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  • Dont laugh - I bought a spell just before Christmas which was to be performed on the full moon.. perfect timing..

    It came in a lovely netted string bag, with candles, herbs and the like, a shell and a little scroll with instructions tied up in a lovely red bow..

    I was very much into all things heederum hooderum when I was in my 30's but it kinda waned as I got older and the sceptic and realist in me kinda took over. I was just perusing this shop for some last min extra gift ideas and saw them.

    I inquired with shop lady and its her daughter who does the heederum hooderum hokey pokey stuff and she said they work.. she was a white witch.. so I thought, ah what the heck and bought (DONT LAUGH) a desirability spell.. I thought a little help in that direction wouldnt go a miss..

    So (although I think I might have been out by one night as I had conflicting google info on full moon - but it looked big and fat to me!) .. on xmas eve at 11.11pm I set up my spell and followed instructions carefully..

    From xmas day onwards I felt different. The only way I can describe it is that I feel a massive weight has been lifted even though I still have much to be concerned about in the near future I just feel "happier". I find myself smiling for no particular reason..

    To those who know about such things (if there are any of you on here).. am I right in thinking that the spell has probably changed my persona which would make me more approachable, instead of being this hunched up weight of the world on my shoulders grey being that wanders this mortal coil????

    Thank you :)

  • If you done it properly,and believe,then its all possible...but it sounds like its done you the power of good anyway..and a more confident,happier person is more approachable...so all sounds good to me...keep it up,keep smiling,walk tall..and keep your eye open for that special someone loitering round the corner :Dxx

  • Whether it worked or not, don't underestimate the power of suggestion. If you believe it worked then you may well carry yourself more confidently, if you look someone in the eye and smile at them you will instantly appear more attractive.

    Good luck.

  • I like to keep my mind open to all things , and all things effect us in different ways ( or we perceive them in different ways)
    But... I'm sure there are plenty of worse things you could have spent your money on and if it makes you feel better then it is money well spent.

    Happiness and positive thoughts

  • The fact that you have done something in the direction of a better self and a better future helps to shape and direct your intentions into positive channels.
    It might be a spell at one level, but it is manifesting as an intentional doorway that has been opened for you and by you. The spell marks the initiation point, the beginning of the path to a better life. How far you travel that path mainly depends on you, and your decisions along the way. You are in good company here, Sister.

  • Did it work?

  • Well, a few years back I had a friend who was being pursued for an old debt. I happened to be browsing the internet and happened upon a site for Witchery. After reading various postings I saw one posting from someone who was desperate as writs and demands for payment had been issued - not unlike my friend. The advice was to take the letters and place them in the freezer. I passed on the info and as there seemed nothing else to do she did as the advice was and put the letters and bills to do with this particular issue in the freezer drawer. Strangely enough - since that happened nothing ever came of the problem and all pursuit seemed to stop dead in its tracks. I have no idea what happens if you take the missives out of the freezer so I suppose they should stay there till the six (?) year time limit is up.

  • Well I guess I could consider myself an electic witch. I do occasionally write spells for myself, I have performed a croning ceremony for a lady and I enjoy rituals. Witchcraft is a lot of different things to a lot of different people but this is probably the simplest way to explain it.
    Casting spells is all about the intention. You can cast a spell with nothing more than a candle or you can have elaborate spells with all sorts of tools. At the end of the day, if you believe something can happen then you can will it to existence. It goes off of the same principal as 'ask and it is given'. Even if the spell isn't granted, it can still have a placebo effect.

  • There Be Many Powerful Things And Many Powerful Beings On And Within And Living And Walking On This World Of Man ...

    Many Things That Would Muddle..Confuse And Even Could Cause Fear Within The Believers Or Non Believers Thinking Minds.

    Some Yes Be Hidden Because Of Mans World Fears They Cannot Show Themselves Or Walk Freely ....Not Because They Are Bad Or Evil Or Dark Because In Fact They Be The Opposite Mirror .. For They Be Kind ..Beautiful .Loving And Caring Even Though Within Them And Around Them They Hide And Hold And Have Soooo Much Power And Sooo Many Secrets Of Ancient Sacred Wisdoms Some Of This World And Some Not Of This World ...But They Not Show Or Let Themselves Be Seen Or Heard As Mans World Would Hunt Them....Hurt Them In Wanting To Explore Them To See How They Be And How They Work And Guinea Pig Lab Rat Them To Unravel Their Hidden Secrets Within Their Wrappers...And Simply Because Mans World Could Not Accept Them As They Would Fear Them So Like Man Always Does It Would Kill Them And Destroy Them And Hide Them Away From The Rest Of Mans Eyes Sadly ...

    As You Only Have To Look At Mans World History Of The "Hunting And Torturing And Burning And Killing And Torturing Etc Of The "Witches" Or Who They Thought Was A Witch Etc As Just One Sad Example ....Driven Only By Mans Own Fears And Non Beliefs....

    So Ooops Even I Just Went A Bit Off Topic .....
    Its Like All Things In This Mans World ...
    Some Believe And Some Do Not ..
    So Noooo Nobody Will Laugh And Be Making Fun Of You For Your Own Thoughts And Beliefs ....But Yes....Some People Will Have Their Own Be Reasons Why You Felt That Way After You Pay For A Spell And Then Gave Life To That Spell And How You Felt After The Spell Was Given Life ..
    Some Will Say .."Its Your Own Mind And Power Of Thought" And Not The Spell You Gave Life Too....

    And Others Will Say "Yes It Was And Is The Spell You Gave Life Too And Paid For"
    Because It Simply All Comes Down To "BELIEFS" ....
    Whether They..Us..You...Etc Believe In Witches And Witchcraft And Spells ..

    And At The End Of The Day If You Believe In The Witch And The Spell ....And It Is Only You Who Can Tell If It Was The Spell You Brought To Life That Made You Feel The Way You Feel.....As No Other Can Truly Do That ...Because As Said Some Will Say YES It Is ....Others Will Say NO Its Not ....Because They Will Say Only What Their Own Beliefs Are .. ..But Nobody Will Laugh At You For Exploring New Things And New Beliefs And New Ways .And Trying New Things And Learning New Things.

    And At The End Of That Day ....The Only Thing That Matters Is YOU And Your OWN Belief In What Truly Made You Feel That Way .And Things That Happened After ....And You Already Know Deep Down That Answer To What You Are Seeking ....
    Its Just Sometimes You ..Us ..We ..Mans World Does Not TRUST Their Own Feelings And Own Answers .....
    .So Naturally Even Though You Us We May Feel Silly Or Fear Being Laughed At ...We Still And You Us We Etc Reach Out And Ask Others Because We Dont Understand Why Something That Seems Unreal Or Very Different Or Unbelievable Has Indeed Become Very AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLY REAL In Your Own Mind And Body .

    But As I Already Said ...In Reaching Out ...You Will Not Get Just ONE Answer ...You Will Get MANY Answers Because Of Their Own Beliefs ..

    So All I Will Say And Can Say To You Chained Thistle And Anybody In Your Shoes....
    Is ...Listen To Your OWN Mind And Heart And Spirit Because There Be The "TRUTH AND ANSWER" To What You Truly Seek.And TRUST What Your Own Mind Body Heart Spirit Is Telling And Showing You :)))

    And I Be So Happy That You Feel Better Now Too:))