The Green Gathering 2016

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  • The Green Gathering 2016 will be 4 days of relaxing, inspirational, off-grid, low impact living with music and lovely people and skillshares and so much stuff. It's 4-7th August in the Welsh Borders not far from Bristol.

    You can bring your own drinks, or buy drinks at reasonable prices. It's really uncommercial.

    The info's here

    This is the latest newsletter.

    And if you don't wait too long you'll be able to grab an EARLYBIRD TICKET for £85.

    If you yearn for an old-school festie that's even more than just tents, booze and music, try this one!

  • Hi Elfweirdigan,

    I would love to go. I went to Shambala this year, my first festival in ages, and had a great time but some of the music was a bit young for me (with the exception of the excellent People's Front Room).

    If anyone fancies meeting up for the Green Gathering it would be great to hear from you.

  • Hi Cerredwen,

    Do come! The Green Gathering is a really friendly festi, lots of people come on their own and find it easy to find like-minded folk to hang out with. There's loads of acoustic, adhoc and spontaneous music as well as programmed bands, so you get to stumble across that 'People's Front Room' vibe quite a lot! :)

  • Hi Paul, yeah... but then most festies don't allow dogs at all...

    To be able to have dogs on this site there has to be dog poo bags & bins & hygenic disposal, dog wardens, a friendly dog 'pound' for dogs found wandering, and admin of the deposit system... and only 20 tickets in total can be sold - I know this 'cos I helped set up the system! It is only meant to be a facility for people who really have noo other option but to bring their dog... it's just a little compromise on the 'no dogs' policy of the 1st 3 years of the festie :)

  • Hi lovely people. Is anyone planning on going alone to the Green Gathering 2016. I'm going to be going to the festival by myself (sad lonely soul that I am - sob), and just wondering if anyone else was going on their tod, or anybody fancies an extra hang out buddy? I have my own tent! [panic]

  • Loads of people go to The Green Gathering on their own and it's so friendly they usually make friends in the box office queue or on the shuttle bus and that's it, they're festie buddies all weekend! Genuinely one of the friendliest festivals around, there's communal campfires and acoustic jamming sessions and hands-on workshops where it's really easy to hang out and meet like-minded folk. So, no sobs necessary ;)

  • Hoping to go to some festivals in Wales this summer after a long break, Am going to the Green Gathering but wondered if anyone had been to the Green Man or the Surplus festival .Any advice would be appreciated'

  • My uncle is performing at this festival - he's bringing my sister and I & I hope to be able to take my van there.

    It sounds really nice and i'll love to have a look :)

  • Hoping to go to some festivals in Wales this summer after a long break, Am going to the Green Gathering but wondered if anyone had been to the Green Man or the Surplus festival .Any advice would be appreciated'

    I went to green man about 5 years ago. It is very different from green gathering. Is a much bigger, more commercial festival. Bigger name bands and a lot more expensive, a lot less eco friendly. If you plan to go you need to get a ticket asap, it will sell out.
    Me and family are going to green gathering.

  • I might be going solo to the Green Gathering. Perhaps the solo folks could make a meeting point at a cafe tent? Or my van!

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  • I am not going solo now but still want to meet up with new people there. Let's think of a meeting point and identifier (black hat or bare feet or something!). I haven't been to GG before but have been to Sunrise on same site. I assume its similar.

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  • I haven't been to the G G before either but am really looking forward to it. I would love to meet up & I 'm up for wearing a black hat or going barefoot (weather considering)We'll have to find a central point nearer the time.

  • Hello! I'm new to the site but I haven't said hello on the hello thread yet (but I will!). I've been to GG for the last 4 years and I can't recommend it enough, in fact it's the only festi I'm going to this year rather than my usual 5 or 6.

    I always go to festivals my own and volunteer for my ticket which means I get to meet the people I'm working with, get in for free and sometimes meals and money for fuel.

    I'll be working in the box office at GG this year mon-fri which means I'll be free on sat & sun. I would LOVE to meet up!


  • Did anyone here see Hoopy Frood at the floating lotus stage on Friday night and/or Saturday evening? Not only were they amazing, but my good lady is the singer!

    Best festival I've been too this year (perhaps best of the last few years) and good if you have a little human or two in tow with you. Kind of like Boom Town but without the Boom :).

  • Hi, sorry I didn't see ur message roadangel, it would've been great to meet up but I hope you found lots of like minds. It was pretty easy to find conversation tho...I met so many open easygoing interesting people :D

    I did see hoopy frood and they were amazing!

    Tree x

  • I loved it (and so did my non-hippy friend). Best festival I've been to since early Sunrise fest in Somerset days. Loved Magic Bus and the two brothers on 5 instruments - twice! Now contemplating Blind Cat festival next weekend in Market Rasen but its a long way from Bristol and I swore I'd never go solo to a festival again but...never say never!

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