Recumbent cycling

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  • hiya, Tim so is it trikes or bikes you build? i volunteered at Re-cycle (a social enterprise with now charity then)for a year or more in swansea and we put a couple of bicycle junkers together for people who had back complaints but couldnt afford a recumbent , but what im getting at is dont under-sell your junkers they are priceless to those who need them and have you a social services workshop where you are one of ours has a cycle department with tools and they sometimes look for helpers to teach basic repairs (now the picture has come up can see thats a trike)

  • When it comes to my junkers.....I build bikes trikes quads I even built a six wheeler offroad HPV tank and a handcycle wheelchair adaption......I love junkers never sold them though it was a sideline with my business, and i gave them away,
    basically I had a scrapyard and each morning I would look upon the piles of everyone else's rubbish and just see where inspiration led me lol also building a junker was a good way to try out a new idea I had without investing in new materials, I would give anything to get back into building them, give me a shed to live in an garden to grow food and some tools to build with,, I'm not religious but that would be my heaven.

  • The above trike I built for a family in Kettering and. I was homeless for their autistic kid who had never ridden a bike he had absolutely no sense of balance, I got on well with the family and they let me stay there and have free food and board I. Return for building it for them truth is it took me 2 days to build and I had only a welder a grinder and the toolsni had in my rucksack so it wasn't one of my best bikes but I did what I could with what I. Could find lol
    The rear seat part made it very heavy but the kid was only ever gonna ride it on the flat in his yard it I tell ye what rode beautifully lol

  • The truth of the matter is lowconvoy....... I need to either start my business again or find a job cos much as I would enjoy building bikes for people just for fun and in truth if I didn't need money I would ......
    Recumbent bikes trikes and anything HPV is my passion it a vastly underused form of transport and most people that don't ride bikes usually it's just becouse of health issues or the balance saddle sore etc recumbent get rid of most of those problems , when I rode my junkers around initially the response from the public was ridicule......I taught back with a good attitude and got those people to have a go on it.....90% of them you saw a massive childish grin and you couldn't get them off the damn thing.....
    Great feeling,
    So I suppose I do t undersell them I just know when. I start building again they will be a side project to be enjoyed but I will unlikely make a living from them lol

  • Also I'm Into sharing ideas with regards to my building, I have a way to build wheel hubs that costs nothing but your time and some tools , hubs are very expensive to build , but anyone wishing to learn how to build them for free is welcome to have a chat with me and I will share freely,
    You may have noticed I love talking lol

  • If I won the lottery it think I would buy a decent camper with onboard workshop........and go around the world finding hippies and non hippies that want bikes ....sit down with them over a nice cuppa , and build people their dream bikes just for fun lol

  • Your 12 months early sadly, but I'm hoping to have some serious acres in the south west in 12 months time.

    Do you need 3k to start the business, or is it actually doable with 3k of confirmed pre orders? What I mean is that if ukh members committed to buying your first however many cycles (don't know the likely unit cost), would that be enough?

    I just wonder whether that's an easier pitch than a fairly informal investment plea?


  • I only have two confirmed pre orders from existing customers, I need that sort of money to secure the workshop I have lined up for 6 months and to get the tools I require again , steel, parts etc to get building,
    I have run the business before,
    If the job centre get their arse In gear lol and give me back my business plan I have that to wave around too lol its been signed of as viable by my business advisor,
    If I dont get it back by tommorow I will!l have to re write the damn thing,
    The investment question wasn't Aimed at any one person , Nice as that would be there are few people in this world that would help no matter how good my idea was,
    My question was if anyone knew of any legal business financiers who take Into account the business idea and plan more so than the dredid credit checks , as I ran my business through my ex wife and she is none to friendly towards me, and never having had a bank account before my credit history is as one would imagine non existent lol

  • I think you might have missed the 'between the lines' element of my post.

    Would 3k's worth of pre orders (money up front) be as good as 3k of investment? How many unit pre orders makes 3k?

  • OK I did miss that point sorry lol
    For 3000 let's see my average sale price depending on model was between 3 and 400 so between 6 and eight orders ,
    But I have never made a bike with up front cash before?
    Tbh if it did work like that if I could just sell 2 or three bikes I could at least get started ,
    I like the idea but I never met any one of my customers who would of payed up front without first seeing a working prototype, catch 22 I can't even make the prototype at this time,
    And yes I know I sound defeated but I'm beginning to realise I'm going have to most likely go stack some shelves for a few years and save up lol

  • Ok. Next step...

    Photos of previous designs... Sketches... Not junkers, but proper models worth the estimated unit price mentioned above.

    Do you have some? Would you be prepared to make a small run of more of less the same model for a few people?

    Have you got a photobucket account that you could upload sketches/pictures too?

  • Sounds like a plan, it can't hurt to try I suppose,
    I never had any trouble selling them when I had the bikes to show this is a new avenue for me but got nothing to loose, will get started doing me on paper designs. And thank you for your thoughts "ffs" put that like I did cos your username could me misunderstood lol

  • Happy to help with ideas around marketing / web design. I'm sure there's probably a few ukh types who would knock up a web site very cheaply.

    Twitter and face-ache would be useful too.

  • Never been online before with regards to anything more than emails,
    And up until now Ive never wanted to run officially, off grid lifestyle dictated discretion so known by the crazy scruffy hippy that makes shit, hardly worthy of a logo lol
    I'm off this morning to have an interview with a car dealership as valeter to get funds the old fashioned way lol
    Fingers crossed.

  • Well up to you of course, and I admire the off-grid stance. That said, I'm sure there's plenty of us ready to advise on alternative advertising options...

  • I'm still going to do your idea ffs, but with one small difference, I'm going to build my new ideas in reality, patent the fkers .....before I plaster them all over this internet and end up having some big company take credit lol and for that I need to sort my funds out,
    I want to be the guy that sells them for my price not slap a label on them and quadruple the price just for a name my whole principle in what I want to do in life is make these things affordable to everyday folk,