Where to Live in the UK?

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  • Hi everyone!

    I have just joined this forum, thank you for allowing me to join :)
    I currently live and work in Brighton, Sussex and although I have been here for 8 years and have some wonderful friends here, it's time to move on and start something new.
    Any ideas about good places to live in the UK are really appreciated!
    Recently I travelled to Glastonbury and spent a weekend in the town there. I felt there were like minded people there (like Brighton) and the countryside was nice. Are there other places like this in the UK?
    I really would love to live off grid or in a community but this all seems to difficult to find in the UK?
    I stumbled across diggers and dreamers which was a good site, but thought there must be more places in the UK surely that people are living outside the 'system' or co-housing?

    Thank you again for any tips/websites/pointers!

    Michelle x

  • I would love a place on the river for just that, so I can moor my boat someplace where other people have a common mindset and I can build a dock attached to a large shed :) I think I will need to buy my own bit of land for that though :/

  • Hey there, I did some similar enquiries, of where to live with likeminded folk. Obviously there is Totnes, Stroud, Hebden Bridge too. There is also North Pembrokeshire, around little Newport, too.

    Diggers and Dreamers will definitely show you, via the noticeboard, of the more smaller areas and perhaps more secret ones...

  • It would be worth you coming down to somerset for a few weeks and checking out some of the other towns around. Am struggling to think of somewhere where you wouldn't find people doing the self sufficiency thing...Most of the villages and towns, at the very least, have allotments and strong senses of community. Frome in the east is buzzing with arts, sustainability and boasts a town council made up of independants who really care about the town - lots of very switched on people in Frome. Bruton is the smallest town in england yet boasts a monthly dub club and as for the community here, absolutely fantastic :heart: We have a Greener Bruton Community action group, our town council is also made up of independants who really care about Bruton. Then there are communities and collectives that have been established here for several decades or longer...Tinkers Bubble is probably the best known but there are others.

  • Would it be an idea to have a list on this site of areas and camps where like minded people are welcome?

    This has been discussed at great length over time, and it is generally agreed that posting details of good park ups on an open website could put those park ups out of use; as gaining attention of people with less pleasant motives could well be putting peoples peace, and maybe in worse case, their safety at risk.