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  • Me too, not a smoker, an odd drink (wine) here and there, mainly when I am surrounded by good company.

    I don't need a drink to feel good, so I am thinking about stopping it totally. It has became a habit more than addiction, it's this social BS that everyone asks " Oh why you don't drink? Are you a Muslim? An alcoholic? Why you don't go to pubs or go out on saturday night? "

    Having said that, I drink kombucha every day, for health purposes, and I make it myself. It's been said that kombucha can have up to 5% of alcohol, as it's fermented tea, but I don't think it's that much. i drink a glass daily, and some times I forget.

  • Same here.. gave all the good stuff up years ago... found if I changed my perspective I never ever really need it for a good night at all...

    Now and them with the odd social pleasure I will have a beer or two at special occasions new year or birthdays..

    I think I originally did everything because I just followed my freinds and family and thought that's what you did.. later I relised I didn't need to...

    Now am the designated driver and get the blessing to see them all home safe... lol

  • Whilst I am aware of the forums name I joined because I am just just a van dweller. I hardly fit the dictionary definition of a hippy. But a good rural park up, book, hammock, food etc hits the spot for me nowadays and I've had decades of an adrenaline fueled life. Seems I may bump into someone similar one day.

  • I can't call myself a hippy, gave up smoking in 1989 still drink but not to the extent that I did in the 70s, my, I remember smellin of drink turning up for work the next day shame on me, I've never taken drugs though and I'm a van dweller which drew me to this forum.
    I do spend quite a bit of time on my phone and on this forum, don't live alone but may as well do the converston from husband is virtually nil.
    I should get out more but can't be bothered, I think I fit the category of being depressed as sometimes I can't be arsed to do anything.
    you lot on here help me get through the day.

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  • Wow, cant quite believe how some views are quite anti rather than coming across as nah it's not for me. One mans meat is another mans poison. Well, I'm 52, been on road a long time, party, love the party and festivals still, if there isnt a big sound system banging out ferocious psy trance and techno, then its no party for me. I dont drink as it does not suit me and I dont enjoy the hit, never really did like it. I dont like being around drunk and beyond people as it gives off an angry aggy air about a place, but that's what folk choose, if a person is a toker and bemoans someone doing a different drug, they have no right to judge, a drug is a drug. A weed blazer cant knock or judge a person for chugging on a crack pipe, its their thing and thats it. I dont blaze much, doesnt suit me to be toking all the time, yet it's someone elses food, i love my party tackle pills etc, and to be honest, I feel much more attuned to be being around others on a similar trip than a group of heavy drinkers, piss heads one would call it I suppose, being up on pills is much more happy enlightening, light and a mind exploratative place.

    No one can have an opinion unless it's been experienced. Yes all drugs are bad for some folk if they have no self control or are in a bad place and using drink and or drugs as an escape mechanism, but they suit an awful lot of good folk who have the exact right attitude and doing good things in life. It's like blowing out the cobwebs of the mind, letting your mind get into a heightened state where its totally unshackled and can exude emotions and feelings that are unsurpassed and inaccessible form no other source. Trust me I know this, the enlightened hit opening up channels in the brain on a good hit from LSD or MDMA done safely cannot be reached or attained by meditation and breathing air or non ingestion of a mind altering substance. I meditate, its enlightening, empowering, energising yes, all of that, but it isnt a patch on the temporary hit form a wee ingestion. You meditate on a wee drop of MDMA and you'll meditate like you never meditated before and will reach places and a state of being within the self that you never knew existed. I'll not encourage anyone, but my experience, its shown me and taken me to places of the deep inner self to gain greater understandings that could not be reached otherwise , the depth of connecting with the self via LSD is an experience that unless someone has felt the urge and done it, you'll never know and I cant describe it as it's different for everyone, I dont do LSD/mushrooms now but I know I could never reach that via weeks of meditation.

    Meditate, go on a trip, come back, meditate again. those that have done this will know of what I speak, feels like your mind has been hoovered with the most amazing cleansing you could ever imagine. I'm just describing how it is as there's those who do not understand and will say oh I hate drugs and takers without having experienced them. There's a clarity that I cant find through meditation alone. And you dont have to constantly do these things to reach that state, once you have done these, the brain doesnt forget, it doesnt just give you a hit then thats it, it does have changing effect by opening up energy channels in the brain and opens up senses of perception that cannot and does not happen unless ingestions have occured, we have special receptors wired into the brain that are specific and only there for reacting certain substances, same as it is with weed and hash. We have receptors that react positively with ingesting the components of the like of shrooms, LSD, MDMA (sassifras oil) ayahausca, peyote etc. If we didnt have the receptors that react to these things when we ingest then nothing would happen. These are natures things, we are of nature and have the means hard wired into the brain to react and process substances to react in the way they do when we ingest. no one can tell me we are not hired wired to be able to ingest substances. After being friendly with LSd and mushrooms for quite some time in my life, being a captain sensible with it which I count myself lucky as some are not able to control it, I know the deeper connections made with life and the inner self could not be opened or accessed without having a period of my life taking these things, its a far deeper level than if I had of stayed straight. With meditation now, its a different kettle of fish and so much more after having these experiences.

  • Inventive Tom - seems to have deserted this thread some years ago (again, I wake up and join a thread a few years too late).

    No, of course you don't need drugs to appreciate nature. There is no 'prescribed way' to do things right. And as per your entry #20 - Maccaroons are definitely not the right way to apprecaite nature. Maccaroons DO NOT RULE! They are just expensive meringues! [I can give you a really good Otto Lenghi recipe for a meringue by the way.]

    This thread is great. Where the outsider druggies, get ousted by even further leftfield outsiders, with tendancies who don't do drugs but have druggy kind of leanings. Who could possibly be more lost?

    The West took drugs too far. You are not supposed to shovel them down your thoat instead of food. The trick is to do them every now and then and not ritually.

    Then again, there will be those who disagree - so: whatever rocks your boat. We can't pretend there is an absolute formula applying to each individual. I have had great conversations with druggies (and dead-end ones). I have had great conversations with non-druggies (and dead-end ones). What's your point 'Inventive' Tom?

    Where has Inventive Tom gone?

  • I hate people who take drugs, like the police, customs etc

    Yeah right, they're fuckers for taking drugs. It's nothing short of theft, taking something that does not belong to them, theft is a crime. [plod][plod][plod] . I'm quite happy removing drugs out of circulation on my own, I dont need their help to dispose of them :insane::boing::insane: