can help no end by saving money and reducing frustration.

    this is where i used to fly and the same planes and flying I do.

  • Some awesome flying going on there and way beyond anything I dare attempt at the moment , just about manage loops and rolls way up high along with a bit of inverted but concentrating on flying circuits accurately and keeping level at turns etc , I think learning to actually fly these modern trainers has to be easier than only a few years ago although I have avoided any aids such as SAFE, AS3X giro's etc they are available in most trainers these days, anything go's wrong let go of the sticks hit a switch and you're back in level flight I just felt it was cheating as if I did eventually go for A or B test they are not allowed

  • We had great fun building a big glider many years ago, tissue and dope over balsa. It had a weird fuse thing that you lit and after a certain amount of time it would burn through and tip the tail so it would return to ground. We couldn't see the point so set it off without it on the middle of dartmoor. About an hour and three miles later we finally caught up with it....

  • Dethermaliser timers, DTs, I remember those, the fuse would burn through an electic band and then the elevator would be flipped vertical by a spring bringing the model down. I used to manage a model shop, and we would often go to wholesalers and did around their dusty shelves at the back for odd stuff, we found piles of clockwork DTs, and when we took them to a model show they were snapped up like hot cakes. We could have charged 4 times more for the the last of the vintage stock, but kept the price reasonable ( people were buying handfuls off of us and then selling them on at a large profit)

    I was never into them, but we used to see loads of them up at chobham common in the early years.

  • I don't do aeroplanes but other modelling .... dioramas etc....

    I has proven to be therapeutic and got me through a difficult time.