Why should it make me feel *odd* ?

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  • For the last couple of years I have slowly come to realise that I have nothing to offer the 21st century modern life and its workings.

    I am poor therefore I cannot participate in the economy much. I have no disposable income to splash out on unnecessary rubbish and what little bit I do have spare, goes on what I need. That could be anything from new shoes, to chocolate. After all... chocolate is a must .. sometimes :)

    Shoes? During a college course a few years ago, a guy in the class made a comment to one of the female class members after she was talking about how many pairs of shoes she had and how she loved them. He asked her why? Why do you have so many pairs of shoes. You can only wear one pair at a time. It has stuck with me since.

    Sorry that thought just walked away .. anyway.. what am trying to say is I dont want the 21st century clutter in my life. I dont conform to how we are expected to be. I cant, its not possible. My body and mind is pretty much half cocked to what it used to be. I couldnt keep up and I would start to feel like am drowning in trying. So where is my place on earth? What is my place on earth?

    A film that stuck with me was Avatar. The message it sent and I feel like that is what is happening, but not on another planet (yet) but our own Mother Earth. Money.. there is no going back now is there.. earth depends on money, or at least the people of earth depend on money and old simpler, natural and better ways are railroaded because its not productive and quick enough. Is it possible to go back to living through a good turn for a good turn, a fair trade.

    I dont get envious of those who have it all. Perhaps I get a little envious of the freedom they maybe have from worry, but then the more you have the more you worry about and the more you have to loose. A lottery win would be fantastic, oooh just think of that money.. but even then, what a huge responsibility that would be, well for me anyway, because I am not materialistic .. which I think makes me one of the lucky ones. It means I adapted to austerity and being poor much easier than say my old college classmate who loved her shoes so much. I dont feel agrieved. Perhaps I sometimes feel a little *pompous* and feel a little superior if thats the right way to describe it.. I am far richer in so many ways.. ones that I think that matter.... However, I have to say, a windfall enough to fashion myself a nice vehicle to bugger off in .. thats totally different :p

    I could go on and on but I feel I may get myself in an angry kinda stew as I delve deeper in to what I dislike about the world today.. but thats the crux of it..

    So, why does this make me feel odd? It shouldnt .. should it?


  • A nice piece thistle, you're not alone in thinking like that.

    I would disagree that people with money are free from worry, I think the more people earn then more they spend. I have known a few relatively high earners that were doing crazy long hours and were petrified of loosing their jobs due their high outgoings and the potential loss of status.

    No you shouldn't feel odd, after all the modern mess is only 70 or so years old, we've been here a while longer than that.

  • It doesn't really matter if you feel odd or not as long as you are happy and content with being you!

    Are you odd? Well, if you define odd as being different to most people, then yes I suppose you are. But I think that actually most people are odd and that you have got the right idea :)

  • You do have something very important to offer this Mans World ....And that is
    Chained Thistle "BEAUTIFUL COLOUR" ....And always remember that this
    Mans World Needs Colour As Sadly There Be To Much GREY ....with its Greed Destruction..Selfishness Etc Etc and No Respect For Anything ....

    So People Like "You" And Many On Here Who May Think They Be "Odd Or Different Or Weird etc etc " Are Not ....You Are The "BEAUTIFUL C0LOURS" that this Mans World Needs Otherwise It Would Be Just "GREY..DULL..LIFELESS" etc etc ..
    Because We Bring Life...Create Life...Protect..Respect And Love All Life...We Are Not Bound By Mans Worlds Chains And Rules ...No...We Are Free And Free Thinking And Clearly See What "THE GREYS" Do Not ....
    So We Are And You Are "THE COLOUR" that This Mans World Need ...The Voices That Speak Out...We Are Free In Heart Mind Body Spirit And Where You/We Go And Walk Upon This Mans World Earth....
    "YOU/WE Always Bring And Add "BEAUTIFUL COLOUR" To Mans "GREY WORLD"
    Or As The Native American People/Tribe The Cree Say And Believe In And Teach Wisdom To Me When Being Raised That I Am And You/We/Us Are
    ."The Rainbow People" :))

    So No Chained Thistle You Are NOT (Odd) ...You Are "BEAUTIFUL COLOUR":):)

  • Yup, the more you got..the more you worry about. we don't own a house or land , and we live our lives making do and getting by, and don't know what the future holds for us. I'm envious of you not having a lot, as stuff bogs you down and traps you, we are slowly getting rid of stuff now, does that make me odd, wanting less ? I feel as I was born in the wrong time and would prefer to have lived a much simpler live. Fair trade sounds good, I used to work for someone that had animals and land but not much money, a few hrs work used to result with me going away with eggs (ducks and hens ) pints of goats milk, a large homemade cake, jam's or preserve's , depending of the time of year, it was great ,but the garage wouldn't take eggs as payment for fuel :(, so money is a necessary evil i'm afraid. I like the words in Seasick Steves song, " I started out with nothing, and still got most of it left + They can't take what I haven't got "
    By the way, I know that i'm odd, as my wife tells me that every day lol

  • Ah Pete.. your post made me smile alot and I could have written that myself.. especially about feeling like I was born in the wrong time.. I feel that too.. very strongly.. think I might add misunderstood to odd.. I wonder if my list will grow lol :)

  • Money and all of that pressure to earn loads and then proceed to spend it on 'can't live without conveniences' I don't buy into that myself (no pun intended)
    Personally I like to keep all of that at arms length I feel it's not good for you, but most folks are too blinded by the lights to realise it
    themselves and it's far too easy to get caught up in the rat race.
    yes it's good to work and earn some money , but it;s also true that folks who earn more, waste more.
    Anyway, nice post and you certainly asre not alone, reminded me of the story of stuff

  • It worries me slightly that being poor does not seem to be a problem, but, oh what you would do with a small windfall is on your mind. To be truly happy with your lot means surely that you should not feel the need for the "what if" scenario,no?

  • Modern life and the whole tech / money stuff is easy to get sucked into, and a nightmare to get out of.

    Although to be fair i don't think its the tech, but the marketing men who try to convince us we need all the shite just to live.

    So, i am off to buy an i phone lol.

  • I'm sure I often get thought of as 'odd' when I produce my mobile phone, a Nokia 3310 from about 2001, and still going strong.
    No contract, it's still on pay as you go, and generally £10 worth of credit lasts me a couple of months.
    But it works for me, and I see no reason to change it, although I hear phones are a bit different now, and some do pretty much everything you want, 'cept maybe wipe your ass; but no doubt they're busy working on that one.

    As said above, it's just marketing hype that sells new stuff that most folks just don't need. But marketing makes them feel they want it, and wanting it is easy to take for needing it, unless you think first. With enough justification, wanting it soon becomes needing it, unless you mentally step aside to figure it all out.

    I'm almost as bad as some modern folks in one or two small ways, though. I like to look through the tools when we go into Aldi, for example.:whistle: These are the 'Men's Toys', as my missus likes to call them.
    I rarely buy anything, because there is nothing there that I actually need, unless I've just recently broken something, that can't be repaired. But the call is there, the urge to take a look, no doubt about it.
    My mate is worse, he hangs on in Aldi looking for ages. He kind of collects tools, two or three of each, even power tools, and then stows them away and loses them for awhile. His missus bawls him out sometimes, across the shop, must be pretty embarrassing:
    'Come away from them tools, you silly bleeder!'

    Most of us on here are probably thought of as a bit odd by folks who are entirely materialistic. But we just don't hear the advertising call like some folks do. Or if we do, we tend to ignore it, because we know its hype, its b/s, and really it is slowly destroying the Earth.

  • I always believe these simple few words that describe today's world and Most ..

    When you have Nothing And You Struggle...
    Everything Simple Thing You Have Is Appreciated And You Are Thankful For Even The Little You Have :)

    When You Have Everything And You Do Not Struggle......
    Nothing You Have Is Appreciated As You Have It ...And You Are Never Thankful For What You Have ...
    Because You "Always Want More" :((

    So me having little and being happy is seen by Others
    As "Me Being Odd"...Because To Them Others Who Call Me "ODD"
    "I should Want "MORE" So How Can I Ever Be Happy With "So Little" !