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  • sorry if this is in wrong forum..

    Last night I had some real weird dreams .. I have had lots of dreams lately that seem to have significant characteristics.. these used to happen alot during my thirties.. but went a bit quiet in my forties..

    Last night it involved a tsunami and aliens ..

    Think tsunami means big changes... ?

    Do you have vivid characteristic and apt dreams at certain points of your lives?

  • I quite often have vivid dreams - often they come true as well. Sometimes the only time your mind is quiet and still is when you are asleep and then you are more open to recieving wisdom. Dreams might be messages that you need to here or even ways of sorting out the day's events in your head. If you can remember them it is with good reason.

  • Dreams can be very wise...and often have many messages hidden within them....and trying to work their puzzle out can be very confusing and many times causes us to "Overthink" its Meaning Or Messages ...and when we "Overthink" we then to "Miss..Not See Etc" ..What Is Hidden Simply In Plain Sight.

    So if you do Remember your Dreams Then You Are Remembering Them For A Reason ..Usually To Help And Guide You And Also Give You Peace And Comfort Too...But Yes..Sometimes there can be Hidden Warnings Etc Within Them Too ....
    Usually The Warnings Are To Do With "Bad Choices Or Poor Judgements Etc" So therefore they try to guide us away from the Negative And Give Us A Gentle Soft Nudge Or Push To The Positive Instead:))

    So my advice to anybody who seeks understanding to their Dreams ..
    "LOOK At Think And Focus And See Towards The Simple..Plain..Things In Plain Sight Rather Than The Overthinking Complex Ones You See :))

  • I usually have very vivid dreams, and recurring themes in them. They generally tend to be more like nightmares than dreams, except its like watching them from inside a bubble, I know I'm participating in them, but I have always had the sense its a dream. Not quite enough of a sense to become lucid though. I recently started taking turmeric powder in capsules, for a pain in my back, and ever since, my dreams have become really really strange. I had a dream the other night were I could have sworn I was wide awake in bed, I could see my partner at the side of me asleep, and yet there was a ring of figures, stood in a circle around me, looking down. One was stood through the bed! And the were all talking in a language I couldn't understand, and looking at me. And that was all that happened. Me watching them, watching me. But not scary in the slightest, just really odd.

    I also get night terrors frequently, but they seem to have stopped to make way for this new strange dream... Id love to know what my brain is trying to tell me...

  • I have recently had dreams about ex-girlfriends, nothing sexual, just meeting them in ordinary places, and not all at once, a different ex on different nights in a different dream. :S