Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall war on waste

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  • Yeah actualy .. I did.. and although I live in the town with River Cottage and dont really like the man.. I found after watching the 2nd in the series I saw that man in a totally different light.. was impressed with his interview with Morrisons.. its shocking isnt it..

    I go to the local farm shop and buy my tatties in a big bag.. dirty and everything.. I think they taste much better if you have to wash them yourself..

    The first week I found myself shouting at tv.. come to see me do my shopping.. come and see my waste.. I dont over buy or spend and hardly waste if I can help it.. because I cant afford to..

    I think its been a big eye opener for many but I wonder how many will actually make changes to their habits for real and longterm ?

  • It is ridiculous the amount we waste and the supermarkets obviously have too much power over the farmers. I mean growing a field full of parsnips only to have a shed load of them rejected because the were too big or too wonky it's just a joke.
    In the western world we waste about a third of the food we produce.
    I would like to think those parsnips ended up on a market stall somewhere

  • It is ridiculous the amount we waste and the supermarkets obviously have too much power over the farmers. I mean growing a field full of parsnips only to have a shed load of them rejected because the were too big or too wonky it's just a joke.
    In the western world we waste about a third of the food we produce.
    I would like to think those parsnips ended up on a market stall somewhere

    This is the big problem, a lot of the farmers are tied to their supermarket and any of the crop rejected is not allowed - by contract, to be sold on to anybody else, resulting in it rotting either in or out of the ground, sometimes livestock are put onto the field to finish it off.

  • That was awful. All that wasted food, and there's people starving.
    I wasn't impressed with the Morrisons interview, they were just trying to avoid the issues.

    Though another problem is packaging, why isn't everything sold loose so that you just put what you want into a paper bag? Our local grocers used to be like that, and I'm not that old!

  • yeah.. not enough stuff sold loosely in the supermarkets these days.. then you can buy what you need.. I have a large pot I make soup in (army navy sized thing).. I only need one leek .. but some supermarkets only sell packs of three..

    I tend to shop daily for main meals .. utilizing the reduced shelf etc and just buy as and when I need it.. only thing is am buggered if there is a zombie apocalypse. I would starve lol

  • The supermarkets have too much power full stop, I live in what you could class as a small village which as a small Tesco and large Aldi, we are within 2 miles of a large Asda, mini Asda, large Tesco and large Morrisons and a couple of Nisa's. There is no way planning permission should have been allowed for Tesco and Aldi specially seeing the Tesco is next door to a primary school and Aldi nearly directly opposite. They have killed the local shops and made it into a disgusting place compared to what it was and I'm betting nobody from the council who took their pieces of silver live anywhere near here.

  • I kinda thought same.. then thought.. wish I had nerve to do that.. then thought.. ooh wonder who I know who would do that with me.. would be a laugh if nowt else .. then I thought ooooh.. wonder if anyone would like to get together and do same kinda thing here locally .. feed the less fortunate.. my town prob too small for that ..

  • do not like the man but think his outlook on waste was great,we do waste so much stuff (me included)its shocking.when i was younger on a sunday morning i used to have to go to my grannies and collect all the veg for sunday dinner out my grandads large garden and even the fruit for pudding.nothing has or ever will taste like my mums dinners when growing up,and there was never very much waste,anything left over was fried up on sunday night after the pub with some brown sauce on it

  • Neils that was the good old days.. saw a post on FB that some city in America has banned plastic bottles.. not sure what was wrong with glass bottles in first place or getting couple pence back on them if you returned them..

    I just joined up too :)

  • Me and hubby watched it i think its outrageous this day and age food get thrown away for no reason can't see why people can help themselves to food in wheelie bins that is still ok to eat . We use to go and check one well up market store for veg bread etc and there was nothing wrong with it . But now it has big gates and no one can get in there .
    The trouble is this day and age is the people are earning to much money and see food and buy without thinking if they real need it or not . i was brought up were we had to grow our own veg and had a pig to kill and the what else we wanted we went to small local village shop . As a child i was born in the 1960s i can't remember there was any waste . I say peoples eyes are bigger than there bellies :waves: I feel so sorry for the farmers that has to throw or re plough back in the ground all the veg , supermarkets have a lot to answer for ... Rant over [panic]

  • Supermarkets have a duty of care. That care extends to avoiding food poisoning, even if it was taken without consent from out of their un-secured property. Food thrown away in disposal bins has been finding its way into communities at further reduced prices. Still advertising the original brand and supermarket name.
    Some years ago as a preventative measure, supermarkets were advised to write in permanent ink, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION on all packaging thrown away with the product still inside. Any loose produce to be spoiled with dye. This proved too time consuming and costly it seems. Improving security at food waste points ( locking bins and bin storage areas ) addressed any liability.
    Supermarkets pay to have this waste food removed for disposal. Selling close to sell by date products in store, recoups some of this cost.

  • Dunno ask the coop. I guess if the food is retained inc Packaging etc. Not all food thrown away is out of date, lots gets spoiled, freezers down over night, wrong temperature in chilled units. not all of it is date stamped. Who keeps receipts for small purchases. How many of us pay in cash.
    I remember getting a food parcel dilivered to my parents house as compensation for some blue electrical tape found in one of their bags of sliced bread.

  • Weird thing is hugh gets all shouty about food waste and rightly so, but if supermarkets sold off food and lets say there was a case of listeriousis, campila bacter, or salmonella watchdog would be breathing down there necks, food waste iis bad agreed, but its nothing new the differance is it used to be fed to pigs years ago in peoples back yards etc, but nowadays theres trouble with infected swill traceability etc.

    The general public want fresh produce NOW. TODAY. and get miffed if theres stuff that might go off straightaway.

    If we could move away from bulk and more tawards little and often that would be better

  • Yeah but I want to eat plums NOW.. (I might regret saying that lol) not two weeks after I bought them when they have slightly ripened at home .. but then even that is sometimes not possible.. they dont ripen at all.. they go from hard to yuck

  • It sounds like people are arguing that tonnes of veg discarded for cosmetic, logistic, or commercial reasons is somehow tied into food poisoning.

    Please stop deliberately blurring the fairly clear lines.

    Oh.. Wait... It's the internet...