What have you 'Wombled' today?

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  • Got a stainless bowl that needed a good scrub out as it was green, and a stand that was made to fit it. Will make a great dog bowl for the garden. At the same time I got a USB wireless dongle as quote "Its shit mate, you cant get the drivers for it."
    Not going to make any comment as regards Microsoft, but plugged it into a Ubuntu laptop, recognised straight away as wlan1 and works great. Think im going to make another wifi range extender with it.

    Was on nights last night so took the lamps from the other day to work. Cleaned in parts washer and chemical. First one, used copper pressure plate from an old steam reducing valve stuck to cardboard which made the new reflector, painted with black ink. Lamp assembly drilled out to take lampholder and lamp. Hopefully can find a nice candle LED to fit.
    Second and third one combined parts to make one. Glass removed, reflector cut to fit and glued in. Painted with black ink. Again, just needs LED lamp fitting.
    Planning on using both of these in the van as going for an old look...



  • No updates for me for a while, so,

    3 hot water heaters, I was looking for either copper or stainless tanks inside, I have want the metal tanks from both, sadly they are all enamelled high carbon steel, I have uses for the ones I have, the steel sheet is handy, but I still , gimme a copper one please.

    Maybe they are rare in France. I will try another 2 or 3 and then give up.

    4 tins of half used but still usable household paint,

    and it probably doesn't count, but I have just dismantled an old Nissan diesel car I used to have sat in my moms barn, the shell was cut up and sent down the recycle yard (2 km up the road) , I will sell the bits on, what doesn't sell in a year, will go down the scrappers. They wanted 100 euro to come and pick it up. For the price of 3 cutting discs, job done. Money saved is money earned.

    Remote 6 plug multi socket with lightning protect, now installed in my moms house so she can turn off the DVD, TV and sat decoder from a simple single button, she can never see the right buttons on the remote controls.

    Some odd copper cables and stuff, a new nomadic washing machine container.

    Some odd long angle iron lengths to make stuff with.

    2 X 1meter satellite dishes with mounts, just a bit green, came with rather skanky looking LNBs, i will give one away and the other will become a motorised dish for the new truck.

    a cute wooden mallet for carpentry work.

    A pair of wood curtain rail supports, I had the pole from a previous expedition, so now we have nice curtains up on one window, the curtains I had from a previous boot sale purchase 4 years ago and I never found a use for them till now.

    And a glass ceiling light, but I paid 2 euro for that from a builder, it still had the 40 euro price tag on it, never fitted, So maybe doesn't count as wombling.

    And lastly but very much least, 4 rolls of silvery wall paper, this will go in Ember V1 to help sell it. It is very rare to find more than the odd single roll.

  • I LOVE your way of thikin with scrounged/wombled stuff!

  • Hammer, no typo and the capital letter is intentional as it is a proper noun.

    Hammer c3 31

    A combination woodworking machine, I am setting up a little wood shop business in the barn, I take delivery in a week or so as the seller had to order some new bearings, they get clogged with wood dust.

    I also put an offer in on some woodworking tools, turning lathes, routers and such , so waiting to see if it is accepted. I will be disappearing off UK hippy for a while after that.

  • Planer and thicknesser,

    a slot morticer, which can be handy, but for the most part my 20 quid boot sale find hollow chisel morticer is easier. The one on this machine can take ages to set up.

    Table saw, inclinable and with a reverse rotation pre scorer for chipboard.

    And a spindle moulder, which is very adaptable. Even use it as drum sander or biscuit cutter.

    I used to have much older smaller Lurem machine but it lacked power for hard woods and the saw/ spindle moulder table was fixed, so I was always scared for my fingers using it, this one you clamp the wood to the moving part of the table so you can keep you fingers a long way from anything that wants to chop them off.

    I was only planning on keeping it two years, if the business takes off I will upgrade to a more serious machine, if it doesn't I will sell it for what it cost.

    And in the meantime use it to make a new truck home and some decent furniture for my mom.

    Mine doesn't have wheels underneath like the one in the picture, but I will add some.

  • Today I Wombled a practically brand new garage door and frame ( from free cycle) it has a working lock and 2 keys and fits my garage - £500 saved result!!!

    good score. I bought a new set of up and over insulated garage door. It's 3750mm wide x 3150mm high complete with all running gear, chain winch. Cost me £102 plus a days graft taking it out of a factory wall today. Owner tells me he paid £2k for it. One of the 5 door sections still has the clear plastic sheet covering it.

  • a beautiful sofa and armchair via freecycle which happens to match perfectly with a large oak dining table and chairs also off freecycle very happy and looking a bit posh even if i do say so ha ha

  • I know of a regular supply of food grade 15/20L 'bottles' but they're not buckets, more like square barrels.
    Now, my personal best womble of the week. I was crossing a car park and saw a tiny black box, just a bit bigger than a ring gift box. It must have dropped out of a car door and was left behind when they drove off
    I stuffed it in my pocket and took it back to the van. There I realised it was an external speaker! It had no cables with it, but we have a USB charger cable. When it was turned on, it chirped. It was then I realise it's a bluetooth speaker! What a result!