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  • Hi all

    Not sure why I am here to be honest, well actually, no.. I do.. sort of.. I guess its the start of my journey.

    I am finding myself (at nearly 50) looking back to when I was my young fit self and wondering why the heck did I not think and feel what I do now about the world and my place in it because if I did, my life might have followed a totally different path. I look back and think how carried along on the wave of how we are taught to live and was so influenced by so many factors that I feel I have wasted so many years not being me, but then if I am honest, I dont suppose I really knew who I was. I hit 40 and when they say life begins, it kinda all ended for me and I had a major turn around in how I had to live my life.

    Last year, I suppose pushed along by my health condition, I started to feel very suffocated with life. I just felt more and more that bricks and mortar just brought/bring more and more complications, more things to think about and I started to get this impending need to break loose of all the shackles that hold me in this way.

    I got the amazing opportunity to spend a month down under and although this trip of a lifetime was somewhat curbed I have come back to Blighty to find that all these shackles that hold me in life as it is, feel like they have tightened.

    I have known people who live free'er .. one living in a yurt and the other who lives in his van and I find myself envying them greatly.

    So .. I guess really.. am here for inspiration and looking for answers to my questions in the hope that what information available to me here might aid or deter me to take this feeling further..

    I shall probably read/look on with great envy to those of you who do and admire you all for taking a step away from society in that way..

    I look forward to getting to know you all

    Thistle :)

  • Hiya welcome aboard.

    Regrets don't help much, try to think of them more as little pushes towards what you could be doing, once you know what you want, why not give it a try?

    What happened in Australia?

  • And I look forwards to getting to know you Thistle :)

    Hindsight is good, helping build us stronger. Regrets can sap our energy, make us anxious, fearful of f*cking up again. The only difference between the two, in my own mind? Perception.

    I'm only 29. There's some things I regret. Many things I look back on and wonder what would have happened if I knew then what I know now. Failed relationships, twiddling my thumbs, not travelling enough. I'm sure when I reach your age, I'll have many more, and it'll be even harder not to view them as regrets. But I'll do my best :)

    I'd also try not being too envious on the many free spirits on here. I've lived in caravans and boats, and have thought about vans. They are so liberating and close to nature, but when there's a leak; you're having to carry services many have grown accustomed to being pumped into their homes; when a neighbor forces the council to pay a visit....there's benefits to having a dry home, that's not such a struggle to keep warm, and when you're not in fear of being evicted.

    Right now, I'm happy to be sat from my room supping a cold one - liquid DnB lulling me towards bed. Not very 'hippy' - but, like you, I'm still here because I feel this community is more of a kindred spirit than any other Forum on the web.

    Let's hope we both find some answers to our life's unanswerable questions :)

  • Hi FriedOnion .. Australia was awesome .. however, I traveled alone and once there I was living within the constraints of an elderly (although very active) couple .. so my itinerary was very much tailored by them .. I feel I missed out on the more earthy things I enjoy.. like sunsets/rises, the stars and every thing au naturale .. if that makes sense..

    I know what I want or at least the beginning to build apon.. and that is a real fire.. sounds daft perhaps.. small compact space and a real fire.. :)

  • Hi Kier.. I hear what you say about the less glorious side of living on the hop.. that has crossed my mind.. along with feeling safe.. met a lady a few weeks ago now, has a big house in a very big garden.. I just happened to say.. oh. I can see my shack here .. with its wee chimney pumping out the smoke from my log burner, cosy and warm .. perhaps I am romanticizing it all a bit ..I do recall my younger years and bunking with mates who lived in houses which were freezing cold and how we burned almost anything on the coal fire to keep warm.. being cold and damp is not pleasant one little bit.. and thats the other thing.. I am not in my younger years no more. I feel the cold to my bones .. !!

  • Haha, wise. As long as you've got a safe net to fall into :) I helped my aunt put up a timber home a couple of years back now, and it's that ideal balance: she's close to nature, and living on the land she's nurtured, but it's so much better than the breezeblock farm building or caravan she had to survive in since I left home and she got kicked out of her rented accomodation. You sound like you've got your head screwed on :)

    I'm calling it a night now - but hopefully catch you real soon x

  • Hi and welcome, at 50 life has really just begun you know, hold on cos this is where your journey gets exciting :waves: