What do you all reckon to this van prospect? 1990 Ford Transit WITH PICS

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  • Morning all,

    My good friend sent me some info about a camper that his friend has for sale. It's a 1990 Ford Transit, I think a 190 model but I'm not 100%. It looks to me like it might have been an old ambulance or something.

    From what I can tell, here are the good bits:

    • diesel (I do love a good diesel, oh aye)
    • new cam belt
    • new fabricated aluminium side panels
    • comes with toilet and shower units, double slatted bed and new mattress and cushions, loads of storage units, wooden floor, roof light
    • high roof
    • cute as hell. I love the body shape etc.

    Here are some not so sures:

    • Mileage reads: "06840", so it's gone around the clock... just don't know if 106k or 206k (can ask owner for MOTs etc to prove)
    • Guy says the engine runs fine, but haven't seen it yet so can't verify

    Bad bits:

    • It has windows. Lots of them... so I might have to rethink my stealthiness. Insulation might also be more challenging.
    • Doesn't look well insulated. Think I'd have to strip everything out and insulate better then rebuild. So good and bad there.
    • No MOT. Last MOT expired Aug 2012 so presumably it has been SORN since then.
    • Body looks like it has had some repairs. Might not be a bad thing if rust was dealt with, but might reveal lots underneath.

    The guy has it going for £700 OVNO. Any thoughts? I'd have to drive 150 miles (300 round trip) to have a look at it.

    Thoughts appreciated as ever! :) Raff xx

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  • Sorry for the duplicate threads, guys... when I posted first couple of times it went to a white screen so thought it didn't post. Please delete the other two, mods! :)

  • Raffi, after the hassle with you C15,

    Assuming it is a keeper, you can't go far wrong buying the very best van you can afford.

    Upside is I am pretty confident sure you will learn all about electrics faultfinding trying to make that van work.

    Home made unfinished campers will always need work inside, but the equipment is often expensive, I would put equipment levels at the top priority over the bits you can see, let someone else lose money buying fridges, cookers, water pumps, tanks and heaters. Pywood and decorating is cheap and can be fitted using very few simple power tools, a newish 12 volt fridge can cost 700 quid.

    This van seems to have zero camper equipment, just some badly made tatty cupboards.

    Could be cute though and I bet he would take a lot less than 700 quid.

    To be honest, it looks like a money pit.

  • Good advice, as ever LV. I'm not put off by the work needed inside to be honest, as I'd like to come up with my own mad layout plans and all that fun stuff ;) He says it comes with bathroom equipment like shower and toilet units. Don't think there's a heater with it but I was planning to ask Uncle Ju Ju about a stove anyway. Doesn't look like there is any kitchen stuff as you say... but again I will have a stove and I have been thinking about ways to make a kitchen unit myself.

    I also think he would take less for it. I'm not sure if I would keep it in the long long run.. Guess it depends how it performs.. hmmm...

  • And it had no MOT! If it was easy to get one, he'd have done it and be looking for more cash.

    Lots of windows means forget stealth.

    And it looks tatty enough to get noticed where ever you park for more than an hour or two.

    Keep walking by

    IMPO - for what it's worth.

  • Very good points all! Very good points. I do have a soft spot for that van, but not soft enough to pay over the odds for a non-MOTd, three year SORN, risky kinda thing.

    Just came across a nice looking Sprinter. 1998, low mileage, owned and used by the military from new. Not sure if it has a MOT but its not far from my mums place so i might be able to go look at it at thr weekend or on monday. Looks a clean one, bar some minor dents n dings that me n my enthusiasm would be happy getting stuck into! :)

  • I am not suggesting this van, but I would look at projects like this. People have eyes bigger than their bellies when it comes to camper conversions.


    Heater, fridge and some bits inside, windows, door for the gas bottle fitted, but otherwise a blank canvas and would be an easier at the side of the road project than that transit welfare bus as most of the outside stuff looks done, I am sure the silly go faster stickers can be removed. what weekenders and what FT livers want in a camper van are two different things and you seem quite competent Raffi to do the inside conversion work.

    I have an 03 model and am pleased as punch with it, though they seem to lack love on UK hippies.

  • Sorry to add to a burst bubble but have to agree looks like a money pit, I would look for something more stealthy.

  • No bubble bursting my friends! This is exactly why i ask you guys n gals for advice. Always find it very helpful. Im an optimist and an opportunist so i like to give vans their fair consideration :) Its a shame it hasnt been running n MOTd etc cos i love how dorky it looks haha

  • Gosh, I've got one of those, and noticed another near Poppit Sands, Cardigan, the other day. I bought it without an MOT and ended up paying people to do the work that it needed, expensive! But what a nice thing to drive, I've used it for about a month, 706 miles so far. Look out for it on eBay, or swap me for a boat or moorings!