life of food without fridge

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  • summer time dairy products dont really last too long at all. Depending on where you are spending you summer.
    There are ways of keeping foodfresh, Bucket of water, sometimes those old hard case ice boxes can be good for chilling stuff.
    cupboards and dark cool places are good to store things away.
    If you stock a lot of lentils and pulses, dry food with long shelf life... and nip to the shops and buy small quantities of dairy or other perishables.
    Tins of coconut milk and uht can be good substitutes.
    Failing that just eat out a lot.

  • I had no fridge, well one that worked, until this year when I replaced the old fridge. Milk lasted 7 days instead of 2 to 3 days max without. Meat products were just safer if not consumed on the day of purchase. With me planning a meal often went tits up depending on my activities. Knowing food isn't wasted is a great relief and saves lots of money and increase choice of foods purchased.

  • DO NOT BUY CREAM CHEESE. That is disturbing without a fridge.

    I've not had one since March and sadly, I've wasted a lot of food. Cool, dark areas are better, and I shop more regularly as a result. Buy cheese from the deli as you can get two days worth. I've stopped drinking tea with milk, but buy lactose-free individual portion UHT milk, for when I fancy a bit of cow juice. Use butter not marg. Get a vegetable bag.

  • Terracotta pots are good and you can make a simple evaporation fridge from 2 of them. (zeer pot) basically one inside the other, lined with wet sand, and covered with a damp towel.
    Although not very practical in a vehicle, they work well outside.

    I tend to store my veg in a ceramic pot or 2 , in the van, in the bottom of a dark cupboard and cover it with bubble wrap from a padded envelope and a towel, this works well enough for me and the bubble wrap helps to insulate, and also stop the pot from breaking when driving.

  • Get the largest clay plant pot you can get your hands on , soak in water , place food inside and cover whole thing with wet towel , and place somewhere as cool /shady as you can find evaporation will cause a temp drop inside and keep your milk,cheese etc fresh longer.

    Doh! Ecobob beat me :)

  • Look at it. Smell it. If you can without cooking taste it. If it passes those 3 tests go ahead an cook/eat it. Ignor sell by dates. Cut mold an rot off fruit an veg. Buy fish an eat it. Dont keep it. Meat from big animals keeps longer than small ones or birds so beef the longest then lamb then pork an chicken keeps the shortest. Most meat will be fine for a couple of days an if you cut it small an cook it well. Mince tho can hav offal in it so treat like chicken.

  • I watched a TV programme about mould on food stuff. It pointed out that by the time mould is visible on the outside of fruit and veg, it is past eating as the mould grows deep within the food at the same time it becomes visible on the outside. Often what is visible is the sexual/ reproductive/ defensive part of the fungus. Bread is a great example of this. Often people pick off any signs of fungus on the crust. But under a microscope it showed that it was very invasive within the bread. My sumac has the constitution of a dustbin, how lucky I am.

  • Dairy is dodgy - depends on the environmental climate
    Tins/Cans - are better to manage
    Packets/packages - can be dependant if seals broken
    - a day/two is a reasonable chance to take - however, some things you - and your digestive system - can't take a chance with

  • If ya dont eat it sooner or later it will kill ya! Get used to it an yer system will cope wiv it. I am never ill!

    Easier said than done, I'm the sort that always says to other people, oh yeah, that will be fine, eat it, but I seem to have a sensitive digestive system lol, so I don't always practice what I preach!

  • I have a fridge but have not used it in three years. I stock up on dry foods and tins. I buy vegetables at the roadside, more fun when you have to eat what ever is for sale on the road.

  • I don't have a fridge in my camper, takes up too much room and don't need it anyway. As previously said:

    Wrap your milk cartons in a damp dishcloth, evaporative cooling works better then immersing in water.
    Buy little and often.
    Be prepared to eat a bit of meat two days running to avoid having it hanging around.
    Tinned food is great, never goes off while it's unopened.

    Lived in my van for three months this summer, only times I got caught out was with milk before I started using the wet dishcloth.