What have you 'Wombled' today?

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  • Thats one of the reasons why I stick to using log burning stoves,gas is getting very pricey !

    I do have a connection running up from my lpg tank but boarded over it as feel much safer heating with wood than gas.

    Not left the clients property today so no wombling for me.

  • The marina I'm moored in for the winter had the tree man in to trim their trees so I have all of the branches he lopped off.

    What I need to womble is a 13kg propane bottle as some twat wombled my spare one last summer, camping shop wants forty odd quid deposit + gas !!

    Car boots, 'life is a gift' facebook pages and local village fb pages, freecycle looking and asking or you could ask on here. I started a page just for this kind of thing ages ago if you can look for it...………………..

  • The O/H wombled a small garden seat that had been chucked out because the lower supports had twisted. It appears to be rather sodden, and the top - the seat - needs recovering, as it is starting to soak up water. It looks to me like one of those hardly-worth-it projects....:/

    But we have the technology, I suppose, and the pallet wood for repairs.

  • So the other day, looking under the lids of food compost buckets in the street awaiting the refuse operatives, as you do, the O/H found ten eggs in a tray, all unbroken, and just three days past their 'best by' date.

    We've eaten several by now, and they are just fine, as you would expect. Easy tested by seeing how high they float in a pan of water, so rather amazing that someone threw them all out.

  • Is there a wombling recess in the hot months, like parliament?

    Anyway, we wombled two sections of fencing earlier today. Quite nice quality stuff, tongue and grooved, just gone a bit at the bottom, somebody had replaced them with posh new ones.

    We recut them to fill an area in our steel fence around the compost area. (Stops kids gawking in and shouting whatcha doing with that shit mista?)

  • I hope you didn't charge him for the golf clubs....!

    Here's a question - is a gift a womble if you repair it and get it working again?

    We were offered and given an old Wolfcraft 400 portable work bench today. About 15 - 20 years old, and apparently stored for ages at the back of a garage for 15 years or so.

    It was missing one of the stop handles that prevents it folding when up; it was very loose on the spiral thread rails that move the front top half of the top; a strengthening bar across the front was missing; and the back spring lugs that release the back top section were almost inoperable. Apart from that, it wasn't in bad nick, with minimal rust, and most parts present.

    The most interesting job was the handle. A new one had to be made. We sort of collect pan handles (don't ask...) so I found a shortish plastic one, drilled a hole through it for a 8mm bolt, fixed a nut in place with resin, and when set put a bolt through the frame. It worked fine, with a spacer and spring washer against the frame to get a nice tight fit when closed up.

    The rest of the work only involved setting things back in place, cleaning and oiling where necessary, and tightening up hidden bolts and screws.

    Now it's really quite a bit better than my present flat portable work table, and weighs a bit lighter, too. It is more versatile in that a greater variety of jobs can be done with it, and it folds down into exactly the same size of space. The only downside is that it isn't quite so high: about 32" instead of 34". Still, it's no problem to make temporary legs that can be fitted for assembly jobs where you need to stand upright.

    So, all in all, a good womble - or was it a womble?

  • Long live the outdated mechanically controlled non common rail, indirect injection diesel engines. Immune from lightening strikes and EMPs. I've used 500 litres of rancid cooking oil with a little petrol added to prevent waxing in the winter, has done no harm and it goes on and on.

  • I might have mentioned that the O/H collects food waste compost bins from a few neighbours.

    A couple of these tend to throw out anything that is past it's 'best by' date. Sometimes we find whole packs of spuds, or carrots, or even onions, unopened, still in plastic bags, chucked in the bin!

    More often there are loose vegetables, perfectly edible, along with apples, oranges, even occasionally grapes and nectarines!

    Some weeks we wait until these bins have been sorted before we shop for fruit and veg, and save pounds. Everything is carefully washed before it gets eaten, and we've had no problems.

    So every week it's like a little womble, never knowing what will turn up. One week we got about ten eggs! All very edible, and only days past their sell by date.:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • Good on ya mrs keith too! :flowerpower: When I picked a beautiful, fresh, sweet apple from my little tree yesterday it had no label on it!!! :shrug:

    The worse thing the food industry ever did was to introduce a 'best before' 'use by' and 'sell by' date! Even my own 23 year old doesn't know the difference I've tried explaining so many times too!

    Btw fresh eggs float in a bowl of water - stale ones sink. :boing:

  • Btw fresh eggs float in a bowl of water - stale ones sink. :boing:

    I think you may want to check your egg freshness symptoms, its the good uns that sit on the bottom , a bit of bobbing around is acceptable but full blown floaters are a no-no, its a sign that the insides have been eaten y bacteria and thier farts make the eggs float ...

  • How do you come by fluorescent stones etc. Do you use another light source to energies naturally occurring minerals/rocks e.g. UV or something like that?

    See above - (E-bay do them too) - but you can pick them up cheaply as it's coming up to that (Halloween) time of the year if you check out the local shops