Parking up on someone's driveway...

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  • Hello :)

    What are everyone's thoughts on being parked up on someone's driveway? I've seen someone advertising off-street parking for a fairly cheap rate (for the area anyway), which turns out to be the driveway outside the front of their house. I've emailed them and asked if they would mind having a big white camper van parked there, and have been completely honest about its usage etc. so let's see what they say (just so I know if it's an option or not).

    In the pro box, I have put: don't have to worry about parking tickets and moving every morning/night, relatively safe, added security of being next to a house on a residential street

    But what about the cons? It's not going to be as pretty as some other places I could park up, but considering I need to be in a city centre for the next few months I don't really have much choice in that department anyway.

    Thoughts? Anyone stayed on a driveway before?


  • Sounds okay to me Raffi,I guess the only problem I can see is if any of the neighbours start being funny,but I would assume you are not going to be parked there with loud music blasting out! and disco lights flashing! haha.
    If the couple concerned are okay about it then sounds good to me.

  • I once stayed in a small residential car park for a few months (the kind you get in housing estates) I suspect that some of the residents knew I was living in the van but others must have thought I just lived nearby, Funnily enough I never got any complaints.
    It was made easier by the fact that I used the van most days to go to work, so didn't just look abandoned.
    I always felt it was a bit of a stagnent place to park with little or no atmosphere (neither good nor bad).
    I did have alternative back up parking places but this was my favored place as I never got hassle.

    I don't forsee any problems of parking in a driveway , assuming they go for it, like you say it's safe, and out of the way of traffic wardens and that. It's a practical solution if you need to be in the area. good luck

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  • Wot city r u talkin about m8? There mite b plannin issues if u park up long term. Livin in the van I mean

    Oxford. Hopefully there would be no planning issues as I would only be there for a few months. Never stay anywhere long enough for anything official to kick in ;) I'm not 100% about it, and to be honest I'd much prefer to be parked up out the way somewhere rather than in a residential area/driveway, but then there's less to worry about if it's near someone's house. To be honest I don't think these people will go for the idea - and I can understand why - so may not even happen but worth thinking about all the same. In Oxford there are only a few parking spaces that have no restrictions, everything else is on a four/two/hour/thirty minute bay system or a permit holder only system. When I lived there before in my little van I used to drive to the gym and park there every day, then return to the bays after restrictions ended at 6.30pm, but don't think a massive van would be as welcome in the small car park haha..

  • That's a point... does anyone know how the 'four hour max' or whatever parking spaces are enforced? Cos in the streets I'm thinking about parking in there's no real way of telling when people got there. On one occasion I saw a parking officer go past me at 8am and he was back at 12pm checking (he told me to move but I had broken down in my c15 at the time so he let me stay). Presumably if someone was there at 8am and they were still there at 12pm then that's their four hours max... but is that the only way they are checked/enforced? I know someone who always parks their car in a three hour bay and she has never had tickets.

  • I used to know a family who lived in camper van in Old Windsor, one of those residential streets paralleled with the main road with wide grassy area.

    The granny was dolally and often walked around in her nightie outside.

    They did get hassle but ignored everyone anyway, oddly enough they were related to Fred West the serial killer.

    Anyway, I think if you do it for a month or so you will rarely have hassle, but long term, maybe long term it is better put together a series of places to use.

    Always have an alternative park up scoped out and be ready to roll if trouble does come a knocking.

  • My brother used to live in a caravan on my mums driveway, you don't need planning and can stay as long as you like provided you are using the house facilities (bathroom/kitchen etc) the caravan/motorhome/shed/whatever is just treated as an extra bedroom as far as planning goes.

  • I would think if this is a lucrative business venture for the home/drive owner, I would doubt they would welcome hassle. It may be off the radar for the tax man and Councils know all about checking tax returns the following year. A month would be doable. You may as well ask them to put you on the council register, as full time resident if they are a 2x adult Council tax payers. Then you just say you sleep in the house but relax in your motor

  • Ive looked into the park and ride before FriedOnion :) theres a no motorhomes allowed policy so i know they wouldnt want me there, but might get away with it. Some travellers have parked up in redbridge park and ride and theres a whole load of drama about them at the minute.

  • I think the whole issue varies from region to region. I own my own house but am not allowed to park either a caravan or van on the drive. It's part of the local bylaws. The result being my tourer has to overwinter in storage. You cannot park caravans on the street either.

    Yesterdays gone, tomorrows a mystery, today's a gift, that's why its called the present.

  • Ive looked into the park and ride before FriedOnion :) theres a no motorhomes allowed policy so i know they wouldnt want me there, but might get away with it. Some travellers have parked up in redbridge park and ride and theres a whole load of drama about them at the minute.

    When u say travellers do u mean Irish gypsy types? No bein racist but they dont do emselves any favors. When I first went on the road I parked behind an tesco. In the summer sum gypsys parked up on the car park. 4 caravans six cars an vans gennys the lot. They even put out garden tables an chairs!! In a day ther wos mess all ova. They mooved on an left the mess. THATS why ppl dont like the traveller/gypsys. Its the mess they leave. Dunno if the mooved cos they wanted or were chucked off. Wos glad when they did cos I dint want 2 b seen as 1 ov em. Prob is ppl dont no if you r a gypsy or just parkin up for the nite.

  • Not sure where they are from, but apparently they've just parked up and now a whole big section of the park and ride has had to be cordoned off. Saw it in the news but can't find the story again now. Yeah that's the problem though: litter and mess. I make sure I leave every place as I found it, or I leave it better than I found it if there was crap there already, and it's such a shame that people like me - and most people on this forum I would think - get a bad name cos of someone else's laziness. :(

  • Hello Raffi
    The deeds on my mum's freehold detached property state that no caravans and mobile homes are allowed to be parked on her driveway. I specifically asked her, as I wanted to put a Dodge 50 there. Meanwhile, up the road a few doors, many of the houses have massive motorhomes parked on their drive ways, apparently all legal.
    If I were a home owner, I would think 'great extra security at night!'

  • Weird how different the regulations can be only a few doors away! Doesn't look like I'll have this issue anyway as the person with the driveway hasn't replied to me since I mentioned that I wanted to park my van there... oh well. I've been Google Mapping and there are some lovely quiet-looking country roads outside the city centre.. would be a bit worried leaving the van there in the day though. Might have to do my old trick of parking in the gym in the day and then moving somewhere for the night after 6:30pm (most bays are free at that time until 8:30am the next day). Great thing about that routine is that it makes sure I'm up early every morning! Crap thing about it is faffing around driving in the city centre and guzzling all that fuel. Going to look for some 'free after 6:30pm' bays near the gym and see if I can't cut down my commute.

  • Have just seen the film, "The Lady in the Van". It's good fun, but any Mail reading house dweller is going to assume from now on
    that the camper that's just pulled up outside their house will be there for the next 15 years, either on the road or in someone's driveway. Surrounded by bin bags of rubbish or belonging, with the occupant increasingly deranged. Damn Alan Bennett!