Guess who's back... back again.. it's my little C15 wahey!! :D

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  • Well after much deliberation I've decided to keep my C15 on the road for as long as possible whilst I search for a bigger van. I'm not bowled over by what is currently available within reasonable distance so I have decided to be sensible (gawddd that was a hard decision) and to run little Snail as long as he will go. His front tyres are dangerously low tread so I'm treating him to some new ones this morning, and he just got some shiny new tax as well. I'm going to buy myself one of those big instant start jump pack things in case I get stuck, and of course I'll have my comprehensive breakdown... so hopefully no disasters! Also decided that I'm going to practise my bodywork skills on him before I get stuck into a bigger van that will be my home for a while. Little Snail has a nice selection of rust spots and rotted bottoms of doors so I can have a good ol' crack at sanding/cutting all that out and rebuilding.

    Sad that I can't find a bigger van that I'm excited about right now... but got to be sensible! And got to be patient.. good things come to those who wait, after all!

    Wish me luck! [panic][panic]

  • I'm sat in the tyre place right now... don't tempt my non-sensible side cos I'll have monster truck tyres put on with no hesitation if prompted!! ;) Getting excited about little Snail now. Going to strip him back and reinsulate, redesign, reinstall etc :)

  • I'll be posting my progress, no worries about that! Been looking at micro camper layouts and there are some good designs out there, but will need to modify a bit for my needs (mainly push bike transportation).

    Also been testing flower pot heaters... they actually bloody work!

  • I looked at these a while ago, then read it was a myth? Decent amount of heat then raffi? Ill have to get some.

    I mean they're not exactly powerful but after about half an hour they do kick out some heat. The inside flower pot gets hot very quickly (I had three tea lights under a 12cm pot, then a bigger pot over the top of that). It wouldn't warm you up quickly but if you got one on the go it certainly does take the chill off the air. A lot depends on the space you have around it and the size pots etc. I'm experimenting so will let you all know what I come up with! Anyone else have experience with them?

  • Welcome back. That's deffo the sensible option, enjoy what you have untill you get really fired up by another van that you see :) Can't wait to see the redesign pics!

  • Sensible decision Raffi. It's easy to be too eager and buy for the sake of buying but this way you have the chance to wait for the right one to come along - and it will.

    Welcome back.

  • I am looking at vans at the moment but in the real world i just can,t afford one right now.

    Its easy to let the heart rule, but thats how i got in a mess in the 1st place.

    Good things come to those who wait.

  • Guys I'm so blooooody frustrated!!!!!! Spent over £200 on Snail yesterday to get him new tyres and new tax and this morning I go out to start him so I can take my dog to the vets and I turn the key and there was no damn power to the glow plugs. The pigtail light didn't come on and I couldn't hear the relay clicking. *INSERT SO MANY SWEAR WORDS* Tried it a few times and all I was getting was the engine turning over and nothing else. Ended up shaking the steering wheel and saying some more swear words and then magically the light comes on and after the usual rigmarole he started up happy as larry. *******!!!!! Took him into the mechanic on my way home and he just said to move onto another van before I chuck any more money at him.... GRRRR.

  • Bugger. You sure he's not just pissed off coz you ran across the ocean and abandoned him? Try stroking him for a bit and see if it makes a difference. It works for me.

    Going to end up stroking him with a sledge hammer if I go out in this mood... the barrrrrsteward.

  • Aaaaaw hun *hugs* Atleast you get the refund on the tax now when you sell it and if you do end up selling it then the new tyres will be a nice selling point to emphasise to prospective buyers.

  • Well he is obviously in a right mood with me because now whenever I indicate he just does whatever the hell he wants. If I indicate left, the left indicator light at the front flashes really fast and at the back the right one flashes, then the rear lights flash on and off, and then it starts alternating between the two. It's like he is punishing me for going abroad.... *sigh*

  • sounds like a dodgy earth?

    Sounds exactly like a dodgy earth.

    No idea where they all are on a C15, wiring diagram will provide details, obviously the engine earth strap but that should be fine probably, usually one under the dashnearish to the instrument pod, and there will most probably be one at the back of the wiring loom behind one of the rear light clusters which would be my first place to check.

  • My van was doing the fast indicating thing the other week. It was the connections from wiring to rear lights that were all nicely corroded. Scraped it all off and sprayed it with WD40 and its been fine since. Id third the earth issue.

  • I've just noticed this thread, welcome back Raffi and Snail!

    And it definitely sounds like Snail is trying to punish you in the most random ways possible :) Lets hope the problems are manageable and it doesn't let you down too much before you find a bigger van.