Mental Health Issues - How to get help for someone

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  • Hi all,

    I can't think of where else I could get some advice on this situation from. Long story short, a family members mental health has deteriorated significantly over the last couple of weeks and has been really bad the last week. All the family are worried and we've tried our hardest to get him to see a doctor.

    We've had police out because he has been violent, has been aggressive and is not talking or acting coherently. He has been stopping random people in the streets and preaching, talking to people who are not there and has been really confused about reality. He is very delusional and thinks everyone is out to get him. He has had a lot of stress relating to his personal life and has been taking a significant amount of cannabis over the last few months.

    The only problem is we have been trying to get doctors and police involved all weekend and they are refusing to help because although he is showing signs of mental illness he hasn't 'actually' hurt himself or anyone else yet. It is only a matter of time and I can't believe they are going to wait for that to happen. He will NOT go to a doctor because he believes there is nothing wrong with him - how can we possibly get help then??

    Does anyone know how else we can go about getting him some help? We can't have him pushed to something terrible just because the authorities don't want to help and wondering if there's any other ways we can get him the help he needs. We're running around in circles with 111 and its getting us no where.

    Thanks in advance.

  • This is typical of the feeling/s of the day - prioritising where funding and resources and targeted too.
    Cannabis has some good qualities that can assist in the calming/relaxing nature that it allows one to be in - however - "taking a significant amount of cannabis over the last few months". is not the answer, just as Alcohol can "refresh the parts", Any kind of over-indulgence can have Negativeconsequences. (is weening off an option?)
    - Group 'therapy' can also help - although perhaps it would be an idea to make it in a somewhat informal manner - i.e. social gathering(?)
    - If the member is 'ex-service' then there may be the option of certain associations that can assist(?)
    - There are also Voluntary groups (I think "Pinnacle People") that can offer some kind help
    Hope you can get some kind of Support

  • He doesn't think there's anything wrong so nothing like that is going to help. He's not under 25 so no luck there. Going to have to just see it out and see if it gets worse :(

  • Hi I sm full time carer for Mrs me who has severe mental health problems and I work in the system. It is a bloody nightmare! Depends where you live determines services recieved sadly. Have same issues with emergency care. Let local Mind know, local mental health services and police the problem in case of and I recommend seeing or speaking to their gp. I know the system so can answer questions if you need.

  • Do you have a local crisis team? Your GP surgery should have the number, they are amazing in a pinch. They can provide advice and support to carers/family, even if the person involved does not consider themselves to be ill (which a lot of people don't). Mind are also great, I have used their crisis number a few times for various issues, the number is on their website.

    I really hope you get the support you need, and that your relative is able to accept your help.

  • I read your post the GP is a good start they can refer to mental health services ... If things break down quickly and its out of hours ring your GP and when you get transferred to out of hours person ask to be put through to mental health service ask for the crisis intervention team ...I read you were struggling to get support from them but they should help you be really firm ...if there are risks towards public or the mentally ill person the police can help by removing the person to a place of safety ! Problem is often the GP is out of their depth with mental health issues ! Hope you get some help soon