How I chill out

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  • I feel a bit over-whelmed again. I get over stimulated from seeing people, going back to the city, driving. So I bought a caravan a few years ago and stuck it on a 52 week site not too far from home so I could go and chill whenever I felt the need. It kept me sane until I could get out of the city.

    We moved to a very secluded village back in April, and its quieter here than at the caravan park, so when my contract was up (last weekend) I moved my lovely old caravan onto the drive here. She is right down the drive, cant see her from the house. And I have just "packed a bag" of goodies - DVD, chocolate, crisps, milk for a cuppa, cat milk for the slinky ones, and I'm off to spend a few hours in my caravan down the drive!

    Men have sheds, I have a 22 year old caravan :D

    How do you chill out?

  • Last Sunday afternoon I went for a long bike ride to the High Peak Trail. I got to the start of the trail about 4.30, and the snack bar was still open so I stocked up. Onto the trail, and rode down it almost 'til the end (a couple of hours or so). There was no-one else around, and by that time it was pitch dark and the sky was really clear so I just sat there in the middle of nowhere, gazing up at the stars eating chocolate :) I saw a couple of satellites come over, and a weird cluster of distant stars that I would have to know what I was talking about to be able to explain.

    Got home, had a Chinese takeaway. Unhealthy, but I think I'd earned it after 40 miles.

    I'm thinking of repeating the whole thing tomorrow :)

  • We ahve a little spot where we are allowed to wild camp. We have a fire to cook on and i sleep in a hammock and wake up to the sounds of the woods.


    I am going to put attachment points in my geodesic dome and i am going to build a decent shed at the allotment with a comfy chair and coffee making facilities as a place to just get away from the world for an hour or two


  • A bit different...I chill out by tearing round at break-neck speed on my motorbike, the faster I go the more chilled out I end up. Don't ask me why. It's a release of sorts I suppose.

  • Yup me too. driving helps keep me chilled. However there are big differences between driving here in England where i am now and driving in Scotland where i used to be.... Scotland you can really put your foot down 100+ is the norm up there lol.

  • I would love to take off into the countryside (well farther than where I live) and be at one with nature and I find myself wanting to do this more and more but I get scared.. stupid really isnt it, nearly 50 and I get scared.

    I chill out with getting engrossed in something on the screen, a good film, documentary or what ever, just as long as it takes me away from my thoughts and the daily grind a while. I find a nice cosy blanket and some comfort fodder helpful too..

    Having a longterm condition which leaves me with a certain degree of cognitive function when it comes to thinking, processing and memory, its like a good story puts a space in the chaos :)