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  • Hi all..

    Read a thread farther down about filtering water for drinking purposes.. but I want to ask you all about rainwater.. not for drinking as such.. but for washing my hair!!

    I thought it was my meds that made my hair so awful, but my recent month in Australia showed me how glossy and shiny could be again.. it must be my water..

    Our water is horrible.. I have even complained to SW water with only the excuse its the area we live.. its very hard water indeed but I felt it had gotten worse over last year at least. .(with others on FB saying same).. so I didnt get anywhere.. thought about getting my water tested independently to see if that flags anything up but not sure how expensive that can be.. and well, am skint lol

    Anyway.. I collect rain water in a butt ( an old wheelie bin with connection to my drainpipe).. I just wondered if I boiled this water in a pot specifically for that only that I could wash my hair in it.. the water is prob very stagnant to be fair..

    Whats your thoughts, ideas etc ?


  • The water is very hard up here in the East Midlands, too.
    I guess there are a couple things to be considered, like how clean is the actual rainwater when it gets into your wheelie bin - for example, what sort of a roof does it run over? Asphalt roofing would be worse than tiles, for example. All roofs have dust and debris dropped by birds, etc. Then there is how long it's been in the butt, with maybe insects breeding in it if it's stagnant.
    So perhaps if you put it through a fine filter first, then maybe boiled it for at least three minutes - seven minutes is supposed to kill most bacteria - it should be okay for hair-washing.

    Washing the hair with less than clean water isn't likely to harm the hair, it's more the idea of it getting into eyes, mouth, nostrils, that might be worrying. There's some information here below about cleaning rainwater, but this is for drinking it. However, when its safe to drink, it should be more than safe for washing your hair.

  • Thanks Keith for these wise words... I had been giving it some thought since posting and my butt has no drainage from the bottom.. ie a tap.. I take water from it via an old milk carton from the top to water my plants in summer.. so water in it specially at the bottom is probably very minging indeed.. and as for the rubbish that comes off roof etc.. never really gave that a thought either..

    But I did think about perhaps having a separate container just sitting in garden to collect rain with some fine filtering material over top of it just for purpose of washing hair.. would prob be less water should we have a warm and dry summer however, but \i just wanted to give it a try..

    Thanks again for the link :)

  • Could you not make a filtration system? Fit a plastic tap to the wheelie bin like you get on water butts. Then simply turn the tap on and fill a bucket with your filtration system in between. Then boil and it should be all good.


    Could do something similar to this to create your filter. Just have to recreate natures filters.

    Also, you could add a layer of charcoal under the fine sand layer, it will help remove some chemical contaminants. I'd probably omit the 'rocks' and use a fine washed grit. I'd use a layer of muslin between the layers just for separation, not necessary I suppose, just me being me.